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Having a conversation with Oldest about driving a couple days ago.

Oldest: “I can’t wait to drive. I can take myself where ever I want to go.”

Me: “You can take me places instead of me taking you.”

Oldest: “No, I will take me places.”

Me: *Ignoring her comment* “Cool, I won’t have to go out as much. If we run out of something, you can go to the store to get it.”

Oldest: “No”…

Me: *Cutting her off and still ignoring her*  “Hey, we need some butter and milk, run up to the store. Oh and take your sister with you.”

Me: “Yes! This will be great!”

Oldest: “Wait, what just happened?”

I love happy endings!  😉

Yesterday, I had to go to a doctor’s appointment for myself. I hadn’t been to a doctor since Little L was born and I am definitely not good at going unless something is wrong. I have been having chest pains off and on for the past 2 weeks. Since my dad had died of a heart attack, I thought I would go and get checked out.

They hooked me up to the EKG monitor and the results came back looking ok and my blood pressure was good. She wanted me to go and get blood work this morning after 12 hours of fasting. And they are going to find me a cardiologist to go to. She said that she didn’t want to dismiss it as being indigestion or stress, because of family history. Although she did prescribe me some indigestion medication to take and see if that helped with the pain. The doctor was very nice and she actually set and talked with me, she didn’t rush and she waited for me to ask questions. I really liked her. I never have good experiences with doctor’s, probably one reason why I don’t go. Even though I could stand to lose a few pounds (or more), she said that maybe they could help me do that rather then telling me I had to do this and had to do that. I lost 15 pounds last summer and I have kept it off and when I told her that, she was quite pleased.

I went and did the blood work this morning. I didn’t get there till after 10 and they didn’t get me in till around 11. Needless to say, I was a tad bit hungry by the time I got home. Oldest went with me. She had to sit outside the building in the rocks because it was so busy. I got home and was glad that it was all over and now it is just wait for the cardiologist appointment.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Thanks for reading! 🙂


The end of August is upon us. September is peaking its head around the corner. The days are starting to get shorter.  I can’t wait. I have never been so happy to see summer end. Seriously. It has been so freaking hot here that I have said that I hate Arizona. I have even went as far as to say that we need to move, but where, I don’t know.

Fall and winter last year was great, spring wasn’t bad until it hit May. My hubby reminds me that if we can get through 3 to 4 months of really hot weather the rest of the year is fine. Every day I check the forecast to see when it is going to get out of these nasty triple digits. I know it will happen, but I am pretty impatient about it. We want to go to the zoo once the weather chills out. I found a Wildlife preserve type zoo about 80 miles from here. The weather up there is all ready starting to cool down, but if we go now, there is no where to leave the dog. He hates it outside now too. I can’t leave him inside, he will tear up the house and I don’t want to come home to a dead dog, cause his crazy ass decided to try to get in the house and couldn’t.

The kids and I are definitely ready to get outdoors during the day and not wait till after the sun goes down to venture out. Hit the park at around noon is sounding good too. So come on September, I am ready! 🙂



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I have this app on my tablet called Time Hop. I am sure most of your are familiar with it, it runs with Facebook and everyday you get a notice saying that you have memories. Well 3 years ago today, we were driving back from West Virginia to Nevada. It was sort of a vacation but also I went to West Virginia to move my mom to Nevada to live with us. She decided to sell the house, the one I grew up in. I tried to talk her out of it. It wasn’t a mansion or even a newer house. It was old, run down, needed lots of work and lots of time. Since dad had passed there wasn’t anyone around to help keep the old place up. The reason I tried to talk her out of it? I wanted to have a reason to come back to West Virginia one day. So I tried. Told her we would board it up. Have a neighbor keep an eye on it. But she wouldn’t hear of it. She kept saying she couldn’t move without selling it. I didn’t understand, and I am not one to argue with their mother. I let her sell it. She didn’t ask near the amount that she should have. She took the easy road out and sold it to a neighbor.

We were there about 2 weeks. Oldest was the only child then, and she had a blast. She became friends with the kids that lived next door. They would play from sun up till sun down if they had the chance. One of the boys was a few years younger then she, but I could tell he adored her. They were best of buds while we were there. More memories of how it was nice to be raised in a small town. Where everyone knew everyone. The kids played outside, running, biking, catching firefly’s in the late evening. I do believe, my girl would have stayed there if should could.

The picture that was sent today through the Time Hop app was one of my hubby standing in front of the truck and u-haul we were pulling. Driving through Oklahoma then into Texas. Hopefully a motel soon to follow, was the caption. I couldn’t wait for the trip to end. But now, sometimes, I wish I could turn back the time and do it all over again. Drive across the US, seeing the sites. See my home that isn’t mine anymore. Fortunately I still have my memories.

Thanks for reading.  🙂


Have you ever felt like this on a Monday afternoon? What am I going to do to get through this day with 2 somewhat bored kids? Actually that could go for any day of the week. Here in Arizona, it is still too hot to go to the park, so to get over the Monday blues, the girls and I decided to make home made playdough. Oldest and I had been wanting to do this for awhile, but I kept forgetting to buy some of the ingredients. So yesterday when we went to the store I finally remembered to get the stuff.

I followed a tutorial on YouTube. There are hundreds of tutorials for this stuff and it is so much like salt dough plus one ingredient, vegetable oil. Some recipes called for cream of tartar, but I didn’t want to have to cook anything, so we chose the one that was easiest. You can watch the video here. Like I said, pretty simple, and the kids had a ton of fun.





We played for about an hour and a half. L loved it, she kept saying squishy as it oozed through her fingers. We also had her practice her colors with it too. Next time, we are going to take the food coloring and mix the colors so we can make orange and purple. When we were done, we sealed each color in its own ziplock bag and placed it in the fridge for more fun later.  It is also good for the older kids. Oldest help me make it, and I had her measure out the flour and salt. Although I think she got a little confused on what a full cup is, we got through it. Sometimes, I really worry about her.   Hope you enjoy!  🙂




My mom got Little L a potty seat a few weeks ago. I don’t know why she didn’t get her a chair, I think it would be a little easier and maybe the kid would be potty trained by now. The seat goes on our toilet which she can’t get up on without help.  I still have her in diapers so I guess it is not that big of a deal. Pull ups would be easier, because once that diaper is off, it’s hard to wrestle her down to put it back on her.

The other night we were in the bathroom doing our nightly routine. After she got her teeth somewhat brushed, she said, “I go potty.” She went over, put the seat on the toilet, and stood there waiting on me. I got her diaper off and picked her up and set her on it. Then she acted like she wanted down. I said no, you have to try. She turned to the tub and seen one of her duckies and asked me for it. No, I said. She pointed to it and again and asked. “Ok, I will give it to you if you pee in the potty.” Her whole face turned to concentration and yes, she started peeing. She looked up at me with this super grin that was like, see mom, now I get the ducky. I told her great job and I knew you could do it. She got down and I gave her the duck. She was very happy and so was I. This only makes the 4th time she has peed in the potty. She tries, but she gives up too easy, and trying to make her sit there for longer then a minute can get pretty aggravating.

Oldest was 4 when I finally got her out of pull ups. She was a stubborn girl, but I was told to just let her do it on her own, don’t push. She had a potty chair that turned into a step stool. She used the step stool and would not use the chair. I am definitely not wanting it to go that far with L. I want her out sooner then 4. 3 maybe, or 2 1/2 even better. 🙂

Stop Running

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Tonight we went up to Walmart. Little L hadn’t been anywhere since she got sick, so she was really happy to get to go. She did really good through most of the store. Most is the key word. She looked at everything she could possibly look at and even got her a new toy. She helped sissy and I push the cart and pick out chips and milk. We went over to the shoes and I was looking for her a new pair of tennies when this guy comes running through chasing his daughter. He was telling her to stop and she finally did. He was a bit out of breath when he caught up to her and I walked past him and said, “I got one of those too. She does that all the time.” He smiled and shook his head in agreement and went on. I didn’t find any shoes for her so we went on up to check out. This, my dear friends, is when the fun began.

The lines were totally ridiculous being almost 8 p.m. on a Thursday night. But if I had my way this is the time I would come out to shop too. It is just too hot during the day here right now. So we are assessing the lines and L takes off. First she was just walking, with sis behind her then her walk turned into a run. She was headed towards the toys then decided to zig zag over into the health and beauty department. Oldest was behind her and dad and I stopped to talk about which register to go to. We heard L’s scream and he went to get them while I headed to a register. They came up and he set her in the top of the cart. She was squirming wanting down. He set her down and decided to head to the car. As he was giving me some money we thought Oldest was watching L. Wrong. We looked around and she was gone. I took off in a panic. There were a ton of people milling around and I am not quite the runner, but dammit this is my kid. So I am yelling her name through the store. A few people look at me as I round a corner and there was the guy I seen in the shoe department. He said “There she is.” I smiled and thanked him and said “See, I told you.” He laughed and smiled and I could tell he was glad it wasn’t him this time.

I got to hand it to L though,  she is fast on her feet. *Note get that kid into soccer*  I could not catch up when I seen Oldest right on her trail again. She steered her down an isle back to daddy, when she let go and L almost got away again. I grabbed her and picked her up and happily handed her to daddy. I sent Oldest with him to help settle her down while I paid for our stuff.

About 5 minutes away from the house she fell asleep and we had to wake her up so I could get her ready for bed. Took about 30 minutes and she was out. All that running can really tire a poor baby out. Not to mention her dear old mom. 🙂

This must be my month for Anniversaries. Not only was it my wedding anniversary month, it is also my blogging anniversary month. 1 whole year. Times sure has flown by. My baby is growing up. I remember reading blogs and thinking how funny and witty some people are. I especially love reading the ones about babies and toddlers. It got me thinking and I did a search, (I am always doing a search), on how to start a blog and I stumbled upon WordPress.

I have read some great posts this past year.  Some have brought tears to my eyes, and some have brought a smile to my face. So thank you to all my lovely followers and likers for making my year pretty great. I’m hoping that you have enjoyed my stories and my ramblings and you look forward for more to come.

Here’s to another year! 🙂

No Nap Monday

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Everyday for about a week now, Little L has skipped her nap. I have let her do this because she has slept in everyday until 9:30 or 10:00. She hasn’t slept this late since she was a newborn and her days and nights were mixed up. Today, she actually woke up early, well…8:30, if you count that as early. But earlier then she has all week. I got up thinking good, maybe she will take a nap today and get back on track.

So the day starts our pretty normal, the kids wanted pancakes, and hubby wasn’t picky so pancakes for all. Woohoo easy breakfast. A couple of hours went by and I noticed Little L’s diaper needed a good changing. I got her in the bedroom and I caught a wiff of something that did not smell like roses. I got her diaper changed and looked closely and noticed she had something on her shoulder. I sniffed it like all good mama’s do and it was the wonderful smell of puke. Yeah. I pulled the shirt off of her and went get a clean one. I put the new one on, and I could still smell it. I sniffed again and it was in her hair. She took a coughing fit early morning and I guess spit up a little. So off came the clean shirt and in the tub we went. I got her all washed, had to chase her around the tub to rinse her hair and then I let her play for a bit. We got out and I went to get her dressed, but I could still smell the putrid smell. I took another sniff, I know my nose is going to desert me one day, and lo and behold her hair still reeked. Back in the tub we went and I grabbed some better shampoo and lathered that kids head right up. We got out and dressed and then I noticed that it not only got in her hair but dammit it was on the bed again. You know how hard it is to wash a king size comforter in a regular washing machine. It is not what I wanted to do on a Monday but it was fitting. Then in the middle of it, I was arguing with Oldest about getting her school work done. She kept taking breaks and it was irking me.

The day passed and about 2, I tried to get L settled down to take a nap. Even got dada to lie down and she was all for it for like a split second. First she wanted some milk, which I wasn’t wanting to give to her because of her still having phlegm, then she wanted one of her toys, so we went and found it. Then she wanted to stand on the bed and run around in circles. That is where I had to draw the line and I gave up and opened the bedroom door. No Nap Monday it is. Wasn’t in the mood to fight.

Maybe tomorrow will be better. We will get back on track and have a good day. Nothing to wash would be nice also. I keep telling hubby that she can’t give up her naps. She just can’t. That one hour a day saves my sanity at times. Without the nap, I just may go bald.  🙂


Friday marked our 17th wedding Anniversary. 17 years. We often joke that we have been married more. Although we only knew each other 6 months prior to tying the knot. We didn’t do anything special, because hubby finally came down with the damn sickness that is going through this house. Everyone has had it but me. I am sure hoping I don’t get that nasty germy bug. *Knock on wood*

We never do anything really spectacular on our anniversary. Maybe get Chinese takeout. But since he has no real taste buds, it would just be a waste of good money, although I would have enjoyed every bite. 2 years ago, after L was born, neither of us remembered it was our anniversary. I opened up Facebook and seen it on the side. Today is your 15th Anniversary. We both laughed when I read it to him. Too many sleepless nights with a newborn to even remember our special day.

We have come to realize that not remembering is not the end of the world. We know how long we have been together and we know we want to continue. (Even though we could choke each other on occasion.) We love each other with all our hearts and that is the only thing that matters. 🙂