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Today started out like any other Sunday. The little tyrant girl of mine woke up bright and early at 7 a.m. demanding that I find her Carry. Which is the name of her stuffed toy she loves dearly. I finally find him, then she wants her paci. I felt around and couldn’t locate that darn thing, but luckily there was an extra one by the bed, so I gave that one too her. After all this, I had to get up and use the bathroom. When I came back, she wasn’t finished with her demands, requests,Β  this time it was milk. I made my way to the kitchen got her some milk and kept thinking I just want to go back to bed. I gave her her cup and she drank it down, then cuddled up beside me. Within 15 minutes she was back to sleep, took me just a tad bit longer, but I managed to do it. Around 8, I heard hubby talking to her. Crap, I don’t want to get up. So I laid there as quiet as a mouse, waiting to see what was going to happen. He got up and she went out into the living room with him. Ah, yes! Now this is what I am talking about, I thought. After all it is my Birthday! I dozed back off for about an hour. After that, I was awake and needed to get up to get everyone fed.

The day might have started out kind of slow, but it was rather nice. I took Oldest and my mom up to Old Navy. Oldest has been wanting some new clothes and we don’t usually shop in stores like that, but today, I made an exception. She got her a pair of jeans, 2 tees, and a flannel shirt. She doesn’t usually wear jeans, she has always said that they were uncomfortable, but she has been wanting a pair for awhile. And apparently the flannel is what is pretty popular with the teens these days. After that we headed to our usual hangout. I know that is sad, but Walmart is the one stop shop.

When we got home, we ordered out. Chinese food, YUM! Then afterwards, headed to 31 Flavors for my Birthday treat. I thought that would be better then a cake sitting in the house for a few days just begging me to eat it. A couple of scoops and I am done.

Last year I wrote a post Turning 43 Isn’t All That Bad. I read it over just now, and I want to remember and take in what I wrote. Age is just a number. But this year, it was a little harder to deal with. This year, I want to cry even though I won’t. I will save that for next year! πŸ™‚




Girls Can Be Icky

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My girls can be pretty funny and rather icky all at the same time.

This morning, they were both sitting in their Grandma’s room playing when I heard Little L sneeze a couple of times. Oldest comes running out a few seconds later. She makes it to the sink gagging and washed her hands. I was making breakfast, so I asked what the heck was going on. She said, “L sneezed and she blew out a bugger, it landed on her lip and before I could grab it, she licked it off her lip, then it was stuck to her tongue.” “She held it out for me to get it off, and I started gagging. That’s why I had to wash my hands, I had a bugger on my finger.” I started laughing and told her, “Well you are a good sister for getting the bugger off her tongue before she swallowed it.” Which, made Oldest gag even harder.Β  πŸ˜‰


This is the second full day of my road to lose some weight before spring time rolls around again. I would like to drop 20. I know I can do it, but getting my mind set on it has been a task. I lost 15 about a year and a half ago. I was so proud. I know I could have lost more, but I just stopped doing the workouts. They got boring. After Christmas, I felt as if I had put on some weight. I know I ate a lot. I finally got back on the scale, which I had stopped doing also, and seen that I put on 5 pounds. That is too much. I can’t afford expensive diet plans or gym memberships at this time, so I am going to get back to what I had done before.

The hardest part is not the sweets or junk food, but cutting out the soda. I love my soda. I only drink 2 cans a day. Which, isn’t much, compared to what I have heard people drink. I read somewhere that one lady drank up to 2-12 packs in a day.Β  Holey Crap! That I could never do. I like it, but I need my water. Which besides soda, is all I drink anyways. Hubby thinks I should just cut it out all together. I told him I can’t go cold turkey on it. I have to do it at my own pace. So today, I haven’t had one at all. I know I will before too long, but it is good that I can say it.

I know I can do this, and hopefully by spring, I will have gotten to my goal. Maybe this time, I won’t quit and I will keep going.

Thanks for reading! πŸ™‚


Only the good

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This is something I have been wanting to share. I have been putting it off, because it is very hard for me to write let alone think about. Even after all these years…

I don’t like the month of January. I think I have said that before. But there is a really great reason. 18 years ago, on this day, I had to say goodbye to my older brother and watch as they put him into the ground. He was only 33 and had pancreatic cancer. He was omitted into the hospital the day after Christmas and never got to leave.

S was a pretty special person. Everyone liked him, and he made friends wherever we were. But S was different then me. He had Down Syndrome. He was 7 years older, the middle child, and even though I was younger, I always felt like he was the “baby” in the family. He got pretty much whatever he wanted, and yes, we had our brother/sister spats, but we loved each other very much.

He went to a special school and was treated pretty normally. He got to ride the bus, to and from and like I said, everyone loved him. He was really easy going. He loved music. His favorite was Michael Jackson. From the time he got home till dinner time, you could find him jamming out, volume cranked. When I was learning how to drive, he would go with our mom and me on rides. He thought it was pretty great that sissy was driving. He would ask mom when he would be able to drive. She would say one day you will, and he would smile really big.

When he was in his twenty’s he switched over to another learning center, where he went everyday and got paid for doing small jobs. He also had classes, like art and dance. They performed musicals around the city and he was usually one of the ones that got to be upfront. His last one was Grease, and he loved doing all the dance numbers.

The day they told my mom it was cancer, they said he would never walk again. He would be in a wheel chair, because there was a tumor pressing on his spine. She started making arrangements to buy a wheelchair andΒ  went out and bought him a new bed. At first they had hopes and even made him go through chemo. But it was too hard on him and they stopped. I got home about 3 days before he passed. It was the hardest thing I ever had to witness. To see him like that.

The last night, in the room, our dad was talking to him and S kept reaching up to the ceiling of the room. My dad asked him what he was doing, but he just kept smiling and reaching out. My dad put his hand up and told him that there was nothing there. I rode home with him in silence because mom stayed. The doctor’s had told her that he wasn’t going to make it through the night.

Later on, I read that when people are dying they see angels. The angels are circling them and getting ready to take them home. I believe S was seeing angels that night.

It is true what they say, only the good die young.

Thanks for reading.






The Run Around

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My Little L has been giving me a run around lately. Every other night, she gets a bath. Every other night she cries and carries on while I am trying to wash her hair and body. After it is over, she plays calmly in the water, till I say lets get out. That brings on another emotional outburst or she just out right ignores me. I finally get her out and if I am quick I can get the towel wrapped around her. But she is tricky, and she will take off running out the door and through the house. One time, her feet was still wet and she hit the tile floor in the living room and fell right on her rump. I laughed. It did slow her down, that night. After I get her somewhat dried off, I tell her to get onto the bed. Same routine every other night. She decides it is “climb on the bed, stand up, run around, and sit her happy little naked butt right on my pillow.” I tell her to get off, that it isn’t nice. She ignores again. I tell her that she is going to be in trouble. Still nothing. I get mad, lose my cool. Start yelling. Which she thinks is funny. She will then stand up, run around the bed, do some flips if she can. Then if daddy is in the house, he will come in and she still won’t listen. She thinks he will play with her. He tries to help me put on the diaper. She kicks and screams cause daddy is holding her. I will get the diaper on her and then her clothes. As long as he sits beside her. If he gets up, she is right back to acting like a crazy wild animal that just get into your house and can’t get out.

Then after all the “fun” we just had, she will calmly go into the other room and play or watch something on my tablet until bed time.Β  Just like she is right now. πŸ™‚

I Feel Used

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Little L was addicted to my tablet for about 2 months. Every morning when she woke up, she asked for my tablet. She could set and look at it for hours at a time. Every night before bed, she would watch videos on Youtube while cuddling with her grandma. Even once we were in bed, she had to have it in her hand, falling asleep with it by her side. Yes, she had a problem. Early December, she got bored with it and stopped asking for it so much. I was rather glad about this, but now she needed other things to keep her interest during the non nap days. (Which was and is every day!) A couple of days ago, she started looking at the tablet again, but this time, she wanted to play games. I told her she had a ton of games on it already, but she wanted new games. This is the task that is not fun nor easy. Trying to find a game that will be fun and entertaining and not have those dreaded pop ups every 10 seconds or them trying to get you to buy extras for the game is hard to do.

I found a couple that were not that bad and she seemed to enjoy, but after a few minutes of playtime, she would want me to find her something else. After about an hour of going through the game store and reading reviews, downloading, playing and sometimes deleting, we found a game about a penguin that has to run and get coins and stars. The game also has extra characters that you can buy for a very large sum of game coins. One she particularly wanted was a robot. My kid loves robots and that is all she kept talking about. Every time the Penguin would run and I would have to start over she would think I consumed enough coins to go buy her that robot. Before bedtime last night, she kept begging me for the robot. I told her after she went to bed, I would play the game and get her more coins. Which I did. There was a section that you could go into to earn free coins. I did a couple of things out of there and they also gave you 100 coins just to watch trailers of games to download. The robot was 20000 coins and I was just a few hundred shy this morning when she got up. We did a few runs and leveled up so that gave us the amount we needed. I told her she could get her robot. She scrolled through the characters and pushed the buy button and there he was!

After she ran about 6 times, she was out of energy. She didn’t like this and kept saying to fix it. I told her she had to wait, but could play as the penguin. His energy level was full. She didn’t like this so she went scrolling through the characters again and pointed to a fox and said, get me that one.Β  I looked at the amount of coins it took to buy and it was way more then the 20000 I just got for the robot. I told her she had to wait a while for that one. After a minute, she gave up and went on to something else. I feel so used! πŸ™‚

Kids can say some of the silliest things at times, we all know that. Through all the whining and crying and eating this week, Little L has said some pretty funny stuff. I need to write everything she says down, but when she says it, I think I will remember and well, then I don’t. But yesterday she outdid herself and I thought I would share a few with you.

“Come on buuuddy, Let’s dance!”Β  I don’t know if she has heard this one or she came up with it but it is really funny to hear it come out of her mouth. Especially when she stretches out the word buddy and she is wiggling her booty. When she first said it, she had her sis and I LOLing about it all day.

“Well well well, you have the bacon.”Β  She said this one last night over and over while her and sissy were playing. I guess she was wanting bacon and thought her sister had some. Anyways, it was one for the books, definitely.

Yesterday at lunch time, daddy was sitting on the couch eating. L was eating and watching a cartoon. He got done and as he was getting up, I sat down in his spot. Little L didn’t see this exchange. A few minutes later, she looked over at me and said, “Where daddy go?” “He went to the bathroom,” I told her. Then she scrunched up her little face and said, very disgustedly, “With him lunch!” Oldest was sitting on the other couch and we cracked up. “Oh no baby, he finished his lunch.” I said laughing. “Oh ok,” she said, and went right back to her cartoons.

Thanks for reading! πŸ™‚