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What a Day!

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This weekend went by so very fast.  My Little L drove me crazy a good part of the yesterday too. She went down for her nap around noon, which was fine. I was planning on getting on the laptop for a bit when my oldest comes in and says that the mouse stopped working. I sat down to take a look and it wasn’t the mouse, it was Firefox. I could open a page and start to do something and it would just freeze, but the pointer was still able to move around. In set the frustration and aggravation. This is not what I had planned for my only free time during the day. I kept trying different options and rebooting the darn thing, when in walked Little L, only 45 minutes after she laid down. UGH!!!! I took her in the kitchen and made her some lunch and she refused to eat, all the time crying and whining.  I ended up throwing out the food I made and fixed her some cereal. I got her to eat, but she was half distracted with the cartoon on the t.v. Whatever works, I thought! When she was done with that, I snuck off to use the laptop for what I wanted to do during her nap, burn some cd’s. I have tons of pics on here that I need to get on disc. While I was trying to get it going, I kept hearing her cry. Then I would hear daddy’s voice and she would go silent for awhile. He came in to get me not even 30 minutes into what I was in the middle of and said he wanted to run to the auto store and he wanted me to go too. We would take Little L and get her out of the house for a minute. I stopped, once again, and had to get some clothes on her. Which she didn’t give me much of a fight about. She knows the word bye bye and when I said it, she calmed right down.

When we got back home, she was in a much better mood. I was glad about that, but then she got down right crazy!  She started climbing on the coffee table. We kept telling her to get down, but she is very stubborn. It took several tries, but she finally stayed off. Then for the next hour or so, she played pretty good. At dinner time, I was trying to feed her, and once again, she wouldn’t eat but wanted what daddy had on his plate. He gave her a few bites and then she ate some of what I had.  After that, she decides that her diaper needed to go. I was trying to put away the leftovers, and telling her to stop, but she wasn’t listening, even though she was looking right at me. She took it off and started doing laps around the room. Before I could get to her, she peed right on the living room rug. Then peed in the kitchen, cause one place wasn’t enough for her!  My mom went to get a towel, but not for the pee, Little L had spilled some juice and she wanted to get it up before it dried. Meantime I stepped right in a small puddle and didn’t want to track it through the kitchen so I stopped and hollered for my husband. He came in laughing at the crazy mom trying to catch a naked baby. Then my mom goes to take the towel to the laundry room, I had to yell at her to bring it to me so I could mop up the pee puddles. Jeesh!  My hubby got the diaper on her, then she took it off again. Right in front of him, too. We both wrestled it back on and I put her on some shorts, so she couldn’t get to the diaper. I can definitely wait till she learns to take off the clothes by herself!!

Whew! We made it to bath time. Which soon after that comes bed time. I was most certainly ready for some quiet time…Little L had other plans. She stayed awake a whole extra hour. Me begging her the whole time, to close them eyes, girly. Give your poor mom a break. She finally gave in and I finally got some peace. The laptop started working just fine. Don’t know what that whole deal was about, but I could have lived without it.

I am very happy that Little L is so active and playful. She lights up my world when she smiles. I miss my oldest being that little. She was quieter though at that age. She didn’t start terrorizing me until around age 3. If I could cast a spell I would make her little again…but not little enough to wear diapers. 🙂

Tomorrow we are going on a field trip to the zoo. Can’t wait! Yeah!!

Cheeto Baby

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So why is it that I can’t go one simple measly day without looking like a total slob?? Oh yea, that’s right, I have a 15 month old!

I put on a clean shirt and Wham! in no time I have a cheesy cheeto baby hand print right across my left boob and I didn’t even realize it until I am in the middle of picking up some things at the grocery store. I look down and I am like WTH is that on my shirt!  Happened again today,  was sharing  a few cheesy chips with the kid and she is happily sitting beside me munching away.  As she goes to get down, she reaches out for help. Before I knew what she is doing, I look down and she has a tight grip with those sticky, cheesy tiny fingers right in the middle of my freshly washed shirt. She got me again! I thought. No winning…there is just No. Winning. (Shaking my head.)

No matter how hard I try to keep little miss from getting me dirty, it still happens. It is inevitable. I do understand and I should just get over it, right? Nope, I still can’t stand the fact that is was a clean shirt!!

cheeto baby  She loves her Cheetos!

Here is the sitch. My 10 year old turns 11 next month. She is all excited about officially becoming a tween. She has talked about a couple of things that she would like to have as presents. She found  Minecraft books in Kmart that she said she couldn’t live without, but also said if she didn’t get them for her birthday, she could wait til Christmas. One thing that she doesn’t want to wait for and she talks about Every. Minute. Of. Every. Day. is…the band,  5 Seconds of Summer, coming here to Arizona.  She wants to go soooooo bad. She knows all their names and talks about how cute they are. Don’t you just love it!

I remember being her age and getting the teen beat magazines. Wait, I didn’t start that stuff till I was like 13, when “tween” wasn’t even heard of. You were a teenager when you turned 13, not before. There was no neat, cutesy name for being 11 and 12. You were still a kid, doing kid things, not swooning over boy bands. But I did go to concerts when I was 10. My mom would take me with her to see Conway Twitty, Kenny Rogers, Dolly Parton…all the Country music greats. I am glad I went, but when I reached 13, I didn’t want to go to that kind of concert anymore. I found Rock n Roll! I have to say I was lucky, my mom liked it too. She even changed the radio station in her car to the FM stations. It never went back to AM. Yes, I have had my share of concerts. From Kiss, Robert Plant, Tina Turner, Journey…I saw some great bands.

Now back to my story here about my 10, soon to be 11 year old. I don’t want to take her! There, I said it. I wouldn’t say it to her face though. I am not that brave! I get the fact that she really, really wants to go. As her mother, I should be willing to take her. The concert is being held outside, and the place its at is over 30 minute away. Even though we have lived here a year and a half, I don’t even know my way around that well. I have tried to tell her this. I hate driving and that is just too damn far for my taste. I don’t like being out of my comfort zone. I try to explain to her, that since we only have 1 car, and if something would happen, her daddy wouldn’t be able to get to us. She suggested that he drive us and then drive all the way back to pick us up. That’s not going to work either. For one, he would have to drag Little L around to do this. Two, that’s a lot of driving!

This morning she informed me that we needed at least 150 dollars for the concert. So I am thinking, ok why so much, sure she would want a t-shirt or poster or something, but $150. I asked why and she said it was for the tickets. Two seats in section 201 was $70 whopping bucks apiece. I about spilled my breakfast onto the floor. Now I know I was a kid when I went to concerts, but I know for a fact that no way did my mom spend that much on 2 tickets. No sirree!  That makes another strike against this trip. I would rather spend that kind of money on stuff that she needs, like clothes for the cooler weather.

Apart of me does feel bad for feeling this way. I want my girl to be happy. But as her mother, I just feel like it is definitely something she could live without at this moment in her young life. Well, that’s my dilemma. I know it’s not that big of deal to most, but I don’t want to break her little tween heart. Oh what to do?!

I used to never enjoy Fall. It meant going back to school, and back east, it turned cold as soon as September 1st arrived. Now, living in the desert, and loving hot weather, I never thought I would actually miss the changing of the seasons. The leaves turning into colors of orange and yellow. The fact that my kids don’t get to feel the crispness in the air. Makes me very sad. I have been telling my hubby that we need to move. I miss grass. It does sound odd, but I do. All we have here is rocks and sand.

So now that it is almost the end of September, I am in the mood to go to a pumpkin patch. We got to go last year, for a school field trip. It was rather fun and we wanted to go back. Well…this year, the school has two planned, one that is 2 hours away, and another that is 3 hours away. You have to be joking. Why would they schedule these trips like that. Doing online school, you have to find your own way to where the field trip is. I am not getting up at 4 am to leave at 6 am to be there by 9 am and have to leave at 12 noon. This is when one is actually closing for the day.

I was thinking about this earlier today and how much of a bummer it is, when I remembered the time we were living in Washington. We found a pumpkin patch really close to where we were and went in the middle of the week. My hubby doesn’t like big crowds, so we try to plan stuff during the week, not the weekends. When we got to the patch, the lady took our money and told us that we get a free small pumpkin when we left. Cool, we like pumpkins. There was a hay maze and of course, the pumpkin patch but everything else was closed till the weekend. That was fine. We amused ourselves with the pumpkin patch, I took tons of pictures of  Little T by the scarecrow, by the pumpkins, by the hay maze entrance, in the hay maze. If there is a photo op I am gonna take it!

Being on the plump side, I didn’t want to go through the hay maze. Daddy and Little T went through it several times. I stood to the side and watched, laughing and enjoying the fun Little T was having. They took a break and Little T said I needed to go through it, just once. I said no over and over again. Came up with every excuse I could. She would not let it go. I finally gave in, and said yes. She wanted me to go first. I think she knew if I went last, then I could easily get out. I stood firm and made her go first. Well since she had been through it so many times, she knew her way. She was done before I got a quarter of the way in, it seemed. We were laughing and I was crawling when all of a sudden we came upon a really tight area. I went to go through, and got stuck. OMG I am stuck in the freaking hay maze. I told Little T I was stuck, she was behind me now, so she turned around and went back out to tell her dad. Well while she is doing that, I am cussing and fuming, how could they make this so flippin tight I kept saying over and over. There were no warning, no restrictions, or I would have definitely not went in. I got soooo mad, that I tried to turn around and forgot that there was hay above my head. Under that hay was a very hard 2 x 4 that when I raised up, I slammed my head into. I hit so hard, I thought I was gonna pass out.  It took me several minutes to shake it off.  I got even madder that I did this that something came over me and I got myself unstuck. I really don’t know how I did it, but I was free. Thank God. I told my hubby what happened. He asked if I was ok and I said yes, thought so. We ended up leaving shortly after this. But before we did, we went to pick out our pumpkin and I told the lady that there was a tight area and I got stuck for a few minutes. I also told her I hit my head. She didn’t seem too concerned. I guess since I made it out ok, she didn’t think it was too important.

The one we went to last year, was much bigger and they had all kinds of animals to look at and feed. Little L was only 3 months old, so she didn’t get to do a lot. That is another reason I want to go this year. She would definitely have fun!

100_1438  100_1457

This list started out with the title Things I Thought I Would Never Say… But upon making the list, I came across another blog with the same title. Well crap I thought. I didn’t want to look like I was a copy cat. I was about to scrap the whole list all together, when I started thinking, hey this list should actually be titled Things I Say Everyday…, instead. Let’s face it, even though I didn’t think I would never say them, they have become apart of my life. Sometimes I repeat them all through the day. And I hate repeating myself! 🙂

1. Books are for reading, not for eating.

2. Eat the food, don’t spit it out.

3. Leave your diaper on!

4. Don’t poke the dog in the eye.

5. Get your fingers out of there. (This goes for many things during the day)

6. No! Don’t touch the poop!!!

7. Awww! You got it on your fingers!

8. This is mommy’s, not yours.

9 The dog’s water bowl is not to play in.

10. Leave your sister alone. (This one goes to both of them.)

11. Stop pouring *insert word here* all over the carpet. (ie, water, milk, juice)

12. Don’t eat that!

13. Get the paper out of your mouth!

14. Give that to mommy!!! (This one I say as we are doing laps around the kitchen table.)

15. Don’t bite your sister!

16. I love you! (My all time favorite!) 🙂


Ice Cream

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A cute funny.

We have one of those fridge’s that has the freezer on the bottom. So this one day, my hubby, (daddy) was opening to see what we could make for dinner. Now when this door opens, Little L loves to dig in. It is like a whole new world to her. Once it was open, here comes Little L. She grabs a carton of ice cream, pulls it out, carries it to the middle of the kitchen floor. She sits it down and proceeds to sit on it. Then within a second, she stands up, carries it back to the freezer, puts it right back in the spot she took it from and walks away. We both look at each other, laughed, and then my hubby says, “Must not have been the right flavor!”   😉









Why do husbands make you feel guilty about certain things then can turn around and do the same thing and not think anything about it? Like trying to take an afternoon nap. If I do this, the world has come to an end. OMG, mom fell asleep, what shall we do? Who will take care of us? If he does it, it’s all good babe. why you mad? When I think of all the nights I have been awake while he snores away really makes this momma mad. When I go to bed, he will wake me up 90% of the time when he finally comes in. I hate this. Doesn’t he realize how precious momma sleep is? Doesn’t he know how nerve wracking it is to be woken up throughout the night. All you sleep deprived momma’s out there know what I am talking about.  I don’t think he gets it at all.


He also makes me feel guilty for not spending time with him after the kids go to sleep. The other night, Little L was not wanting to go to sleep, she gets off the bed several times. Then comes back to me to put her back on. I must of changed 3 pee diapers within an hours time. Finally at 9:30 she just passed out! No warning at all. I think she knew I was at my wits end. Oh how I miss the days of her going down at 8 pm then sleeping til 7 am. That was awesome! So she goes to sleep, I sneak out of the room. *Breathe* I get the computer for a little bit, reading some blogs and catching up on Facebook. Then about 11 I was ready to go to bed myself. My hubby then says,”You want to watch a movie?” It was like he knew what was coming. “No I want bed.” I said. “Oh you never spend time with me.” And there it was folks. That lovely guilt trip phrase that he loves to say.  I guess setting here beside him for 2 hours wasn’t good enough. So I turned the laptop off and just sat there. Eyes closing, head drooping. He lets me go to sleep and leaves me there for the next hour. When I wake up I stumble on to bed, a bit upset that he just let me sit on the couch like that.

The next day he comes in about 2 pm. Heads to the bedroom and lies down. I go to talk to him, see if he is ok. Sure everything is good, he is just hot.  All righty then. I continue to sit beside him and we watch Little L play and run back and forth. I come back into the kitchen to do a few things, go back and guess what? He is asleep. Yes, asleep! What the hell, right? Here he wants me to sit up half the night with him to watch t.v., but can’t stay awake to spend time with the kids and me during the day. I was mad, but like the good wife that I am, I let him sleep. Making as much noise as possible, that man slept for 2 hours! No lie!  I know he was tired, but I’m tired too. I sure could use a good 2 hour nap, couldn’t you?

sleep like husband


I just love starting the day out with baby giggles. To hear them makes me smile from ear to ear. That is how today started. Little L is officially 15 months old! I watch this baby girl grow and learn everyday. It’s just amazing!!  Two days ago, we turned her crib into a toddler bed. I know, most don’t do this until the kid is at least 2 or so. But Little L never sleeps in her crib anymore. She is always, ALWAYS, in the bed with us. Even when I try to move her I may get an hour or two tops before she wakes up and cries. Because I am weak, and of course, the lack of sleep, I give in, and put her back in with us. She used to sleep in her crib through the night, but she came down with a head cold in the spring and then some teething went on…so you get the picture.  (Yea yea, excuses, excuses!)

When daddy took off that front side, and lowered the mattress all the way down, the fun was on. She had a blast going up and down and playing on the bed. We also got some great pics of her sweet smiles.

100_2760   100_2765

Even big sis joined in on the fun and crawled in the crib with her. I don’t know how, with her long legs, but she did it.

100_2780  20140916_165210

She hasn’t slept in her bed as of yet. We just want her to get used to it, and hoping one day, she just lies down and goes to sleep. Probably wishful thinking, but dreamers can dream, right?!

Yesterday morning, when she woke up the first thing she did, after making sure I was awake, was head right to the new toy bed. Then I heard the giggles. So sweet!! A little bit later, big sis came in and then there were more giggles. I tell ya, these two together are so cute!


The giggles continued throughout the day. They had a game last night of Little L sitting on the bed, looking at a book. Then big sis would throw the blanket at her. She, of course, would laugh like crazy and get down, give her sister back the blanket, crawl back onto the bed and continue “reading”. Too funny. I tried to get some pics of this, but Little L saw the camera and forgot about the game and wanted it instead. Can’t wait to see what else these two come up with!



Now if you are like me, you are asking yourself what the hell is the ‘C’ word??  We  were living in Washington state and my daughter, was around 6, maybe close to 7. We had stopped to get some gas so we could go into town for awhile. My girl and I went in to pay while daddy stayed out to pump the gas. We were walking back to the car, when she asks this question, “Mommy, can I say the ‘C’ word? I know I just stared at her, wondering what this mysterious word was. The ‘C’ word, I thought, I know the ‘F’ word, the ‘D’ word, the ‘H’ world, but OMG I do not know this ‘C’ word. I gave in after a few seconds of scanning the cuss word file in my head and said, “Honey, what word is the ‘C’ word, exactly?” She gets really close and says, “Crap.”  Oh thank God, I thought. I started laughing and looked up to see that her daddy was finishing. I said, “Sure, as long as you don’t let your daddy hear you.” Then she leaned in close again and in this tiny little whispering voice, she says it. “Crap, crap, crap, crap. crap!” It was so cute and sooooo funny that we both started laughing and climbed in the car. Daddy got in and asked us what was so funny. We just looked at each other and said “Nothing!” 🙂

Baby Bucket List

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Little L can officially mark pooping in the tub off her bucket list.  Yep the little stinker, or crapper, did it to me last night.

We were enjoying a nice bath, I was watching her play with some toys and all of a sudden she lets out a couple of little toots. She looks at me and I laughed. Then came the grunt. Oh snap she is gonna crap! I jumped up to grab the towel and before I could turn around, she was sitting in the water, pooping away. I scooped her up, not caring about getting any on me, wrapped the towel around her and headed off to the bedroom. We made it to the diaper before any more came out. WHEW!

She was definitely on a role, because that morning, I woke up feeling something warm on my side. I touched it, it was also wet. Hum…I thought, in my sleepy slumber…warm and wet. Ahhhh, her diaper leaked!!  I jumped up and sure enough, her diaper runneth over and it was all over me!  So we can mark that off her bucket list also.

Ok kid, anymore surprises? I need to read this bucket list you got going on!   🙂