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Sea Monkeys

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Oldest talked me into letting her get sea monkeys again about 2 months ago. I say again, because she got some when she was around 7 and I was the one that fed them. Well, until the food ran out and eventually they all went to sea monkey heaven. So I let her get another package and told her that SHE has to take care of them. Everything started out good. She followed the directions and soon there were a couple of babies swimming around. They got bigger and more babies were hatching. Then one of the adult ones died. Don’t know why, but he turned black and was at the bottom of the tank. But that didn’t affect the rest. She had around 10 at one time happily swimming around day in and day out. I believe it was a Sunday, I reminded Oldest that they needed fed soon. She got the food out and measured and poured and sat them back in there spot on the windowsill in the kitchen.

The next day, I noticed that there were no swimmers. I seen some  floating near the bottom. Uh Oh! WTH happened? Are they asleep? Crap I think they are dead. Oldest was really bummed. She walked around saying she killed them. We watched for a day or two. Then we seen 1 swimming around. “We have life!” I yelled. It seemed to be doing ok, then a few more days, there was another one. Yes! Oldest was happy again.

Now we have 5 swimming around. 2 adults one teen and 2 babies. This morning Oldest is looking at them and says, “Those 2 are hooked together. Looks like they are giving each other piggy back rides.” I almost choked when she said that. I had to laugh. She looked at me like what did I say? I looked into the tank and yes there were 2 hooked together. I agreed with her about the piggy back ride. Now I don’t know how sea monkey’s have relations, but I guess they’ll be more little ones soon. 🙂

Oldest had her friend stay over Friday night. For breakfast Saturday, I made pancakes, 2 each. Now he can be a picky eater, but I know he will atleast eat 1 whole pancake, before saying he is full. So I get all the cakes of pan done, and holler for the kids. They come into the kitchen, and he is starving because he announces that he is going to have seconds. In my head, I am thinking sorry dude, didn’t make enough for seconds. I usually do and no one eats them. So they sit down to eat. I holler for hubby who is enthralled in a 007 movie at 9:30 in the morning. I tell him 3 times to come eat. (Funny how they always tune us out when watching t.v.) I finally make eye contact with him and he says, “Why didn’t you tell me?” Oh geeze give me a break. He then wants to eat in the living room, so he doesn’t miss any of the movie that has captivated him. I, being the good wifey that I am, brings him his plate and the sugar syrup bottle. He is spoiled I know. I go back to see if Little L is eating and she is, watching the boy the whole time. She loves when he comes over. I am trying to get my lonely pancake onto a plate when everyone needs something to drink. I go to open the fridge and had an idea. I shall promote Oldest to milk pouring duty. Momma is gonna eat a hot meal even if it is a measly pancake. I get my plate and am ready to sit at the table when suddenly everyone else is done. Oldest suprisingly couldn’t eat all of hers, but her little friend actually finished both of his.
They all scramble back to the cave, for some more xbox, before his dad comes to get him. I sit down thinking atleast I have my little baby to eat with. Nope, she sees them leave and off she goes, with the rest of her pancake in her little hand. “Oh well, atleast I have some peace and quiet while I eat.” I think to myself, since there was no one to say it to. I am about half way through,  when L comes back into the kitchen and points at her diaper. “Leave it on.” I tell her. Crap, I forgot to button the onsie when I changed her earlier.

She begins pulling at the tape and one side is loose within a second. Can’t I just eat one meal, without yelling, fussing, fuming, or threatening? No, not in this house. The other side is not coming loose, but this does not stop her. She pulls and tugs and finally wiggles free from its grasp. I slowly finish my breakfast. At this point it doesn’t really matter. She is happily running through the house with her bare booty a showing. Oldest comes through and I ask her to find the diaper. It was on the living room floor.  She picks it up and instead of trying to wrestle L back into it or even bring it to me, she takes it to the bedroom and throws it on the stack of diapers by the bed. Luckily, it was clean. After retrieving it, I cornered L in the cave and got it back on her then snapped her onsie. No more escaping today little one! 😉

A bit of a side post from my earlier story this morning. I was going to add it in, but I thought it might make it too long. So after thinking about it, and still finding it rather amusing,  I will now write it for your enjoyment.

After Oldest got her hair dye and we were at home, I got to thinking that it would be fun to try a color on my hair. Not put it all over but maybe just the tips or streaks. I have dyed mine since I was a teenager, usually blonde. It needs the roots done desperately right now, but they are gonna have to wait.  Hubby needed to go to Autozone and I tagged along. I told him what I wanted to do and he took me over to Walgreens which is in the same lot. They have quite a selection of the Splat hair dye, so it was hard to pick which one I might want to try. Did I want pink or aqua or oooh purple?? I picked up the pink, then put it back. I was about to just walk away, when I turned back and said what the hell and grabbed one called Berry Blast. I got to the checkout and the girl says, “Gonna go home and color your hair?” “Well, maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow. Might just end up returning it, I don’t know yet.” She gave me a confused look. So being the rambling mom that I have become, I had to keep going. “My daughter is going to dye her hair blue, so I thought it would be fun to do a color also.” She smiled at me. But I didn’t stop there. Nope, I  continued on…”But our luck, she will turn into a smurf and I will be a big ole berry.” With that comment I knew I needed to shut the hell up. I laughed like I always do and started to walk away. The girl, I know did not know how to respond. She did manage to squeak out have a good day as I was walking away. I practically ran from the store.

I told Oldest about the conversation. She could not believe it and was so glad she stayed home. She was like “Oh my gosh, mom! Why do you do that?” “Do what?” I asked sheepishly.  “Go on and on, it’s so embarrassing.” “That girl was glad you left.” 

I haven’t opened the box as of yet.  Stay tuned to the next episode of To Dye or not to Dye and see if I break down and return it or go ahead and take the berry plunge…  🙂

Oldest had been wanting to dye her hair a wild and crazy color for awhile. I told her that she could after school let out. Which was last Friday.  She asked her dad if she could have some money to get the dye. He said he would give it to her and she could do any color she wanted, only if she went 6, yes 6! months without makeup. Wow! Is all I could say. She hadn’t been wearing makeup like she used too, but she still liked to play with it. She thought about it for a couple of days,  then said ok she would do it. She had also been planning the color that she wanted. She decided on using Splat! Emerald green. She had wanted to do mutiple colors but I told her it could only be one color. I took her to Walmart on Wednesday.  The only color they had on the shelf was Blue Envy. I told her that we could stop by Walgreens on the way home to see if they had the Emerald green. She said blue was good, that she would just do that.

She wanted to do it that evening, she was very excited and hyper and driving me up the wall. Later I kept having to tell her. So after dinner we snuck off to the bathroom. First we had to do the bleach/peroxide. It said for her hair color to leave it on atleast 50 minutes, no more then 60. Okey dokey. Then it said afterwards to shampoo out, and it had to be completely dry before putting on the color. So I had to talk her into waiting till morning to finish. She didn’t want to, but her hair is pretty thick in the back, even though it is short. It took 2 bottles of the bleach to cover her hair. After the 50 minutes was up she jumped in the shower. It didn’t lighten up to an even pale blonde all over. The front and top were pretty light but the back came out darker and then we seen that we had apparently missed a few spots. Crap.  

We thought about buying more bleach and trying it again, but then after thinking about it and not wanting to damage her hair, I told her that we should just go with the blue and not worry about it. The instructions said that the color will be darker and not as vibrant but with the different strands it should look ok. She agreed, so after breakfast, Thursday morning we started. All I can say is Oh My God. What a freaking mess!!! It is no lie when it says it will stain everything you touch. And it gets everywhere you don’t touch. We got it on her head and waited the hour it said. I wanted to wash it out in the sink but she wanted to do it herself in the shower. “Don’t make a mess.” I believe was my last words to her. I went in a few minutes later to check on her. She had the whole shower covered in blue and it was streaming down her. It looked like a scene out of Phsyco. But this time Norman killed a Smurf instead.    Lord please help me now. I am gonna choke my daughter. Finally after several minutes of rinsing and me losing it, the shit color started to subside. The instructions said to rinse until water ran clear. Sorry you were wrong. There was no running clear. She got it rinsed best she could and shampooed, rinsed again, washed the shower out, then she put her hair in a towel and had to finish washing it off her body.

Well it turned out pretty good. We missed a few places around her scalp. I really don’t know how, but after it dried, we could tell if she parted her hair a certain way. We have more dye left, so we are going to fix those areas this weekend before she washes it again. The sucky part is, it only last 6 weeks. It washes out pretty easily. As it washes out it will go back to the bleach blonde look, which she said was cool with her. Then I said, “And you can also do a different color if you want.” Why oh why did I say that? But in my defense, I said that before the shower. 😉

Yesterday, Oldest and little L was snacking on some chips and sharing some lemonade from a glass that Oldest was holding. L decided that she needed to hold the glass so she could be in charge of how many sips she got through the straw. Oldest told her no. Hell, I told her no. And she continued to want the glass. I told Oldest to take the glass into the kitchen since it was getting to be a hassle. She finally got off the couch and was trying to make her way to the kitchen when L grabbed her legs in her tiny toddler death grip and had her shirt in her mouth, pulling her. Oldest wiggled free and made her way to the counter.

After she set the glass down, she turns to wash her hands. Little L was still throwing a fit and decides to put another death grip on her sis. She grabs ahold of her legs and then, for some insane reason, bites her right on the left butt cheek. At first, Oldest started to laugh, then the laugh turned into a scream then into crying. “Well that will be a nice bruise here in a bit.” I thought.

Later on, after they both calmed down and Oldest was in her room, I went to get the laundry out of the dryer. Little one wanted to help. I went to hang some clothes in the closet and she follows me in. I told her to go out, with all the cleaning that was done, the closet was pretty full. She won’t budge. I step back and she moved and somehow got her finger smooshed on the door frame. I thought she bumped her head, when she started crying. So I am rubbing the top of her head, when she holds up her finger and says, “owwie, finger.”  I look at her and said, “Well I guess that’s Karma.” She, in turn, gives me this look like “Momma, you’re not going to kiss my finger?” “And who the heck is Karma?” I had to laugh at the expression on her face. And of course I kissed her owwie finger.  🙂

Sunday Fun Day

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Sunday wasn’t a bad day after all. Why? Because from Tuesday till Saturday, my husband turned into a cleaning Nazi. Everything had to be wiped down, from top to bottom.  Not because it desperately needed it or we were bored and needed something to do. Oh no, it is because my hubby’s cousin and family was coming up for a visit.

So we started cleaning on Tuesday afternoon. Now I am not saying that the house didn’t need it. It did. With a 23 month old and a big smelly dog, it needs it all the time. But he made it feel like we were under a thorough inspection. That they were going to walk through the house wearing white gloves, swiping their finger along the tops of the cabinets and looking under the stove and behind the refrigerator. Looking in the cabinets and seeing if I had all the labels facing outwards and in the correct order.  Checking every nook and cranny they could possibly check.  UGH! Friday, we got the bathroom finished and all was left for Saturday was our room and then just straightening with a quick sweep on Sunday morning.

They contacted my hubby Saturday evening, said they would be here around 11 and planned to stay all day.  After dinner we ran out to the store and got hamburgers, buns, chips and some drinks. I wasn’t looking forward to cooking for so many people, but I told hubby I would. Then Sunday morning, Little L decides to wake up at 5 a.m. Since she came down with that fever last weekend, her sleeping habits got pretty messed up. So wide awake she was. I got her some warm milk, changed her diaper and rolled over. Told her to go back to sleep. It didn’t work. So from 5 to 7 she kicked and flipped all around. Got up, watched t.v. Whined that we wouldn’t get up. I talked her back in to the bed and she passed out a little after 7. Which made hubby and I sleep late. I got up around 9, got some breakfast going. Started trying to get hubby up around 9:30. He decided to stay in bed till 10. Why not, right? Panic set in because there were still a couple of things I needed to do, and I was still waiting on him to move out of the bed so I could do them. I told him that this was his family not mine, and he needed to get the hell up. Finally up, he ate, and was in the shower. He got out and dressed and they were knocking at the door. Talk about punctual!!

It started out kinda slow. L was being her shy self, they have a 3 year old boy and he was trying to find something to get into. Once he started going through the toy boxes, she came around and joined him. They ran and played through the house for atleast 4 hours. Hardly stopping for a drink of water. She loved every minute of it, I could tell. I made lunch around 1 and everyone ate. I guess they liked it. I told hubby as long as I didn’t make anyone sick, then it was all good. He laughed, but I was serious. I just get weirded out about cooking for people I don’t know. They offered to help, but I told them no. I was better off doing it myself.

They left around 4. We were having a good time and the kids were still going at it, but they had a long drive to get back home. Everyone promised not to let such a long time go between visits and try to get together again real soon. Maybe we will go down to their neck of the woods next time. It would definitely be nice to get out of the house for awhile and have some fun. 🙂



The first part of this week really sucked, to put it mildly. Little L came down with a fever Saturday night. I noticed she was a bit warm around 1 a.m. Then she put her little foot on me and it was burning up. I woke up hubby and had him touch her forehead. Yep, fever. I gave her some motrin and she went back to sleep. She seemed alright Sunday morning when she first got up, but around 10 we gave her another dose. Then by 4 she was pretty warm again and we got out the thermometer. 102. Great. I called the on call nurse at her doctor’s office. She said that there was a tummy virus going around and to switch her over to Tylenol and get some Gatorade.  Be prepared for throwing up and diarrhea. If none of that happens by in the morning, and she still has a fever, take her in to be checked. I ran up to Walgreens and got Tylenol and Gatorade. Her temp went down and I gave her a dose of Tylenol at 7. Then again at 1 a.m., she woke up and was pretty warm again.  We turned on the t.v. and let her watch some cartoons while we cuddled on the couch and I worried. She made it back to bed and around 3 she had cooled down and was sleeping pretty well. I woke up around 8 and she was still asleep so I let her go until 9. She woke up, no fever, in a really good mood. Yeah…maybe it is over with, my hubby and I both thought. We watched her pretty closely all day then around her afternoon nap, she started feeling warm. Another dose of Tylenol and she went to sleep. Then…7 p.m. things got worse. Of course, always at night time. She got really cranky and tired. We gave her a dose and she fell asleep. Which is not like her at all. She woke up about an hour later still warm, but seemed better. We made the decision to take her to the doc the next morning. I beat myself up about it all night, I should have taken her in on Monday.  I got maybe 4 hours of sleep. I laid awake, listening to her breathing, touching her legs and feet and arms and forehead. I must have dosed off and woke up around 4. She was feeling warm again, so I gave her a dose of Motrin. It seems to work on her faster then Tylenol. Within a few minutes, she was cooling down and sleeping better. I rolled over and went to sleep. I made myself wake up around 7:30. Doc opens at 8 and you have to call for a sick child appointment. They could see her at 9:30. She woke up a little after 8. I got her ready and Oldest and I took her in.

As soon as I got parked at the office, she cried out. I asked what was wrong. Oldest said she was puking. Dammit, I forgot to grab her an extra shirt. And towel. I got her cleaned up the best I could with baby wipes. Oldest was trying hard not to throw up also.  I had to tell her to open her door and let some air in. She had tried to help by putting her hand under L’s mouth so her hand was full and pretty stinky. I certainly was not prepared for any of this. I told the receptionist that she got sick in the car and they gave her a bucket to throw up in if needed. She didn’t, thankfully. We made it through the exam and the doc said that sounded like a virus and to just keep doing what we were doing. If her temp was not gone by Friday, to bring her back for x-rays. They also had to take a throat culture to rule out strep. We came home and I gave her a bath and she took a nap. She only has thrown up one more time and it was more liquid then anything.

Her temp has stayed normal the rest of the week. Her appetite stinks though. She asks for food then doesn’t eat but more then 2 bites. But the throat culture came back negative. I figured it would, but was happy to hear it! 🙂

What did the snail say while riding on the turtle?

Why did the turkey cross the road?
“Because the chicken had the day off.”

Today’s funnies brought to you by Carlton Banks.


This morning, I took Oldest up to the library. I never park in the front row, since that is always the row everyone goes for. I seem to get claustrophobic when I have to park in between cars so I always go for the row that is not crowded. But today, I hit it at a good time and it wasn’t too crowded. Anyways…(I sure can get sidetracked easily)…We went in and Oldest picked her out several books and some music cd’s. We got all checked out and started for the van. We were talking, and I told her to put the books in the back floor board since we had another stop to make before heading home. We walked up to the van and I pulled on the handle for the side door to open. It didn’t come open. Now I never lock the van, don’t have anything in it to steal. Oldest is still chattering away about I don’t know what when I looked inside the window and noticed a coffee cup in the drink holder. Wait, I don’t drink coffee. Then I realized that the handle was black, “OMG this is not our van!” I yelled at Oldest. We both took off walking very fast down the row and my van was parked about 3 more spaces down. We were laughing so hard that we were taking forever to actually get into the van. The side door didn’t want to come all the way open for some unknown reason and then gave me a hard time shutting. I jumped in and told oldest I hope no one saw us and thinks we were trying to break into someones car. Then a car pulled in on the right side of me. Really dude there were like 4 empty spaces to the left and you have to pull right up on me while I am trying to back out. I told you I had issues. So I am waiting for jackass jerk to get parked then I put the van into reverse. All of a sudden the van starts beeping very loudly like I was a big ass bus trying to back up. WTH is this thing doing now? Wait it did it one other time and hubby told me what to do, what was it??  Nope we both couldn’t remember. I headed onto our second stop and it beeped the whole time. I got parked, it stopped beeping. I turned it off, then started it again. Put it into reverse, started beeping again. Oh whatever! When we finally headed home, it beeped the whole time. We even turned up the music so we couldn’t hear it. By the time we got home oldest was covering her ears it seemed like the beep was getting louder and louder. I pulled in and hubby met us in the drive way. He wanted to see if the van was leaking still. Popped the hood, no leak. I told him “we have another problem.” “What?” He asked. “The van won’t stop beeping, it beeped all the way home.” “Did you open the side door and not get it shut all the way?” “Oh that is what it was. I couldn’t remember how you fixed it before.” He walked over and opened up the door, which gave him no problems what so ever. Then shut it using the button that for some reason I never thought of pushing.

Some days I just should stay home. I don’t know how I make it sometimes. Like I said…Two blondes don’t make a right! 😉



Before dinner, I asked Oldest to help me by getting the laundry out of the dryer and taking into the bedroom. Little L was in a mood, so this was a good way to get her distracted. She loves to play in the clean clothes. So off to the bedroom they went and Oldest started folding and L was playing. I sat down to wait on the oven to preheat. That can take forever, that is for sure. L came out of the room carrying one of the kitchen towels. “Go give that back to sissy so she can fold it, ok.” I said to her. She turned around and headed back. A few minutes later, she came back out, this time carrying a dryer sheet. “Cool, thank you.” She again goes back in. Another minute passes and she comes out, this time carrying what I first thought to be another kitchen towel, but upon inspection I realize that it is a pair of underwear. My underwear. I tell her to take that back in the bedroom. She must of sensed the urgency in my voice, because she did not turn around and go back. Oh no, she stood right there in the living room with my undies in her hand. My mom was sitting right beside her and she didn’t make a move to grab them, which I was kinda grateful for. So I jumped up and went over to her, which made her run past my mom. “Give those to me.” I said. She gives me this weird look then puts them around her neck, like they were a trophy. I caught her off guard and snatched them off of her before she could turn and run. I ran into my room and threw them inside the closet so she couldn’t get them again.

After dinner, I was trying to get the kitchen cleaned up. My mom likes to do the dishes, so I let her.  Hey I just stood in the kitchen for an hour cooking, if she wants to do the dishes, go for it! Anyways, I got through with my part and headed into the living room. There, I seen Little L standing by the coffee table. Then I noticed she didn’t have on a diaper. I say pretty loud, “Where is your diaper?” Her response, she takes off running as fast as her little legs could go. This girl can haul ass, literally! She rounds the couch and scoops up her diaper, luckily it was clean, and circles the kitchen table. I just stop and it caught me so funny, that I just burst into laughter. I mean, what else could I do. So I grab my camera to see if I could get a pic of her in action. She stops and hands Grandma the diaper. Then she turns around for me to take a pic of her little bare behind. Yes, I am not kidding you. I took the pic and got her into the bedroom, and wrestled the diaper and a pair of shorts onto her.

Hubby comes in and decides that he does want something sweet for his birthday after all, and wants to go to the store. Oh yeah. I knew I should have showered earlier. And now I got to wrestle L into pants and socks and shoes. Oh and clean her face and brush her hair. At one point, I wanted to say, you and Oldest go, I will just stay. But I didn’t, it’s his birthday and he never asks for much, so being the good wifey that I try to be, I get it together and we head out.

Thanks for reading! 🙂