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I used to let my little L run around in just a t-shirt and diaper. One day, she learned how to take the diaper off. So from then on, I had to put shorts or pants on her. Which she hated, but oh well. Today, we went down to Best Buy and when we got home, it was time for her nap. I was trying to make her comfortable, so I took off her pants but didn’t put on shorts. The weather here warmed back up over Thanksgiving and we are back to wearing shorts around the house. She fell asleep a little bit later and when she woke up, I didn’t immediately get her into shorts. After, oh say, an hour, she was running around playing and started to pull at the diaper. I told her to leave it alone, but you all know how that goes. She went into the kitchen and off it came. I told her to bring it to me and she stepped inside the living room but then ran back to the kitchen. I was talking with my mom and we were shaking our heads over the situation when she finally brought me a pretty wet diaper. I took her to get cleaned up and put shorts on her.

Now you all will probably guess what I am about to say next.

I went into the kitchen, walked around, must have passed by the sink 3 or 4 times. I grabbed my glass and went to the water cooler. While pouring the water, I happened to notice something on the floor. I had to focus in and what the hell…it was a very long piece of poop just lying there in front of the sink. That little baby of mine dropped a load right on the kitchen floor. I had to laugh and thank God that I hadn’t slipped in it and went flying across the room. Then I decided to have fun, so I hollered for Oldest. She opened the door to her cave and I said, “Come here, did you do this?” pointing at the floor. “She immediately went all defensive and asked, “Do what? I haven’t been in here.” She got closer and closer to it and then said, “what is that?” I laughed and asked “you don’t know what that is?” She said, very timidly, “poop?” “Yes, it is poop. Your sisters poop. Keep her in the living room while I clean it up.

Maybe it’s time to think about potty training…Β  πŸ™‚



Black Friday Fun

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MyΒ  Black Friday was super cray cray. It all started at 9 a.m., when oldest and I ran to Albertsons to get some cinnamon rools per hubby’s request and a jug of milk per Little L’s request. Oldest and I had lots of fun being silly on the way there. We were both like “Black Friday, yeah baby!!” All the way there. We were having so much fun we forgot to take silly pics of us to document the occasion.Β  We ran into Albertsons ready to fight the crowd that may be gathering around those sweet sweet sugery goodies that awaited. But to our disappointment,Β  no one was around. We laughed as we grabbed the last pack and made way to the milk. Up to stand in the long checkout line, oh I forgot, I’m not in Walmart today. Ah ha! We put our stuff on the conveyor belt and the casheir greeted us. “Are you ladies off for some shopping this morning?” “Oh no, going back home. My husband wanted cinnamon rolls with his coffee,” I said. I told her thanks and we were on our way. I told oldest as we walked to the car, “She must have thought we were gonna pig out in the car, with the rolls and a jug of milk.” Oldest laughed and agreed. On our ride home, she played Christmas music on her phone. I hated to see see the fun end. Later on, we got to work on our Christmas crafts together. That is coming up in a future post.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Shopping or not!! πŸ˜‰

Blonde Moment

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My oldest can be pretty…oh what is the word…blonde, that’s it! She can be pretty blonde sometimes.Β  We were standing in Albertson’s looking at the bakery items this past week. She comes up to me and says what is this give thanks stuff about? “What” I asked, totally lost.Β  I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I looked at her and said. “You know, Thanksgiving. Where you give thanks for all you have. Duh!” She gives me a funny look and said, “I thought that that was what Christmas is about.”Β  (Rolling eyes) “No baby girl.” “Christmas is the celebration of the baby Jesus being born.” “Ohhh!” she exclaims. “I guess I got the two mixed up.”Β  “I guess so,Β  I really worry about you sometimes, kid.” She laughed and went back to looking at the cakes.

Oh man, I hope she marries rich! πŸ™‚

Her daddy tells her this all the time.

Her daddy tells her this all the time.



Happy Thanksgiving

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Sitting here on this Thanksgiving Day, smells of the turkey roasting, coming from the kitchen. Bringing back memories of going to Grandmas house and eating till you couldn’t eat anymore.

I turned on the parades this morning. Little L really enjoyed seeing the floats. She waved at the screen as they went by and danced as the music played. Oldest is more interested in them now because of the performers. The last few songs were actually Christmas songs so that got me in a more festive mood.

My hubby brought in the Christmas tree.  He thought I was ready to put it up. I have never decorated this early. I always wait till December gets here but maybe this weekend I will start.

Right now, L is taking her nap, oldest in her room doing what tweens do, hubby made it out to his gagrage….they are all waiting on me to finish cooking. So I best get my fanny in gear.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! πŸ™‚

Finally some peace and quiet. Awwww….

Oldest went to a sleep over last night and is still not home. They were going to a movie this afternoon. The new Hunger Games that just came out. I am not really into the series, but oldest likes them. She told me she couldn’t wait for it to come out on dvd and then her friend asked her to go. Let’s just say she was way happy about that.

Little L has been sleeping in a little bit in the mornings, so her naps are all screwed up. First day, she didn’t nap at all. Fell asleep at 8 p.m. right on the dot. Yesterday she did better, she laid down with daddy around 1:30. Today, not so good, I fought with her 3 different times to lie down. They say 3rd times a charm, guess it is. She finally gave up around 3:15. Now tonight will be hard to get her to go to sleep before 10. She has to have atleast 6 hours in between nap and bed time. I don’t know why, she set the rules, not me.

All in all, it hasn’t been a bad day. I miss oldest tho. I know when she walks in the door, it won’t be quiet anymore. She will be excited and will want to tell me all about the movie she went to see. She can literally talk your ear off.πŸ‘‚πŸ‘…

The house is a mess. L ate breakfast just fine, but has not wanted much since. She made a mess with her lunch. Didn’t take one bite, but made sure it ended up on the floor before I got to it. Then I made hubby and I some lunch and usually she will share ours, but not today. She wanted to play in the food instead. So I have cheetos and animal cracker crumbs everywhere. πŸͺ

But it’s all good. Wouldn’t have it any other way! πŸ˜‰


Oh the holiday season is upon us. I absolutely love this time of year! Always have and hopefully always will. Here are a few things that I enjoy from the start to the end. For one, the food, come on, you got to love. the. food. One year we did ham for Thanksgiving, then Christmas we had turkey. I think I like it the other way around. The way it is supposed to be. My oldest asked me if we were having ham for Thanksgiving. Nope, I want to do turkey again. Can we please have ham for Christmas? Why yes child, yes, we shall have ham. Last year, Little L couldn’t eat alot. She tried out the mashed potatoes, the sweet potatoes and had a little bit of cream from one of the pies. She is a lover of her momma’s mashed taters now. No box of instant for this family, nope they have to be real potatoes, or my hubby won’t eat them. She is not too fond of sweet potatoes tho. She loved them when she was trying out new food, but now, can’t get her to touch them. Oh well, will try again here soon enough. I never could get Oldest to eat them once she got on to solid food. I just don’t know why. She is and always has been way too picky about her food.

Stores are filled with pretties! I love to walk the isles of the stores and eww and awww over all the goodies they bring in. Oldest and I play around with the hats and take pictures. We have a good time being silly. I also say I want practically everything they have. I love decorations. I have crates and crates of ornaments that I have collected over the years.

Christmas Crafts. We love doing crafts around the holidays. Oldest and I went to Michael’s craft store the other day andΒ  picked out some foam craft projects for Christmas. They were having really good sales so we had to do it. Only bought 2, may go back and get another. We started on one last night after Little L went to bed. We both can’t wait till she is older and can play with us. Right now, we would be missing pieces and she would be trying to eat them, if we let her participate. Two years ago, I found a Nativity Scene in Kmart that you had to paint. We had a blast working on it together. Love those memories!

Decorating the house. My hubby hates when I say pull all the crates out. He will do it though, because 1. He knows I will keep bugging him until he does and 2. He knows how much I love to decorate. The only bad part is that this year, I won’t be able to put as much out as I have in the past. Little L will not leave things alone. She is pretty tall and if she wants it, she will find a way to get it. I have a sofa table that sits empty now thanks to her long reach. Where am I going to put my Nativity Scene??

Putting up the tree. πŸŽ„πŸŽΆOH Christmas tree oh Christmas tree…🎢 We have a 7ft. artificial that was given too us by a lady I used to work with. This will make its 4th Christmas with us. It is huge and already has the lights on it. I told oldest that we may not put any ornaments on it this year, since L still puts things in her mouth. She was a bit disappointed but understood. Oldest was really good around the tree when she was that age, so L might surprise me… nah…

Christmas music. Yes, I love Christmas music. I have heard all the moans and groans when they start to play it, but it just gets you in the mood of being jolly and festive. When I worked, a lot of the employees would fuss when the radio station went to holiday music. Not me, I looked forward to it. Even last night, when we were doing our family time, oldest and I were singing Christmas songs to Little L. Daddy joined in and even L started singing.

Last but not least,

Driving around the neighborhoods looking at the lights. I love doing this, everything is so pretty and lit up. Some people go all out and some keep it nice and simple. Either way, I love the show.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and a great start to this holiday season! πŸ— β›„Β  πŸŽ… πŸŽ„ πŸŽ€

My husband, about 6 years ago now, got a hair up his arse and decided to move us to Washington state. He wanted to be near part of his family that lived there. Little did we know, that this was going to blow up in our faces. Things started out just fine, but our housing fell through, and my job didn’t pan out like I was wanting it too. We had to stay a little longer with one of his family members and things got a little stressful and we ended up living miles away from everyone and everything. Our first Christmas there, was definitly a white one. It had snowed the day before Christmas eve, which wasn’t too bad, you could still get out on the roads if you had too. Since we had all our running around done, we took the day playing in the snow. My daughter had never really seen snow. When she was less then a year old she had, but didn’t remember it of course. When we lived in Las Vegas, it would get cold, but never cold enough to stick if there were flurries. So luckily we had bought a sled on one of our trips into town and she spent the day going up and down the hill side. Then we built a snowman that looked alot like Homer Simpson. Around late afternoon it started to snow again which we thought nothing of it. Until the next day. There was so much snow, that we were stranded for 2 weeks. Yes, 2 weeks! Luckily we had electric and water, but the road leading up to where we were living didn’t see any sunshine or get plowed. I had went grocery shopping before so I wasn’t worried the first week, but going into the second week, things were getting scarce.Β  One of my hubby’s cousins called us around this time and we told her how we couldn’t get out of the house. They lived close by and were planning on going into town to get a few things and said they would see if they could make it up to the house. Well, they did. It was so bad, they had to stop and put on the snow chains just to get back to where we were. They took my hubby down to the local grocery store and he got the necessities for us to make it through. I have pictures of us with the bags of groceries on the sled, him and our daughter pulling it through the snow to the house.

The funny part is, once you got a few streets away, the roads were wet, but clear. That was one snow I will never forget, and one reason I truly do not like the snow. My daughter wants to see snow again. She talks about it every once in awhile. All it is is a drive up north and she would see some, but my hubby is like me. No snow is good snow. πŸ™‚