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I finally got some of the crafts that I had been working on done before October officially started. I hung a couple of things up today and I need to figure out where the rest will go. First, I did my Boo sign.


I didn’t want to buy the wooden letters at Michael’s and Hobby Lobby is a little far for me to drive to check out the prices, so I kept a big diaper box and used the cardboard to make the letters. Then I used some extra scrapbook paper to cover the letters. They are not perfect but I think it looks pretty cool like that.  Next is our popsicle stick creations. Now I got this idea from __________. Oh come on, you know where I have been hanging out. Pinterest!


Hee hee so what do you think? Aren’t they cute?! Oldest wanted to make her ghost have a mustache and have beaty eyes, apparently. But she did do a good job on the pumpkin and spider faces! At first I was going to put magnets on the back but my fridge is full and I don’t want them too low for little hands to reach and tear apart. L is pretty good at destroying everything in her path nowadays. She picked up the Boo sign a few days ago and said, “Awesome!” then ripped the letters apart after I glued the ribbon on. So now it is up on the wall for her to admire, from afar!

Another thing I worked on was this little wreath.


I made this out of toilet paper rolls. You would not believe how many crafts you can do with toilet paper rolls. When I seen it, I was like, hey I never thought of this. This is too cool. (I know…nerd) But it is pretty neat what all you can make. The wreath, I painted in Halloween colors, then put some mod podge stuff on each one to make them a little shinier and harder to tear up. I had it together and hung it up today, took a pic, then noticed it was crooked. Luckily I had a few extra pieces leftover and so I added them and made it look more round. It isn’t perfect, but hey nothing that you make off of Pinterest is. 😉

I hope you enjoyed viewing and maybe will try to make some too. Would love to see them if you do! 🙂


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YES! The month of October is creeping up on us. Two more days of September. Even though it went by fast, waiting on October seems to be taking forever. So goodbye dear September, parting is such sweet sorrow. Till next year my friend…

wakeme up

Bathroom Break

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This afternoon we had to run to the DMV to get some paperwork straightened out on a car that my hubby bought for a project. Once we got there, my bladder started calling. Which was weird because I had went before we left and I didn’t drink anything on the ride. My hubby runs in and grabs a number before I could tell him that I needed to find a restroom. We sat down and the number was only 2 away from being called. So…should I go or should I just sit and wait. With the DMV you never know if it is going to be a short time or an hour. I looked around but wasn’t seeing a restroom sign anywhere. Great, I thought, they probably don’t even have one. I told myself to just not think about it and it would be fine. I kept looking around and I finally seen a door all by itself with Restroom written in small print on it. Ah ha! They do have one. Ok. I felt a bit better knowing that there was in fact a light at the end of this tunnel. I was getting ready to tell my hubby that I was going, when they called our number.

I think it took longer at the window then it did to sit and wait to be called, but everything got worked out and we were all set. I told hubby that I had to go and he went on out to the truck. I got over to the door, then I saw another sign on it saying Please knock before entering. I knocked and heard a muffled sound from inside. Hum, I thought. Either someone was being held against their will inside the DMV bathroom or they were just saying occupied, don’t open the door. I stood by the door, afraid to step to far away. I didn’t want to lose my turn. It seemed like eternity, then I heard the flush. Yes, almost there. Then another minute went by and I heard another flush and another one followed that one. UGH! They have gone and jammed up the toilet and probably stunk it up in the meantime. Then I heard water running. Hurry! I was thinking, didn’t know if I could hold it much longer. Finally, the door slowly opened. I grabbed onto the handle to help, when I saw that it was two young girls coming out. I opened the door wider so I could go in and one handed me a long metal spatula with a key hooked to the end of it. “Here you go”, she said. I took it saying “ok thanks” and ran inside. There was a lock on the door, so I do not understand the note saying to knock. I locked it up and placed the key spatula thingy on the sink. I go over to the toilet, all is well, no clogs. I was about to sit down when the roll of paper towels, which was on top of the paper towel holder, fell off and hit the spatula and knocked them both to the floor making a very very loud clanging sound. I jumped but didn’t care. To close to relief and I wasn’t about to let anything stop me. I got done and picked up the paper towels and the key spatula and proceeded to wash my hands. Then I got to thinking, Who do I give the key spatula to when I go out? Where would this mysterious keeper of the bathroom key be located at, and who do I ask to find them? I unlocked the door and slowly opened it, just in case someone was standing there doing the pee pee dance like I was, when the same two girls came running up, grabbed the key spatula thingy, and went back inside. Which was fine by me. I was just happy to be out of there. 😉

Fall Crafts

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I hope everyone had a wonderful first day of Fall. The weather here is still pretty much summertime. High 90’s with lots of sun. Monday and Tuesday were both nice, lots of clouds Monday and we had some rain in our area early Tuesday morning. Even though the sun came out Tuesday, there were still clouds to help keep the temp down. They are saying around 100 for the next week on. I don’t think it is ever going to go away.

I used to hate to see summer end. Although I have always been a big fan of Halloween, seeing September come meant shorter days and cold weather was upon us. Now I feel a bit differently. I still love Summer, but I think Fall is my new season of choice.

I have really thrown myself into these Fall and Halloween crafts. I got a few done and then realized, OMG first day of fall is around the corner! So I had to make something really quick. I think it turned out pretty good. But in my quest do get it done by the 23rd, I totally spaced taking pictures until it was completely put together and hanging on the wall.


I added the leaves (since we had played around and made so many), because there was a flaw on the A after Oldest got it all glued down. Once I added the big leaf, I thought, oh what the heck and added the 2 small ones. There are so many cool ideas out there but I have to realize there is just not enough time. Especially since there is a countdown on Facebook everyday telling me that Halloween is getting closer and closer. Yea yea, I know this so shut up already! It also means there is going to be a Birthday girl in the house pretty soon. Lots to do in the next 30 days that is for sure.

Thanks for reading!  🙂


The Past

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Home from the pediatrician. T is doing good. They think the lump on her back is like a strained muscle. They gave her ibuprofen for the swelling to take for the next 7 days if not better in 2 weeks then we go back. Baby Leah got her shots and weighed in at 14 pounds and is almost 25 inches long.

-Posted on Facebook, September 6, 2013

A year and half later, they finally figured out it was Scoliosis.

Just Like That

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And just like that,

Summer fell into Fall.

love Autumn

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Summer and Fall

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summer and fallPhoto found on Pinterest

Oldest gives up way too easy and I don’t know how to get her to stay with something. She has always done this, so it is not new, but it gets very old and frustrating. The other day she picked up 2 small Christmas cross stitch crafts from Michael’s. She asked if we could get started on one this evening. I love cross stitch. It has been ages since I did them, but they were always lots of fun for me. We opened the kit and I read the instructions to refresh my memory and I started it off for her, trying to show her step by step what to do. I gave it to her and she immediately knotted up the thread. I had to fix it. Then the thread came out and she got mad. I told her to just start over. Count 6 from the right and 2 up. She did, but said she couldn’t get it going. I took it back and proceeded to get her started again. The thread was so light and the lighting in the kitchen was not helping. I told her that we can look at it better tomorrow in the daylight. I stressed over and over that it takes a few to get used to, but once you do, you will be hooked. I know I was at one time. She sat beside me looking at her phone, acting like she wasn’t interested in it at all. I am not going to do it for you, I told her. Because that is what she always says, she asks for help then I take over and do it for her. I want her to enjoy it and have fun. I know it sure passed the time for me on boring afternoons.

I have been busy working on some fall and Halloween crafts and came across a cute paper tutorial last night on how to make leaves. Since all we have are palm trees in the yard, I thought it would be nice to make a few for decoration. We started working on it and she couldn’t get the hang of it. It took me like 3 tries to finally figure out what the lady was talking about, since she only put in pictures no words. When I caught on, I tried to show her. She would do it backwards everytime. Then get mad. I told her don’t get mad, just keep trying. That is the way you learn. Her thing is if she doesn’t get it the first time, she just walks away from it. My thing is, I have to know how to do it. If I start it, I want to finish it. I sure hope one day she will feel the same way. 🙂


Never a Dull Moment

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Little L definitely makes it pretty fun around here. They keep playing this commercial on one of the cartoon channels for a Disney Frozen toy music jewelry box. I am sure you all have seen it on t.v. some time. Anyways, whenever it plays I get the song, Do you want to build a snowman stuck in my head. When it is stuck in my head I have to sing it out loud. So the commercial was playing the other morning while I was making breakfast. Little L was running around not paying a bit of attention to what was on the tube. She was having fun in her own world. Oldest was sitting here in front of the computer doing her school work. After the commercial went off, I just couldn’t keep it in any longer and broke right out singing, “Do you want to build a snowman?” Little L comes running by at that time and says in her little singy voice, “NO.” and she just keeps on running. Oldest and I busted out into laughter. She had impeccable timing on her part. Then Oldest sings the line, “OK bye.” Which made us laugh even more.

So now, every time one of us sings that phrase to her, she says No since she got a big belly laugh from us. 🙂


Reverse Psychology

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Whenever Little L is being bad, and that is a good percent of the time, we tell her she is being mean. Actually I say, “Don’t be a mean baby.” She comes back with, “me not mean baby, me nice baby.” So this has been going on for about a week or two. I hate telling her that she is being mean, but when I am at my wits end with her, that is one thing that come out. We go through this about every day. I try to change it up though and I ask, “Don’t you want to be a nice baby?” She says yes. “Then be a nice baby and do what is being asked.”

She did a turn on me last night at bedtime. Bedtime I really dread anymore. I used to look forward to it, but she is so hard to get to lie down.  Even if she doesn’t take a nap. Well yesterday, I got her to take a nap around 2 p.m. She slept till a little after 3. Not too bad. We go to lie down around 9 last night. Sis and daddy were all in the room watching t.v. Daddy made his escape after the show went off. Sis didn’t quite make it to the door, when L started fussing that she come back. “Ok ok, I will stay but you have to go to sleep.” Ok, Little L says and lies down. She was back and forth back and forth between me and Oldest about a dozen times. We both pretending we are asleep, but L just yells at us to wake up. After about 20 minutes of pleading with her, I ask, “Don’t you want to be a nice baby and go to sleep for mommy?” She rolls over towards sis and says, “No, me mean baby.” We thought we had heard her wrong and kept saying, “Yes, be nice baby.” Then we realized that she was saying she was a mean baby. Oh good grief. My reverse psychology just back fired on me.  🙂