Stop Running

Posted: August 13, 2015 in blog, family, funny, kids, parenting, toddlers
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Tonight we went up to Walmart. Little L hadn’t been anywhere since she got sick, so she was really happy to get to go. She did really good through most of the store. Most is the key word. She looked at everything she could possibly look at and even got her a new toy. She helped sissy and I push the cart and pick out chips and milk. We went over to the shoes and I was looking for her a new pair of tennies when this guy comes running through chasing his daughter. He was telling her to stop and she finally did. He was a bit out of breath when he caught up to her and I walked past him and said, “I got one of those too. She does that all the time.” He smiled and shook his head in agreement and went on. I didn’t find any shoes for her so we went on up to check out. This, my dear friends, is when the fun began.

The lines were totally ridiculous being almost 8 p.m. on a Thursday night. But if I had my way this is the time I would come out to shop too. It is just too hot during the day here right now. So we are assessing the lines and L takes off. First she was just walking, with sis behind her then her walk turned into a run. She was headed towards the toys then decided to zig zag over into the health and beauty department. Oldest was behind her and dad and I stopped to talk about which register to go to. We heard L’s scream and he went to get them while I headed to a register. They came up and he set her in the top of the cart. She was squirming wanting down. He set her down and decided to head to the car. As he was giving me some money we thought Oldest was watching L. Wrong. We looked around and she was gone. I took off in a panic. There were a ton of people milling around and I am not quite the runner, but dammit this is my kid. So I am yelling her name through the store. A few people look at me as I round a corner and there was the guy I seen in the shoe department. He said “There she is.” I smiled and thanked him and said “See, I told you.” He laughed and smiled and I could tell he was glad it wasn’t him this time.

I got to hand it to L though,  she is fast on her feet. *Note get that kid into soccer*  I could not catch up when I seen Oldest right on her trail again. She steered her down an isle back to daddy, when she let go and L almost got away again. I grabbed her and picked her up and happily handed her to daddy. I sent Oldest with him to help settle her down while I paid for our stuff.

About 5 minutes away from the house she fell asleep and we had to wake her up so I could get her ready for bed. Took about 30 minutes and she was out. All that running can really tire a poor baby out. Not to mention her dear old mom. 🙂

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