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So I tried something new today for the girls. I had seen this quick and easy snack idea on PBS the other day. Since they both love bananas, I thought we would give it a go.

I froze 4 or 5 good size bananas overnight in the freezer. It didn’t say how long to freeze them so maybe overnight was a bit too long. We had to wait about 20 minutes for them to start thawing so the stupid blender would chop them up.


After several attempts, getting frustrated and walking away,  they finally started to blend.

Then this happened.


Looked so pretty. The monkeys couldn’t wait to have some. Little L kept running around screaming for a “nana”. Didn’t help with the being frustrated part. But at the end, it was a yummy treat for them. Nothing else added, so it was really simple, which I can do!  😉


"YUM" face

Oldest trying her first bite with her “YUM” face on.


What is up with today’s young ladies fashions? I have read several things about if you let your toddler wear a bikini you are a horrible mother. My question is, what if you are a mom of a tween? Tweens are at the age of puberty. Every thing about their bodies are changing for them. So let us make it harder and throw swim suit season in. This time of year, all you see are skimpy little tops and bottoms. The girls wanting to find just the right suit and the mom’s cringing at everything they pick out. I, for one, just experienced this.

Oldest had been wanting a new bathing suit. She hasn’t had one for a few years now. Whenever she gets to go in swimming, she wears shorts and a tank top. Her dad likes it this way, she is covered up and no one gets hurt. But this year, she wants actual swim attire. We went up to Wal-Mart this past Wednesday and before we left she wanted to look at the suits. I was in the produce section right across so I let her go over by herself. She came back with a cute pair of swim trunks for girls, and a bikini top. Oh hell no, I thought. I collected my thoughts and spoke slowly. I tried to keep my words at a minimum, and my eyes in their sockets.  “NO!” “But mom” came out of her mouth. I told her there was no way I was going to let her take home that top. She grumped and groaned at me and then I told her that if she took that home, her dad would kill us both. She made her way back over to the suits and I finished up my shopping. She came back with another top this one was more like a shirt and she asked if she could go try it on. I said ok. By the time I made my way over to the clothes section she was done and she was in love with the shirt and shorts. I asked the normal questions, “Did they fit?” “Yes, they do, and the top comes down to here.” She pointed to her belly button. Ok sounds all right so I let her buy them.

We get home and she immediately runs in to try on the new outfit. Her dad and I was talking when she pops out of the bathroom. She was so excited to show us. Our mouths hit the floor. The top, which I thought was going to be at her navel, but wasn’t anywhere close. It was actually  snug on her and she had her shoulders bent in funny. Her dad immediately said no, she had to take it back. She asked why. He told her it didn’t fit right and he did not approve. She ran back into the bathroom. I knew I should have went in to that dressing room with her. Parenting fail on my part. She came out and was upset and mad and couldn’t figure out why we were saying no way. It is really hard sometimes to find the right words to explain why we don’t want her to wear such clothing. So I started off by saying, “For one, you are only 11, that top was made for an older girl, atleast 16.” “Two, it showed way, way, waaaayyy to much.”  Now, I don’t want her to be ashamed of her body, by all means. But she just doesn’t seem to get that even though she is not thinking about it, someone else may be. I told her I didn’t want anyone looking at her like that since she doesn’t look 11. She sulked around for awhile, and wanted to go back to return the top and get something else. I told her that we would get to it. It wasn’t a necessity to take it back right that minute.

She made plans to go over to her friends house tonight for a sleepover and asked me if we could take the top back, since there would be swimming involved.  Her dad and I talked about it, and I told her that she could wait on a new top and that she was just going to have to wear her tank top this time. We did let her keep the shorts.

At this point in my life, I think it would be easier to raise a boy.  🙂


Oldest decided she was tired of the blue hair. Yes, I know, already! I think I liked it more then she did. She wanted to change it to red. Red is not a favorite color of hubby so when she said it, I cringed. I took her up to Walgreens at the beginning of the week to look at what they had. She had picked out 2 different reds that were permanent hair color. I was standing in front of the Splat hair coloring when she came over to me. I didn’t want her to use a permanent color, and I was looking at her choices when she looked up and saw the Splat Fire Ombre kit. She was in love. It came with 2 colors, red ignite and hot ember. She had made up her mind, that was it. She and I both talked about it and decided that if it didn’t look good, she could just wash it more to get it out, unlike the permanent stuff.

She used the bleach the next day, but she missed some spots especially where it is super thick in the back. I wanted to help, but she wanted to do it on her own. She still had alot of blue back there, and wanted to do another bleaching. I told her no, had to draw the line. She finally got to color it this afternoon. Since she does a side part, she decided to do a different color on each side. Then when it was parted, it would overlap. The red ignite came out more a hot pink color but the hot ember came out just right.


The only bad part, the bottles were smaller then in the single color kits, and the hot ember wasn’t filled to the top. We ran out and she has some dark areas at the bottom. Looks good, but there should have been more on the bottle. I guess that is their way of getting you to buy more of their product. Come on Splat!

Anyways, she loves it and that is all that matters. I told her she had to keep this color more then 3 weeks though and then her dad told her this was it, no more. I hope she loves it as much as she said she does, looks like she is stuck with it for a long while.  🙂


Today was Little L’s 2 year checkup. I almost didn’t take her in because the nurse practitioner that she usually sees is on vacation this week. They told me it would be her actual doctor this time. Which I don’t really care for. She has only seen both girls one time in the 2 years they have been going there. I didn’t like her the first time, and I still don’t. She is kind of abrasive to me. But there was nothing else going on, so I kept the appointment. Might as well get it over with, right?

L did great. When the nurse weighed her and took her height, she stood very still. She let her take her temperature and get her head measured. Then here it came, “She has gained some weight since last time.” “Yes, I know. She likes to eat.”  “How much milk does she drink?”  Fibbing just a tad,  “I try to keep her around 3 cups.” “Sometimes she does get more.” She left and we only had to wait a few minutes when the doctor came in. The first thing she said to me, “Why is that in her mouth?” Talking about her pacifier. “Because she wanted it and I gave it to her.” “You need to just throw it away.” When people do this I listen, make my own comments in my head, but I just nod and say ok. I know she needs to get rid of that thing, but please don’t talk to me like I haven’t a clue. She then examined L, everything was good. She laid perfectly still while she mauled her over, but did swat at her tongue depresser bacause she kept sticking it in her mouth. She didn’t say much about her weight but then commented that she needs to eat fruits and veggies as snacks. Making me think that she thinks all I give her is junk food. She lives on grapes, strawberries, and watermelon. Then on the print out, it said for her to get atleast 30 minutes to an hour of exercise a day. Have you seen my kid?  She is non stop from morning till night. She also said she was at the limit of milk consumption,  and to switch her to 2%. I had already did this and I told her. When she was done all she said was ok then and walked out the door.  I was the polite one and said thank you.

The good thing is that she didn’t have to get any shots. Plus she got in the car with no problem, and even got in her seat and let sissy buckle her up. When we got home, she ate lunch and munched a little, watched some Blaze and went down for her nap right on time. 🙂

Father’s Day was spent at a family barbecue about 70 miles away from home. We never go anywhere, never get invited to go anywhere, so when the message popped up on my Facebook, I was surprised and excited. Yes, something to do! And we actually did it. The drive wasn’t too bad, straight interstate and being a Sunday,  the traffic was decent. But 30 minutes into the hour and 15 minute drive, Little L started fussing. Then crying. Then screaming. She wanted out of her seat, she didn’t want any toys, books, drinks, or snacks that we packed. She just wanted to be free to roam the cabin!  🙂

About 10 miles from the exit, there was a rest area. We stopped and got out to stretch and use the restroom. L was having a blast. She can find fun anywhere.  Then…it was time to get back in the car. Yeah boy, that is a job that hubby and I dread. She kicked and screamed and fussed some more. She sounded like a mad cat.  Daddy finally got her strapped in and we were on our way. When we hit the final exit and trying to listen to the gps, Little L started her screaching again. Daddy got annoyed with her at this point and she fully understood. She quieted down and we found the house. Their were lots of people already there, and more were coming.

Since we had never been here, I was a bit nervous. But once we were in, it was fine. They have an inground pool that I am totally jealous over, so the kids got to go in. I sat on the side helping Little L. She loved every minute of it!! Sissy took her out into the middle and she held onto her back several times. All with a big smile on her face. I, was trying to take pictures while getting soaked sitting on the ledge. The towel I sat on was not helping at all. I think I was the only person that didn’t bring a change of clothes with them.  I thought about it too, but that is as far as that went. I was too busy trying to make sure I had enough diapers and clothes for the girls. You can tell that we never go anywhere.   By the time I got L out and settled down, my top was as wet as my shorts. Great! I felt so stupid, but no one paid attention to it, atleast they didn’t say anything. 

The older folk left before dark and L got more comfortable running through the house. Oldest went to hang out with her older girl cousin and a friend, so she had something to do. L had her little cousin to play with and they were chasing each other and having popsicles.  We left around 9:30. L fell asleep as soon as we hit the freeway, after a quick stop at the corner store for a bottle of milk of course. She slept the whole ride home. It was nice compared to the ride down. 🙂

Won’t you be my neighbor?

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One of our neighbors moved. The “for rent” sign went up at the first of May. They left over a week ago. They had the biggest U-haul you can rent. Took them 2 days to load up.  They were a young couple, gone all day, home at the same time every evening. No kids, just a cat and a dog. I can tell you all that, but if you asked me what their names were, I would have to say, I didn’t know.

They were quiet people, they kept to themselves. Rarely saying hi at times. Maybe it was because of their age, or the hours they worked. Maybe they felt out of place. Or that was all it was, a place to sleep at night. Not really a home.

Growing up, we knew all our neighbors. When they drove by, everyone would throw their hand up to say “hey”. Some would even stop to have a quick chat, usually about the weather, before heading home. In the summer, you would usually find a basket of fresh grown veggies from someone’s garden, on your porch. Everyone was friendly, willing to lend a hand when needed.

Now, the “for rent”sign is gone, but no sign of new neighbors. Oldest is hoping for a family with kids. Preferably a girl her age. And maybe, just maybe, we will get to know their names. 🙂

On the eve of Little L’s second birthday, and while passing the time as her cake bakes in the oven, I just wanted to write about all the words she knows before actually turning 2. What got me thinking of this was that Oldest did not say alot before she turned 2. I used to ask her all the time when was she going to start talking.  Now, I can’t get her to be quiet, but it’s all good! 🙂

So here are a few words that she can say and has been saying for awhile. *clears throat*
Momma, Dadda, Sissy, Gush (what she calls her grandma, I have no idea where she got it), Poppo, (the dog, Appollo), hi, hey, guys, ball, shoe, sock, all her body parts, outside, on, off, light, dark, bathroom, sleep, tuck, (which can either be truck or stuck), duck, fish, horsie, dog, mow (for cat),  fall, showie (shower), wawie (water), paci, cari (short for her little buddy she carries around which is a stuffed carrot.), eat, and of course milka (milk). I know that there are more that I am forgetting.

She started learning her colors and can say everyone of them, but if you ask her what the color of an object is she will always say Orange. But it is so cute how she says it, she kinda squishes it together and it sounds like she is from Louisiana.  I think orange is her favorite color too. Her buddy, Carrot, is orange and she loves orange popsicles.

She can also say numbers 1, 2 5, and 8. And a few of her letters. We were working on her saying that she was 2 years old earlier today. She says, “Hey guys, I 2!”  🙂

*This is also my 200th blog post! Can you believe it? Thank you all for reading! 😉 *