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Stop Running

Posted: August 13, 2015 in blog, family, funny, kids, parenting, toddlers
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Tonight we went up to Walmart. Little L hadn’t been anywhere since she got sick, so she was really happy to get to go. She did really good through most of the store. Most is the key word. She looked at everything she could possibly look at and even got her a new toy. She helped sissy and I push the cart and pick out chips and milk. We went over to the shoes and I was looking for her a new pair of tennies when this guy comes running through chasing his daughter. He was telling her to stop and she finally did. He was a bit out of breath when he caught up to her and I walked past him and said, “I got one of those too. She does that all the time.” He smiled and shook his head in agreement and went on. I didn’t find any shoes for her so we went on up to check out. This, my dear friends, is when the fun began.

The lines were totally ridiculous being almost 8 p.m. on a Thursday night. But if I had my way this is the time I would come out to shop too. It is just too hot during the day here right now. So we are assessing the lines and L takes off. First she was just walking, with sis behind her then her walk turned into a run. She was headed towards the toys then decided to zig zag over into the health and beauty department. Oldest was behind her and dad and I stopped to talk about which register to go to. We heard L’s scream and he went to get them while I headed to a register. They came up and he set her in the top of the cart. She was squirming wanting down. He set her down and decided to head to the car. As he was giving me some money we thought Oldest was watching L. Wrong. We looked around and she was gone. I took off in a panic. There were a ton of people milling around and I am not quite the runner, but dammit this is my kid. So I am yelling her name through the store. A few people look at me as I round a corner and there was the guy I seen in the shoe department. He said “There she is.” I smiled and thanked him and said “See, I told you.” He laughed and smiled and I could tell he was glad it wasn’t him this time.

I got to hand it to L though,  she is fast on her feet. *Note get that kid into soccer*  I could not catch up when I seen Oldest right on her trail again. She steered her down an isle back to daddy, when she let go and L almost got away again. I grabbed her and picked her up and happily handed her to daddy. I sent Oldest with him to help settle her down while I paid for our stuff.

About 5 minutes away from the house she fell asleep and we had to wake her up so I could get her ready for bed. Took about 30 minutes and she was out. All that running can really tire a poor baby out. Not to mention her dear old mom. ๐Ÿ™‚

What is up with today’s young ladies fashions? I have read several things about if you let your toddler wear a bikini you are a horrible mother. My question is, what if you are a mom of a tween? Tweens are at the age of puberty. Every thing about their bodies are changing for them. So let us make it harder and throw swim suit season in. This time of year, all you see are skimpy little tops and bottoms. The girls wanting to find just the right suit and the mom’s cringing at everything they pick out. I, for one, just experienced this.

Oldest had been wanting a new bathing suit. She hasn’t had one for a few years now. Whenever she gets to go in swimming, she wears shorts and a tank top. Her dad likes it this way, she is covered up and no one gets hurt. But this year, she wants actual swim attire. We went up to Wal-Mart this past Wednesday and before we left she wanted to look at the suits. I was in the produce section right across so I let her go over by herself. She came back with a cute pair of swim trunks for girls, and a bikini top. Oh hell no, I thought. I collected my thoughts and spoke slowly. I tried to keep my words at a minimum, and my eyes in their sockets.ย  “NO!” “But mom” came out of her mouth. I told her there was no way I was going to let her take home that top. She grumped and groaned at me and then I told her that if she took that home, her dad would kill us both. She made her way back over to the suits and I finished up my shopping. She came back with another top this one was more like a shirt and she asked if she could go try it on. I said ok. By the time I made my way over to the clothes section she was done and she was in love with the shirt and shorts. I asked the normal questions, “Did they fit?” “Yes, they do, and the top comes down to here.” She pointed to her belly button. Ok sounds all right so I let her buy them.

We get home and she immediately runs in to try on the new outfit. Her dad and I was talking when she pops out of the bathroom. She was so excited to show us. Our mouths hit the floor. The top, which I thought was going to be at her navel, but wasn’t anywhere close. It was actuallyย  snug on her and she had her shoulders bent in funny. Her dad immediately said no, she had to take it back. She asked why. He told her it didn’t fit right and he did not approve. She ran back into the bathroom. I knew I should have went in to that dressing room with her. Parenting fail on my part. She came out and was upset and mad and couldn’t figure out why we were saying no way. It is really hard sometimes to find the right words to explain why we don’t want her to wear such clothing. So I started off by saying, “For one, you are only 11, that top was made for an older girl, atleast 16.” “Two, it showed way, way, waaaayyy to much.”ย  Now, I don’t want her to be ashamed of her body, by all means. But she just doesn’t seem to get that even though she is not thinking about it, someone else may be. I told her I didn’t want anyone looking at her like that since she doesn’t look 11. She sulked around for awhile, and wanted to go back to return the top and get something else. I told her that we would get to it. It wasn’t a necessity to take it back right that minute.

She made plans to go over to her friends house tonight for a sleepover and asked me if we could take the top back, since there would be swimming involved.ย  Her dad and I talked about it, and I told her that she could wait on a new top and that she was just going to have to wear her tank top this time. We did let her keep the shorts.

At this point in my life, I think it would be easier to raise a boy.ย  ๐Ÿ™‚


Today I had to do a few errands and get the final stuff for Little L’s Birthday. Now that doesn’t seem hard but in 100+ degree weather it is, trust me. It got hot way too fast this year. Needless to say, the trip to the park for a birthday picnic is out of the picture. But I needed to go and get some balloons and my mom wanted to pick her up “one last gift.” Oldest had been given a dress by her friends mom. It is kinda Goth looking with lips and skulls all over it. She loves it and wanted to wear it.


Isn’t she cute?

So off we went about noonish. When we were almost done in Walmart, Oldest needed to go to the restroom. Even though I hate to let her go off on her own, I said o.k. She made it back and said that this woman started talking to her about the dress. She said that she used to wear stuff like that when she went to school.ย  At first Oldest thought she was going to give her a compliment about wearing it. Then this person said “then I realized they were ugly.” And walked off from her. I was like WTH? Way to make a kid feel good about themselves. I wished that I had gone with her. Good chance that the woman would not have said anything if I had been there though. I guess no one ever taught her manners, or she was just jealous cause my kid was rockin that dress. ๐Ÿ™‚

We get through shopping and finally get to the checkout. There is 2 people in this line, so I pull in. The guy in front of me looked a little peculiar to say the least. He was wearing sunglasses and didn’t have but a few things, which when it was his turn he told the cashier that he didn’t need them. I am a people watcher and if something strikes me a bit odd or off, I pay attention to the situation. I was starting to unload my cart when he looked at me and said excuse me and pulled his cart out of the way. I told him no problem and went back to what I was doing. But I do remember looking back at the cart to make sure my purse was there. Yes this dude gave me a weird feeling. Off he went and the cashier starting talking with us. I was almost finished unloading, when I looked up, and there in front of the store was atleast 10 security guys with this man that was in front of me moments ago. Two of them had this guys arms behind his back, one on each side. I, which cannot be quiet, said pretty loudly, “There goes that guy that was just in your line.” The cashier looked over and then looked back at me. I asked, “That was him right?” She said yes and that her knees just went weak. We were just looking at each other and then thinking about what I had said, I go, “and I said that rather loudly, didn’t I?” We all laughed and then went on about checking out. I did tell the cashier that I used to work at Walmart, and I remember following potential shoplifters around the store. Having to catch them before they hit the doors. Not fun at all.

After that excitement,  we went over to the Dollar Tree and got a few helium balloons for the birthday girl. One is Elmo’s face and the others said Happy Birthday. I got a bag of regular balloons that we are going to spend Wednesday night blowing up.

So that was my fun Monday outing. I am not going anywhere the rest of the week. It is just too damn hot! ๐Ÿ˜‰

I go shopping alot. Not the fun shopping, you know the one where you come out with a great new top or you finally find that pair of shoes that don’t hurt your feet. No I do the dreaded G shopping. Yep, you guessed it, grocery. I cringe when I say the word now. I literally hate grocery shopping. I get so stressed out when it is time to go. But we go to have food, right? Hubby likes me to go to a certain store, Winco. I will only go here if he goes with me cause it is one that you have to bag your own stuff. I refuse to shop then have to bag it. It is bad enough having to put it all up when I get home. So Friday, the fam minus grandma, sets out to do some shopping. What? Why didn’t granny go with you? Oh because she wants to make it difficult on me and wants me to take her to Walmart the next day to get her stuff. I live at Walmart…just read my other posts. Anyways, we set off, it isn’t too far from the house, I was driving. We get to the parking lot, pull into a spot I see smoke coming out from under the hood. I ask hubby why was there smoke coming from the hood, he gets out to go look cause the temp gauge the whole ride was normal and the car was running just right. We pop the hood and there is antifreeze all over the top of the engine. He thinks a clamp came loose and he said he can fix it when we get home. We go do our shopping, which didn’t take too long at all. I had planned to pick up some items during my trip to walmart the next day since I can price match there.

We made it home and after about an hour hubby says that there is a whole in the radiator and we can’t drive it for a few days till we can get a new one. Ok…that’s fine, we have his work truck to fall back on. But here’s the glitch, grandma can’t get up in the stupid truck cause it is huge and way off the ground. Let’s face it, I can hardly get up in it either since my knee has been giving me fits over the past month. This morning I told my mom that I was just going to run up to Albertson’s since they have milk on sale and that was one thing I was going to price match at walmart. I then ask her what she wants me to pick up.ย  “I need coffee.”ย  “Ok. what else?” “Nothing else.” Now here we go. “Well it will be a few days till we go to walmart so tell me if you need anything else I will get it.” She goes in her room and comes out and hands me a 5 dollar bill. “Just coffee.” I take the money and she goes into mumbling something about she was opening the new bag of dog food today and we were going to need some. I think he won’t eat a whole bag in one day. Then she goes on and says something about toilet paper. We were just up there last week. I bought toilet paper but she didn’t. She does that. She doesn’t buy it when we are there, so that way she has an excuse to go again. She has always always always been like this.

I get Oldest and we go to the store. She is in a good mood because she is going to spend the night at her friends house. A last hoorah before school starts back Monday. We get in the store and pick up mom’s coffee, and a few other things, they were really having a good sale. Headed back to the milk. I was wanting 3 jugs. They had a limit on the sign saying 2 per customer. UGH! Don’t they know that since my Little L discovered milk she is hooked and we can go through a jug in like a day maybe a day and a half if no one else drinks any. I get the 2 jugs, grumping all the way through the rest of the store. When we get out to the truck, I set the bags in the back seat, and look at Oldest. “Oh shoot, we forgot the milk!” She laughs and we head back into the store laughing all the way in and she says we need to have a disguise. She pulls her hair up over here lip like a mustache which makes us laugh more. We safely bring back 2 more jugs of milk. Yes, mission complete!!

We make it home moments before her friend shows up. I was making her lunch and just stuffed it in her backpack. Atleast I won’t have to go back for a few days, or until the dog runs out of food. Whichever comes first. ๐Ÿ™‚

I couldn’t believe it. A Friday night and both kids were in bed at 9 p.m. Which is nice, because the first day of Christmas break and both were up early. Little L decided she was going to get up at 6:30 which is not like her at all. She has been sleeping in and her afternoon naps have been rather late in the day. Then getting her to bed at a good time before I end up pulling my hair out has also been rather trying. So to put it short, it has been a hell of a week!

Shopping on Monday with Oldest, then Tuesday I had to run errands with hubby. Wednesday I decided to go and get my drivers license. Bad mistake. They said I need a certified copy of our marriage certificate. I showed them the same one that I have showed two other states and they took it no problem. So whateves! After that, I decided to run over to Michael’s Craft store and take a look around. My mom and Oldest were with me, so she talked her grandma into buying us a pretzel at Target next door. She loves those pretzels! Once our tummy’s were full, we browsed around the store for a bit. Thursday, I had to go to the post office and my mom wanted to go to Kmart. So off we went about noon. We got almost to the post office and the damn check engine light popped on. Scared my mom…it doesn’t take much! I got to the post office and called hubby. He said to just come on back home and he would check it out. He fixed it, just a hose that he had disconnected when he replaced the battery Sunday. Took it that long to register with the car that it was unhooked. Since we were all the way back home, we just decided to finish our shopping up at Walmart. Of course it was very crowded, but we managed to get the items we were looking for. When I got home I swore that for the next 3 days, I wasn’t going to leave the house. Oldest then tells me that she felt like she was getting sick. Great. I gave her some medicine, had enough for 3 doses. So that meant I would have to run to the drug store Friday after I said I wasn’t going anywhere. Isn’t that ironic! Then I got to thinking, my mom had said several times over the past month that she would like to have a full length mirror in her room. Light bulb. DUH! There’s the present that I was looking for. No silly cat item. Get the mirror, dummy. I told Oldest that maybe Saturday we would run to Walmart or Target to see if we could find one. Then Friday morning, hubby needed some antifreeze and since I needed cold med for Oldest, would I just go on to Walmart and get what he needed. Sure, why not! Been running around all week, I can do one more day. UGH! But I have to say, we did good. We found a very nice mirror with the brackets to hang it up with. Oh, they didn’t have the cold medicine that I like, so we had to make yet another stop at the drug store.

Please, Can I Stop NOW!!

I have some wrapping to do tomorrow. I have some grocery shopping to take care of on Monday. But I will say this…I am not, will not, no you can not make me leave this house today or tomorrow.ย  I am tired! I don’t need or want anything. I love Christmas, but I will be glad when my life goes back to being dull and boring with no place to go. ๐Ÿ™‚

I did some online shopping two days before Thanksgiving. Some things were ready to be picked up that afternoon at 1 Walmart and 4 items had to be shipped in site to store, so I picked the store closest to me. I hate waiting on stuff. I like to shop and get it right then. But several of the items were cheaper if I went online and a couple were sold out in the stores. The next day we (my mom and I) went to the store to get the items. Not a problem. Lady in the site to store department was nice. We bought a few more things and headed home. The next 2 items was coming in on the 1st of December. I got an email on the evening of the 1st that part of my order was in. Well crap, ok, I can deal with that. I made plans to go the next day and hoping that the other item was in by that time. I get to the counter a little after 12 noon. There is the guy with assistant manager on his tag. So he should no what he is doing, right? Wrong. I walk up and tell him I am here to pick up an order. He asks for an order number. I look at the email and it says for them to scan this barcode in the email. He says that that doesn’t work and he takes my phone and starts looking at the email. Rude. Didn’t even ask. He says well I can get it through your name. So he starts reading the email and I look at the screen on the register and it says Last name. He enters my first name then he enters my last name for the first name. It beeps and says nothing found. He does it again. I tell him that he is entering my name wrong. He finally gets it right and the order pops up. I then proceed to ask him if the other item had come in yet. He says oh no, it’s not here. I then tell him it is on the shelf out in the toy department. He ignores me. Meanwhile a girl walks out of the backroom he tells her to go get my order. She doesn’t say anything and goes to the back of the room. Then another lady walks up, her tag also said manager and he starts talking to her. The girl walks back up to the register and I see that she has her wallet in her hands. He says “Did you go get that?” She asks, “What?” He goes, “What are you doing? “Going to break.” “So your not going to get her order?” Do you want me to go get the order?” She asks impatiently. He answers Yes. She looks at the screen and he had written my name down on a piece of paper. “Here is the name.” He goes to hand her the paper and she says, “I got it” rather huffily and walks off. OMG! I couldn’t believe how they were talking to each other, in front of customers too.

I waited for around 5 minutes, another worker emerges from the back and asks me if I needed help. I told her that the other girl went to look for my package.ย  She finally appears with a box. Says “You can open it” and goes back through the doors. I get the box opened and check it out, looks good, meanwhile wondering if I was done or if she had actually gone back to look for the other box. I then ask the other girl if I was done. I told her that I had another item, but I didn’t know if it had come in. I didn’t know if the other girl had went back to get it or not, she didn’t say. “Oh she does that.” She offers to look for me on the computer. She pulls it up and says “Yep it’s here, I just checked it in a little bit ago.” “Wonderful!” I said. She disappeared to the back and I waited. She came back with my package and I thanked her and thanked her. I got my receipt and headed out.

The one thing that crosses my mind, is that the 2 items had the same order number on them. They both should have been in the same bin. Or so it seems.

The last 2 items were do in on the 9th. I got the email late afternoon on the 8th that 1 thing was ready for pickup. Oh not again. I decided to wait, although it was killing me to do so, another day before going out. Still nothing all day on the 9th and the morning of the 10th. I went ahead and went on to get it. While walking to the site to store area, there was that same man I had to deal with before. This time I had an order number, I told him and he says only 1 item is in. Ok that’s fine. I wasn’t going to say anything else. He got my item, all on his own, (he didn’t have anyone there to boss around, apparently). I got my receipt and left. When I got home, I got an email saying that the rest of my order was in and ready. Lord help me. So I went back to get it yesterday. I didn’t have to deal with the guy he actually was leaving the department when I walked up, I got this older lady that was super nice and even opened the package up herself to make sure it was correct.

I was so happy that that was the last of my order! I am almost finished with my shopping. Just a few stocking stuffers and something else for oldest and I will be all set. Have to wait till the end of next week to get it all done though. Have I ever told you that I hate waiting!

Thanks for reading! ๐Ÿ˜‰