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Funny Thing about a Toddler…

Posted: August 30, 2014 in funny, kids, toddlers

When a toddler falls down, and face plants, they can get up, shake it off, and keep on going.
When I do it, first I cry, then I wish I could curl up in a ball and roll away!





1. They are sick.

2. Great, now I’m gonna be sick.

3. All the whining and crying.

4. All my whining and crying.

5. Finding out you only have enough medicine for one dose for one kid.

6. Go to store to buy medicine, tissues and juice. Return home and realize you forgot tissues and the juice.

7. Chasing around the little ones just to wipe snotty noses.

8. Telling the older kids to pick up their mountain of snotty used tissues.

9. Telling them to wash their hands after picking up the mountain of snotty used tissues.

10. Goes ahead and picks up the mountain of snotty used tissues yourself.

11. Forgets to wash hands.

12. Wishing that someone would take care of me now that I am sick.



Word Malfunction

Posted: August 26, 2014 in funny, kids, parenting
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My oldest daughter can be pretty funny sometimes. The best part is, she doesn’t even realize how funny she can be.

About a month ago, we were playing Just Dance 3 on the Xbox. And she wanted to take a selfie. I don’t know why, just all of a sudden had that urge. The lighting was bad in the living room so she ran off to the bathroom. She came back several minutes later to show me the pics.  All three looked about the same, she was staring into the mirror trying to look cute and all, but on every one of them, there was a spot right on her eyeball. I asked what it was, not thinking that hey lady, you need to clean that mirror once in awhile.

She started talking and instead of saying the spot on her eyeball was actually on the mirror, she called it a pupil. Now this is the funny part, instead of saying pupil she said poopil. Then she tried to correct herself, and she said it again. I was laughing so hard and in her frustration said it a third time. She yelled, pointing at her eye, “MY POOPIL”, “MY POOPIL!”  

She said it so much that it was starting to sound like poop hole. OMG I was done, I could hardly breathe at this point. Tears streaming down my face! It took me several minutes to recover, she was laughing, but I think it was mostly at me being in hysterics over a simple word malfunction.

AHHHH Good times!



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12:15 p.m. Little one wakes up from nap. Wonders out of bedroom half asleep, hair in her eyes.

Me: Hi baby, come to mommy.

Baby: *looks at me and goes other way*

Me: Sissy shut your door! *sis has a sore throat, doesn’t feel good*

Baby: *Sees door is shutting, turns back to me*

Me: Come on baby, mommy wants hugs.

Baby: *turns and heads back into bedroom*

Rejection by a 14 month old at its finest…

Tom Boy VS Girly Girl

Posted: August 24, 2014 in humour, parenting
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My daughter likes to consider herself a tomboy. I think she is a girly girl. We have this discussion at least once a week, and we never agree.

First, she loves makeup. Actually, she is obsessed with makeup. I took her to the good ole dollar store yesterday and let her pick out 5 things. She was in pure Heaven!

Second, she is constantly playing with her hair. From teasing, to straightening to curling. For her last birthday, I got her a ton of hair clips, her own shampoo and conditioner, and hairspray. She was very happy.

Third, my girl is crazy about You Tube videos. All the how to do make up to how to do braids. Anything and everything that has to do with making yourself beautiful.

Fourth, she wants to go to Beauty School when she graduates. That says it right there, folks! What do you think?

Fifth, she loves being outside, riding her bike but she gets basketball and baseball confused. I mean, come on, one is big and the other one small right!

Now for her tomboy side. She says, and it is true, that she loves mud more then barbie dolls. Give her a puddle and she will make mud. Hand her a doll and she will look at you like you have lost your mind.

She picked out camoflauged shoes when we went shopping not too long ago. At the dollar store she seen camo hair clips and barretts. She was like, “those would totally go with my shoes”.

She used to wear dresses all the time, I guess when she was eight was the last time I seen her in one. Lately I can’t get her to even look at a dress. But she does want the style of shorts that all the young girls are wearing and the pretty little tank tops too.

I have to beg her to put on deodorant. Even telling her she stinks doesn’t seem to bother her, and taking a shower, well that is a whole other story!

So there you have it in a nutshell. It’s definitely a good balance between the two. I’m still going to call her my girly girl whether she likes it or not. And I will let her play in mud and wear camo if she likes.  And pray that one day she will put on deodorant without me telling her too.


Friday night humor

Posted: August 23, 2014 in humour, Uncategorized

Coming back from the store this evening with my oldest and my mom, we were having a little discussion about whatever, cause now I really don’t remember what it was.

We were almost home, when a squirrel decided to take his life and run out in front of me. I immediately yelled out “Squirrel” which instantly made me think of the movie National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, when the squirrel got loose in their house after Clark lost it and cut down the huge pine tree in their front yard. My mom goes “where” which then I thought of  Aunt Bethany that couldn’t hear a damn thing but she could here the squeaking noise of the furry intruder before anyone else could.

While this is all happening, everything went into slow motion and as I was getting closer I thought “I am actually gonna run over this poor little critter,” this long ass squirrel decided he wanted to live and he tucked his rear end and tail up underneath him that all of a sudden made him look like a ball of fur with 2 feet.

As I rolled passed him I looked in the rear view and he was out of sight. Needless to say, we laughed about it the rest of the ride home.

Live on little squirrel…live on.

Spaghetti for dinner

Posted: August 22, 2014 in parenting

Daughter:  Whats for dinner?

Me:  Spaghetti

Daughter:  Ahhh! Spaghetti again!

Me:  We haven’t had it for awhile, it’s good.

Daughter:  No it’s not. It’s yucky with the noodles and the sauce and hamburger chunks.

Me:  You can still eat it. It won’t hurt you.

*looks at me like I’m nuts*

Daughter:  I’ll just eat something else.

Me:  Like what?

*no answer*

I get up and make dinner. When it’s done…

Daughter:  Ok, I’ll eat some, just the noodles tho, with cheese, no sauce.

Me:  That’s fine.  *makes bowl*  you want garlic bread right?

Daughter:  Oh no I don’t like it.

Me: *face palms*  you loved it last time…..