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Add to Cart

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I love Cyber Monday. It is like way intense sometimes. You sit at your computer wondering through page after page of toys and gifts and when you finally see the item you want all it is is a click on the button Add to cart.

That button and I have become friends today.

I never go out on Black Friday to shop. I am not a lunatic or someone that wants pepper sprayed in the face over a gaming system. I usually do most of my shopping online. Last year, I had started before Thanksgiving. I ordered a bunch from Walmart and picked it up the next day in the store. I think I even wrote a post about it too. This year I was feeling behind. I kept telling myself, “Self, you have time, don’t worry about it.” But then I started to feel a bit overwhelmed. I mean, people already have their tree and decorations up and they are finished shopping, “Did it all in one night” kept echoing in my head.  “What am I thinking,” I thought.  “I need to shop and I need to shop now!”  So I started browsing on the internet. I knew a couple of things that I wanted to get so that was easy. Just had to find who had it the cheapest. And funny thing is, Walmart is not the cheapest this year. I put a few things in the cart, but after it set for a day or two, things started going off. Out of stock. I really hate those words. My mom wanted to go shopping yesterday, so I took her out to Walmart and she picked up several things and I actually found 1 of the things I put in the cart for Oldest in the store. Score! Then last night I decided to check out Targets website. They had the one big thing that I want for Little L and at half price. Walmart didn’t have it in the store at all. Another score!

I waited patiently through the night, luckily The Walking Dead distracted me enough, for Cyber Monday to get here. Target had most everything an extra 15% off. Play all day Elmo was mine at a cool 31 dollars. Then I had to go run some errands with hubby and he stopped and got him and the kids a new pair of shoes. When we got home, back to Cyber Monday I went.

There were so many people on the the website that when I found something I liked, there was a popup that read, there is a line for this item, stay on the page and try putting it in your cart again. Game was on. I was trying to get something for Oldest, I must have pushed that button 10 times, before it finally went. Victory was mine. I got so excited I finished the transaction without even seeing if there was anything else I wanted to get. Ok, calm down Lesa, breathe. I went back in and started looking some more. Ah ha, Daniel Tiger, L loves her some Daniel Tiger. Then the dreaded there is a line for this item blah blah blah popped up. Oh no, I am getting this! I stayed right on that button and within 5 minutes it went. The next item went in right away. Alright, one more thing and I am done, I thought. This one was the test. It took 15 minutes and clicking that add to cart button I don’t know how many times, but I did it!

100 dollars later and a minimal amount of aggravation and a good bit of my shopping is done. Only one item has to be delivered and the rest I can pick up at the store. Yeah me! 🙂

Oldest came to me about an hour ago saying that her phone wasn’t working. Let me rephrase that, to tell me that her phone had a crack in the screen and she couldn’t get it to work. This makes the 3rd phone that she has busted in the past 5 years. She is always carrying this phone around. She has it in her hands constantly, even when she is doing her chores around the house. We are always telling her that she needs to lay it down, and stop taking it outside when she and Little L goes out to play.

I was wanting to get her a new phone for Christmas. I even hinted to her about it, but she said that she liked her phone and didn’t want another. Even after it malfunctioned about 3 months ago, and overheated. She couldn’t get it to shut off. We eventually got it apart, but the battery in this phone is behind a separate case that takes a screwdriver and Macgyver to figure out how to get to it. Luckily, it began to cool down. After that, I wouldn’t let Oldest keep it on at night. I didn’t want it to over heat while we were asleep and start a fire. Then the battery started losing its charge fairly quickly. She deleted all her apps and turned off anything that she didn’t use or need but it didn’t work. Now it seems like if your parent was mentioning a new phone and Christmas right around the corner, you would be jumping for joy and saying yes, but not her.

Are we going to get her a new phone for Christmas? No. Her dad won’t let me. He is pretty upset with her and now he is upset with me because I am letting her use my old phone. She can’t receive texts or calls but she can run on Wifi all day long around here. I did tell her that she can’t take it outside with her, it has to stay in the house. She is fine with that. It runs a little slow, that is why I got rid of it just this time last year, but it will work for now and let her dad chill out about it and I know he will. 🙂

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We had an early Thanksgiving this year. Today I baked 2 pies and a ham, per the request of hubby and Oldest. Tomorrow I get to do a turkey, and all the trimmings. My mom thinks I am nuts. “It’s just the 5 of us!” she says, as I was loading a ham into the cart the other day. “I know, but you only live once,” I said.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! 🙂


I finally got my scrapbook pages done and put away for awhile. Hubby was totally surprised when I cleared off the dining table. No one has been able to use it since Halloween. (I thought I better get it cleaned off for good ole Turkey day or my scrapbook stuff might be thrown out the door.) I did a total of 25 pages, which included this and last years Halloween, 11 and 12th Birthday for Oldest and 1st and 2nd Birthday for Little L. I was slacking big time on all of it. I kept putting it off because I didn’t want L to be in the middle of it. To my surprise, she was actually pretty darn good about the whole thing.

A couple of weeks ago, I got bored with looking at the same old thing over and over, so I walked away from it for awhile and did some Christmas snowflakes to hang up.


I got a little addicted to them since they are super easy to make. I have like 7 made. There are several tutorials I found on Pinterest, and one that I used can be found here. The one above is like my favorite. I have a huge Christmas paper pack that I will never use all the papers out of. When I seen the tutorial I went scrambling for my Christmas scrapbook crate, yes, it has its own crate, and found the papers.




Well thanks for checking out another one of my addictions. If you end up making one I would love to see it! 🙂



Oldest and I took Little L outside this afternoon. She loves to get into or play with whatever her daddy has laying around. He has an old car jack that belonged to my dad, that finally gave out on him this past summer. L loves to stand on it and pretend she is a pirate and not any pirate, Captain Hook to be exact.

But today she got to nosing around a bucket that he uses to wash the vehicles with. It had water in it, very dirty, yucky, black water. Little L kept staring into the bucket like she was itching to stick her hands in it. She loves water. Oldest seen her and told her to stay out of it, that daddy pooped in the bucket. When she told her this, Little L looked up at us, and said “huh?” Oldest repeated. “Oh,” she said. “Da da pooped in the bucket.” “Yes, he did, now stay out of it, cause it is very icky.” I had to go with the story, since it was keeping her little hands out of the germy mess that was in the bucket.

Daddy came back into the garage where we were hanging out, and I had to tell him what Oldest told L. He, of course, denied it. But L kept saying over and over, “You pooped in the bucket.” Just like, sorry dude, sis told me the secret, so live with it. Oldest and I were laughing and agreeing with L. He saw that there was definitely no way out of this and so he finally agreed that he did the icky deed.

I am just glad Oldest said it was daddy and not me! 😉


Kids Can Be Jerks!

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Kids can be jerks. There I said it. It had to be done. I am sure that most of you will agree with me, even though you think your child can do no wrong.

I took the girls up to the park earlier today. The weather was right around 70, and very sunny. Since it was so nice, there were alot of other kids there too. L is quite content to play by herself, but today, this little boy that was much smaller then her, wanted to play. He had brought a soccer ball and they began kicking it to each other and running around. Oldest and I sat and watched for awhile, then she went off to swing. The little boy’s mom decided it was time for them to go, so L was alone again. She wondered around trying to find someone else to play with, but she still did her thing with the slide.

There was another ball that someone had brought and left laying that L wanted to play with. I let her pick it up and carry it around with her, but she got bored and dropped it. Soon afterwards, I seen a man kick the ball over to the side, so I figured it was his. She then seen a girl and boy that was probably a year apart, brother and sister. They were running up and down the side of the hill. She loves to run, so she joined in. The girl who couldn’t have been more then 4, ignored L. But she continued to try to join in on their fun. They were walking along the cement wall that divided the play ground from the grassy hill, L was following them. Then the girl turned to L and told her to go get the ball, which was back down on the playground. L jumped down off the wall and got the ball, just like she was told. I was watching, but wasn’t very happy with this. Even Oldest made the comment that it brought back memories of her at the park when she was little, and kids telling her to do stuff, but wouldn’t play with her. I told her I remembered way too well. L had trouble trying to climb back up on the wall, and by the time she made it up, they were gone.

L then had the ball and she came down to where we were sitting, and got down and had a drink of water and I asked if she was ready and she said no. She went to play on the slides for a bit longer. When we were ready to leave, I couldn’t get her to drop the ball. I kept telling her it wasn’t hers, but she wanted to hold onto it and go down the slide. I wrestled with this girl and got the ball from her, but she was kicking my butt that is for sure. She was not leaving without a fight and started crying and screaming. I got her up in my arms and we headed to the parking lot. I ignored all the stares that Oldest said was happening. What? You haven’t had your child throw a fit when you had to leave the park before? I think not!

We made it home and L had calmed down and she was excited telling her gramma and daddy about the little boy she got to play with. Only if he could have stayed longer. 🙂

You know how to wake up a 12 year old girl? Turn on One Direction! They were on Good Morning America today, and I, myself do not watch the show, but my mom does. I heard her say they were going to sing, so I shot through the house to wake her. I opened the door and there she was still fast asleep at 8:45 a.m. I grabbed her remote and turned it to channel 15 and cranked the volume. I watched as she was opening her eyes and giving me this look as to say “Mom” but then she heard one of them sing, she turned her attention to the screen. “You better get your glasses on,” I said as she struggled to get up before the song was over. I left her sitting with a smile from ear to ear on her face.

Later this morning, Oldest was talking to a friend she had made online. The girl lives in Florida and was saying that her mom wasn’t doing anything for Thanksgiving because it wasn’t “on plan.” I asked what she meant and apparently the mom is pretty strict on what her family eats and how much. I told Oldest to tell her friend, we had pie and turkey to come on out, I would feed her.  Oldest knew I was joking. A few minutes passed and she looked at her dad and me and asked, “Is turkey meat?” Now I really did not know where she was going with this question and we both busted out laughing. She asked again, not understanding why we were laughing. We said “Yes, it is meat.” She then said, “Oh well, G is a Vegetarian.”  I just looked at her and said, “Then what is she worried about?” Oldest laughed and said “yea, really.”  She did tell her friend what I said about  jumping on a plane and come on out. She said I was awesome. Awww, made me feel good. 🙂

Very Long Monday

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Cold weather finally set in yesterday. It has been getting down into the 40’s at night, but warming up into the high 60’s ans 70’s once that sun comes out. But yesterday, it was cloudy and windy and then it rained and rained for a good part of the day and night. Today, it was still cold and windy and lots of dark clouds. With this “looks like snow weather”, Little L has gone total stir crazy. She has so much stored up energy, she doesn’t know what to do with it. She has resorted to climbing up on the back of the love seat, and then sliding down and bouncing. Scaring the life right out of me, everytime I see her do it. I have yelled, threatened, and even spanked her little tushy, but to no avail, she still continues to do it.

This morning, around 10ish, she decided to go into a chant about going to the park. I kept telling her no, not today, too cold out, maybe end of the week. She would not hear of it, and continue on her quest to take her to the park right that minute. Oldest was trying to do her school work and it was getting rather hard to concentrate through the screams. I finally got her to quit around noon, when I made her lunch. Then she wouldn’t go down for her nap, which isn’t unusual anymore. So around 3, my hubby needed me to run to the bank. I tried to get out of it and say I would go in the morning, but he needed me to go right then, was an emergency ya know. While I was getting dressed, L got all happy and said she was going, put on her shoes. I told her no, not today. She cried, begged, whined and pleaded to go. Finally hubby said, get her dressed he would go too. I just love family outings…

Since we were out and I hadn’t bought my turkey for Thanksgiving yet, I had him stop by the little Walmart on the way home. Just the girls and I went in. At first, L was doing just fine, the store wasn’t that crowded and she was running around looking at stuff, then she wanted to push the cart. Which wouldn’t be a problem if she would let either Oldest or I help. Every time we touched the cart, she would yell and everything would stop. I was getting tired and very impatient. I only had a couple of things I wanted to get for next week and I was not making any progress. After more threats, begging and pleading on my part, she got up into the cart and I grabbed a couple of things on my list and we hit the checkout. She kept asking me for goldfish, (cause the last time I bribed her into the cart with a bag of goldfish.) I didn’t see any close by, so I got her a bag of cheetos at the checkout stand.

In a couple of days, the weather is supposed to warm back up and I promised I would take her to the park as soon as it did. Another hour and she should be asleep and I can maybe have a couple of hours of quiet before hitting the hay myself. It has been a very long Monday!

Thanks for reading! 🙂

I Will Be Good…

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T-minus 12 days and counting.

I have 4 pies in my freezer that we bought at the beginning of the month. And I have to say, right now, they are calling my name. I could eat one and not think another thought about it. But I won’t. I will be good and wait those 12 long days to bite into those delicious, ooey, gooey, yummy treats.

I will be good…

I will be good…

I will be good…

I need a snack!

Bit of a slump

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I have been in a bit of a slump on writing lately. It is already the 9th day of a new month and I have only written 2 posts. Now I am not an everyday writer, but I do try to turn one out every other day or so. I blame my lack of blogging on my other hobby. I have been working furiously on my scrapbook pages for Halloween (last year and this year), everyday. I have several pages actually glued down. I  thought I  would get all the layouts done first, then glue all at once. Just incase I changed my mind. I do have commitment issues when it comes to scrapbooking. But today I thought, what the heck, just start glueing. And it felt good, a scense of accomplishment.  I would like to get done, so I could go on to other themes. Plus there is some crafting we want to do for Christmas that needs to be started soon.

The girls are doing good. We went up to the park on Friday for about an hour. It was packed. The schools here were on a half day, and it was a beautiful fall afternoon, so I guess they all congregated to the park the minute the bell rang. Little L is definitely not afraid to get in the middle of the big kids though when it comes to going down a slide. Oldest just wanted to swing, but had to wait a long time to get her turn. Then when she did get on one, the younger kids would come up and stare at her. It has always made her uncomfortable and since we have embedded into her to share since she was little, she would give in way to easily.  That evening, her friend came over and stayed the night. She has a ghost app on her phone and she has a homemade ouji board, so they spent most of the evening saying there was spirits around us. They went outside after dark to use the ghost app and got spooked, she asked her dad if they could sit in the truck to do their summoning. They are too funny.

The rest of the weekend went by pretty fast. Spent Sunday doing some grocery shopping and everyone plus their mother was there. We made it in and out and back home in record time. I hope that that wasn’t an inkling on how the next 2 months are going to be. If it is, I just want to stay home. 🙂