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Ignorance Is Bliss

Posted: January 31, 2015 in blog, funny, humor
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You can tell that I pay alot of attention.  The Super Bowl is here, in town this year, and I did not even realize it until last week. I have to laugh…hahaha. And I have to admit, I don’t like football, so it being here is no big stinkin deal to me.  I just don’t understand the reason behind chasing someone that has an odd shaped ball in his hands, just to get it into your hands. Really, what is that meaning? Am I missing something? Seems everyone on my Facebook just loves the game, too.
The other night on the news they were talking with people in town that had bought tickets for this game. One man said he paid 3200 bucks for his. 3200 DOLLARS. I can’t even fathom the idea of paying that amount for any type of game. Some prices were even higher. They ranged from 2700 to 16,000!!! Yep, for all you non football watching people out there, that is what they ask and apperently, get for Superbowl tickets.

I guess I will never understand the hold it has over people, honestly.  If anyone has an idea, feel free to let me know. But until then, I will enjoy my ignorant bliss. 🙂


When It rains, It Pours

Posted: January 31, 2015 in Daughter, family, kids, toddlers, tween
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Literally…it rained for 2 days here. It never rains! It sucked because I had to take Little L to the doctors first thing Friday  morning. She developed a really bad cough during the night. So bad, her dad thought she quit breathing at one point. Come to find out she has the Croup of all things. What? Did I take her out to the park 2 whole times this past week.  Give me a break, right? They said her throat was also pretty red, (of course it was, she was up most of the night coughing her little head off), so they took a throat swab for strep. Won’t know them results till Monday. She is taking steroids for the croup, and seems so much better today. Yesterday, she cried most of the day and went from 5:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. without a nap!  Don’t know how she did that. She did sleep better last night, but tossed and turned alot, which means I was up most of the night making sure she was o.k. Needless to say, I. Am. Pooped!!!

Oldest went to the Orthopedic doc Wednesday.  She has a mild case of Scoliosis, so they will monitor it for now. She doesn’t have to go back for 4 months. They had to take 2 xrays beacuse her doctor didn’t send over the ones we had done the week before. We seen the curve, it is shaped like a C at her rib cage. He said she can and should be doing lots of activities to help strengthen the back.  We were so very happy to hear that it wasn’t as bad as we thought.

Before you begin reading I just wanted to say that I originally titled this Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow. After reading what I had written, I wasn’t quite happy with it. I realized that there are so many things that we take for granted. Having hair is one of them. I want to dedicate this post to Locks of Love. They do some wonderful things for the children with cancer.

Now back to the original post in its entirety.  Thank you! 🙂

What is with men and long hair, I ask you? Why is it such a big deal to some that you never cut your hair. My husband, love him, but sometimes I would love to kick him square in the arse, is like this. Everytime I mention getting my hair cut or even trimmed he starts. “You know I don’t like short hair.” (Mine is a little past my shoulders.)  “It’s not going to be short, just an inch or two off the bottom.”  “That’s alot, if you wouldn’t cut on it, it would be long.” “Well sometimes you have to cut it. To get the dead ends off and it makes it look better,” I tell him. “No I like it how it is.” Then I say, “Well I don’t!” That is the end of the discusion that takes place every month and to avoid an even bigger argument, I don’t get it cut. 😦

Oldest has long hair and she begged him all last summer to get it cut. No, he wouldn’t let her, so up in a bun or poneytail it would go. In 100 degree heat, it just isn’t fun to have hair wrapped around your neck constantly. We told him that and argued that he wasn’t the one wearing it. He was not hearing it. Then, I came up with the suggestion of donating her hair to Locks of Love. She was all for it. After I told him what it was,  he was fine with that. We looked up the website to see what we had to do. First, it had to be at least a minimum of 10 inches. We measured, 10 put it right around her shoulders. You know what he said? No it had to be longer for her to get it cut. OMG man, what the heck is up with you? It is hair, it will grow back. Her hair seems to grow pretty fast anyways.

So now another year has gone by. She needs it cut. It is starting to look straggely.  Her hair is so thick, when you pick it up the underneath is so much darker, it just never sees the light of day. It’s hard to wash, it dries fast and hard to get the hair underneath wet, and now she has to flip it over her shoulder to use the rest room. If that isn’t enough reasons to get it cut, here is another. It. Is. Everywhere!   I even have pulled some off of Little L that has wrapped its way around her or gets in her clothes from the wash.

We measured again the other day and the 10 inch mark puts it at the bottom of her shoulder blades. Which we both agree, is a good length. She can still braid, bun or poneytail it with no problem. We told her dad and he finally has said ok. So sometime in the next week or so we will finally be getting it cut. I think I am more excited then she is. She hasn’t had shorter hair since she was around 7.  It will be a big change, but I think she will like it. 🙂 And maybe I will just have them take an inch or so off mine as well, while we are at it!! 😉

Loss For Words

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This has not been the greatest of weeks for us. Tuesday we got the call about the blood work they did on Oldest. She has signs of pre diabetes. Her sugar and insulin levels were high and her vitamin d level was low. So they gave me a prescription of vitamin d pills for her to take for 30 days. Also we have to get an appointment with an endocrinologist for her. Wednesday I took her in for the xray. We were in and out within 15 minutes then did a couple of errands and went home. About 2 hours later the doctors office called…they said the xray showed that she did have Scoliosis.  It’s hard for me to believe it. This girl has never been sick other then a cold. Never been hospitalized, never a broken bone. So this hit us hard. The nurse told us that they would call back soon with phone numbers for the orthopedic doctor and endocrinologist.  I got off the phone and her dad and I cried and hugged.  We decided not to tell her about it until she goes to the doctors. Later that day, they called with the numbers for me to make the appointments. I called the orthopedist first. Got the appointment set for Wednesday the 28th. I called the endocrinologist office and they have to call me back. The files were in the doctors office but she has to look them over and they will call me back. If not today by Monday for sure.

Oldest asked me this morning if I had heard from the doc about the x rays. I told her she has another appointment Wednesday and we will find out more then. Which is not a lie, they didn’t tell me how bad she was on the phone. We looked it up online to see what treatments are available.  We want to  know something about it when we go in.

Other then that, I am at a loss for words. But so many thoughts are going through my head.

We made it through the doctor’s appointment on Friday. Little L only had to get 1 shot, I am very grateful for that one. Oldest had to get 2. L started crying the minute she got on the scales to be weighed. Actually it was the minute the nurse touched her head to see how tall she was. She lost it. Sobbed all the way down the hall, in the room as he checked her temp, measured her head and listened to her heart. I finally dug the paci out of the diaper bag and it helped for a little bit. Then on to Oldest, he took her temp, blood pressure, asked her some questions. He left and little L settled down and started to take a look around. Last time, she did really good while the nurse was in and she didn’t get upset until it was time for shots. This time…Oh Nelly! The doc came in, and she started crying again. We got through the question part, “are they eating a well balanced diet?” “Best I can get them to.” “Is L saying atleast 10 words?” “I believe she does, but don’t count on her to say them again, unless it is sissy. She loves saying sissy.” She said that both of them were on the high side of how much they should weigh for their age. L gained 5 pounds in 4 months. I don’t know how, she spits out more then she swallows and I told the doctor that. Apparently she drinks too much milk, I give her around 20 oz. a day, she should only get 16. Oldest doesn’t drink enough milk, she told the nurse guy she drank 2 glasses a day and he said she should drink more, but didn’t give her a number. Any concerns, she asked. Yes, Oldest still has a lump on her back that hasn’t gone away. She seemed as if she didn’t know what we were talking about, and she was the same doctor we seen last year, and the info should have been in her file for her to look at. So we told her about last year, in the ER and then coming in to see her. She looked at her back and checked out her heart. Everything sounded and looked good. Then she said that since she was a little overweight, that she wanted to run some blood work to see if she had any thyroid problems. She also ordered X-rays for her back that we still have to go have done. Also, she wants her to go see a physical therapist, that should be calling me sometime this coming week, for back strengthening exercises just in case it is just a muscle bulging out.

We got the blood work done on Saturday morning. She ordered a slew of tests to be ran, since Oldest had never had any type of blood work done before. They had to take 4 viles full. Oldest handled it really well. Only twice did she look as if she was saying “hurry up lady” with her eyes. She was starving by the time we got out, luckily dad told her to take some food. She scarfed down a pb and j sandwich on the ride home and wished she had made 2. Now I have to call to see about getting the x-ray. I don’t know if I need an appointment or if it is just walk on in. Then it is just waiting on results to see if there is anything to worry about with her back. The x-ray sheet does say Scoliosis check.

Little L also needs blood work, I have been putting that off since she turned 1. I was going to take them both in Saturday morning, but hubby said he didn’t want to have to hold her down 2 days in a row to have someone poke a needle in her. Excuse me? Who held her down? Hello, I think I did that! Thank you very much!

Thanks for reading! 🙂


It’s official. I am finally an Arizonian. Got my license Thursday, in the mail. The picture looks better then what the temp card made it look like. The best part is that I won’t have to get another license, because here in the good ole desert, they are good for a very very long time. Mine expires in 2037. Yep, 2037! Now in 2037, I will be pretty old. Atleast that is what my kid and my own mother kept saying after I got it. My birthday is coming up faster then I would like it to and I will be 43. For some reason I was saying I am 41 turning 42. But they let it be known that I was actually 42. So since they couldn’t let me get by with being a year off, I kept saying it over and over. “No, I’m 41.” “No your not,” they both rang out. So the more they said it, the more I said it.  This went on for some minutes. When they finally got tired of arguing. Then I told oldest that I knew I was 42, I was just messing with her. She didn’t think that it was as funny as I did.

When I turned 30 I cried, when I  turned 40, I took it a bit better. No tears. I did call in that day to work, which they didn’t like much, but I didn’t care. I sat and watched movies all day, hung out with my kid, and just took turning 40 in slowly. No big. So turning 43 isn’t much difference. Just a number. Although some days I feel like I am way older, cause my feet hurt, can’t hardly walk, or my knee makes that crazy ass popping sound more then I like. But it will just be another day. 🙂

Just like all other tweens and teens right now, Oldest loves her some boy bands. One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer are her 2 favs. All I hear most of the day is how great they are, how talented, how cute. Give this momma a break all ready! It didn’t help that for Christmas, the majority of her gifts were of one band or the other. Needless to say her walls are covered with their faces, even her ceiling has pictures looking down on her.  She also follows them on Twitter.  Why not right? 

Yesterday, I was going over her finished lessons and she picked up her phone. I was talking to her, when all of a sudden she starts making this weird breathing noise. I looked up and her face is red and she has tears. Then she squeaked out, “Michael Clifford followed me!!” “Who?” I asked. She said it again trying hard to get it louder. I finally realized who she was talking about. I should have known right away though. It was a member of 5 Seconds of Summer or 5SOS as they like to be called. She dropped her phone and ran out of the room. I was yelling at her to breathe, breathe. She was practically hyperventilating.  Then I heard her telling her dad and grandma the news. Meantime, I looked at her account to see if it was really him. It had his profile pic but something seemed way off. She calmed down and came back in and said she had to check it out just to be sure. (Smart kid.)

She pulled her account up on the computer, clicked on the followers pic then typed in the guys name and it went to another account. Both had the same pics but the posts were different. I saw her excited look turn. She was a sad little girl. “I figured, it’s a fake account.” She said looking miserable. I told her I was sorry that it wasn’t the real guy. “That’s ok,” she said, then she got quiet.  “But if Harry Styles ever followes me…” “If Harry Styles ever follows you, I chimed in,  you won’t be able to say anything. I will just find you on the floor, passed out.” We both looked at each other and laughed. “Yep, you’re right about that one mom!” I know I am sweet girl, I know I am! 🙂