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The end of August is upon us. September is peaking its head around the corner. The days are starting to get shorter.  I can’t wait. I have never been so happy to see summer end. Seriously. It has been so freaking hot here that I have said that I hate Arizona. I have even went as far as to say that we need to move, but where, I don’t know.

Fall and winter last year was great, spring wasn’t bad until it hit May. My hubby reminds me that if we can get through 3 to 4 months of really hot weather the rest of the year is fine. Every day I check the forecast to see when it is going to get out of these nasty triple digits. I know it will happen, but I am pretty impatient about it. We want to go to the zoo once the weather chills out. I found a Wildlife preserve type zoo about 80 miles from here. The weather up there is all ready starting to cool down, but if we go now, there is no where to leave the dog. He hates it outside now too. I can’t leave him inside, he will tear up the house and I don’t want to come home to a dead dog, cause his crazy ass decided to try to get in the house and couldn’t.

The kids and I are definitely ready to get outdoors during the day and not wait till after the sun goes down to venture out. Hit the park at around noon is sounding good too. So come on September, I am ready! 🙂