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I haven’t written anything in a few days. Little L came down with the same bug that Oldest had, on Tuesday night. I felt something was wrong when she wouldn’t touch her dinner. She always has milk before bed and she did not even ask for any. I got her some any ways and she only took a few drinks. Then when she got into bed, I could here her breathing. Her nose was stopping up. With Oldest, it started in her tummy and throat, then moved to a very bad stuffy nose. We took L’s temp and it was kinda high, so I had to break out the medicine. She slept like crap and so we slept like crap and she was wide awake at 3:30 a.m. Since she didn’t eat dinner, she said she was hungry. I made her some instant oatmeal and she ate almost the whole bowl. I went back to bed around 5. She was sitting on the couch watching cartoons and daddy was with her. About 20 minutes later, as I was just dozing off, they came into the bedroom. He was helping her up onto the bed when I heard what no one wants to here at 5:20 in the morning. “She just puked on the bed.” I was wide awake then. He took her into the bathroom, and she didn’t quite make it to the toilet. He cleaned the floor up and the bed while I cleaned her up. Then we had to strip the bed because it soaked all the way through. Yeah. Just keeps getting better.
We got her to lie down about an hour later and she went back to sleep for awhile.

Needless to say, Wednesday and Thursday was not the greatest of days. But I told myself not to complain. Sure, no one likes to get sick, no one likes to feel miserable and have to take medicine that doesn’t seem to help. It’s especially worse when it’s a baby or young child. But, things could be far more worse. I see and read so much on the news and Facebook that most of the time I don’t even know why I read the stories. Sometimes I look at the headlines and say nope, can’t read it, and go on.

So instead of complaining about how life stinks cause I have missed a few hours of sleep, I am going to say what I am thankful for right now:
1. I am thankful for 2 great kids and a pretty terrific hubby.
2. I am thankful for having the money to buy my kids medicine when they get sick.
3. I am thankful that they have health insurance, if they have to go to the doctor.
4. I am thankful that what is wrong with them will subside in a couple of days. Oldest is already on the mend, even though she has laryngitis at the moment.
5. I am also thankful for a hubby that can clean up puke without gagging.

It may be a bit stressful at the moment, but doesn’t compare with what some people have to go through on a daily basis. 🙂

Oldest is driving me crazy. When we went to her doctors appointment last Tuesday, they said her vitamin D level was still low. I told the doctor that she can’t swallow the pills that were prescribed and could she change it to a liquid if it was available. Sure, she called in the prescription before we left. She also said that she didn’t want to put Oldest on medication for pre diabetes at this time, since she couldn’t swallow pills. Apparently the medication is a horse pill that I would have to hold her down and shove down her throat. The doctor told her diet and exercise and try to lose weight. She was actually down 1/2 a pound from the last appointment. Which she should have been more, because the scales at home show more. Since she showed she could lose weight, the doc said to keep trying. We have another appointment in September which should have been October. She told the girl 3 months, and I didn’t realize it till we got home that she did 2 months instead.

But back to why she is driving me crazy. It took the pharmacy 3 days to get the liquid Vitamin D in. Oldest was at the sleepover when I went to pick it up. Since she was sick and doing the throw up thing, she wasn’t able to take any until tonight.  She has to take 5 ml of it once a day. At first she said it tasted pretty good, then it like started burning her tongue and she gagged the rest down. OMG this girl. She yelled and said it was nasty and she wasn’t taking anymore of it and I couldn’t make her. I told her that she needed to learn to swallow a damn pill then. She yelled some more and I yelled louder and she left the room. It says on the box that I can mix it with formula, food or juice. Mind you it is for babies and toddlers. So it can’t taste that hideous. Tomorrow I am going to put it in a some milk and make her drink it. OR I am gonna make her go out into the sun and stand for an hour a day. I know she will want to take it then, because standing in 110 degree heat is not fun at all. 😉

Oldest went last Thursday for a 2 day sleep over. She came home Saturday with a sore throat and upset stomach. After asking her 20 questions like what did you eat and where all did you go, was anyone sick?, I let her get in the shower and go to her room to lie down. I made her some soup, but she couldn’t eat any of it. She ended up throwing up a little bit, mainly the blueberry bagel that she had ate that morning. She dozed off and about 30 minutes later, she came out and said she threw up on the floor. It was covered in blueberries. As I cleaned that mess up, she got cleaned up in the bathroom and seemed to feel better. She stayed in her room for the majority of the day. She said she kept feeling as if she was going to throw up. I, of course, start typing in symptoms at WebMD and any other site that may have popped up, and it gave a list from food poisoning to appendicitis. She did have a fever. The highest was 101.8. She kept getting chills then she would get really hot. She stayed bundled up in the blanket with no fan on her. I made her take the blanket off at one point and set up, after several minutes, I rechecked her temp. It had dropped down to 99. That made me feel better, but not her. She said her stomach didn’t hurt, but she just felt like she needed to throw up. Throughout the day, we got some crackers in her and some dry toast. She ate a couple of french fries from dinner and sipped on water. About 7, I ran out and got her some ginger ale. After she took a drink, she said she felt worse, then finally she threw up. Mainly liquid and still some dang blueberry from that morning. She felt alot better and got more talkative, even though her throat still hurt.

About 10, she came out of her room saying she still felt bad but was hungry. That’s a good sign. I made her a waffle, she ate most of it. Then she went back to her room and asked me to go with her. She kept moaning and groaning. Kept saying her stomach did not hurt, so we ruled out appendicitis, still leaning towards food poisoning. Maybe a 24 hour bug? She got up and walked around her room, took a drink of ginger ale and sat back down. I had given her the puke bucket the nurse gave Little L when she was sick. She was holding it on her lap and started gagging. Within minutes up came alot of liquid, a little solid. Poor kid. She finally got through and said she felt really good. Maybe this was the breaking point I thought. Hoping, with fingers crossed. She got cleaned up and went to bed. I took her temp again, it was normal. Said she was really sleepy and with no fan on she wrapped herself up in the blanket and was asleep in no time.

Hubby woke her up a little after 1 and checked her temp, it was back up, but she had been wrapped up for an hour. He asked her if she needed to eat, or drink. She just wanted to sleep. He left her alone and she slept really good all night. I woke her up around 8 a.m. She said her tummy was good, and she wanted to go back to sleep. I left her but at 8:30 she was up asking for food. YEAH! I made her some scrambled eggs and she ate almost all of them. She sat on the couch trying to play with Little L but still not feeling all that well. Her head hurt and her throat was still scratchy. She said one time she felt like she needed to throw up again, but it went away. Around 11 she ate some pizza bagels. She left 2, and kept the rest down.

She stayed in her room most of the day, since she didn’t want to get Little L sick. At times her tummy would feel nasty, but it would pass. Today, she has a stuffy nose and a little bit of a cough. But no more throwing up. It is too soon to be getting sick again. Hubby thinks she picked up something from going in swimming at her friends house. We both told her no sleep overs after school starts. Sorry, not going to go through that again this year. The bad part is, I feel like my throat is getting scratchy now. 😦

My Little Girl

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I was going through my old posts and came across this one that I never published. Since Oldest is starting back to school very shortly, I thought I would go ahead and share. Although the smelly armpits have subsided, I still feel the same way. Thanks for reading! 🙂

My oldest started middle school this year. Sixth grade already! Time does fly, that is for sure. I don’t want my little girl to grow up, but she is. She is at the age of pimples and smelly armpits, thinking boys are cute not weird.  She is so very tall, almost as tall as me. She doesn’t look like she is 10, but she has always looked older. When I look at her I get scared. Scared that one day we won’t be able to talk like we do, or be silly with each other. She is quiet and shy, but pretty smart and funny. She can also be down right stubborn. Sometimes I just wish she would listen instead of reacting first. I blame her dad, but really she gets that from me.

I took a picture of her last year, she was standing against a wall wearing a black spaghetti strap tank top and black shorts. When I went back later on and looked at that picture, I couldn’t believe how much she had grown. She didn’t look 9 at all. I had to ask, where did my little girl go? Where did those cute toothless grins disappear to?

I know I can’t stop her from getting older, I just hope she knows she will always be my little girl.

Today wasn’t half bad. We got a call from the eye doc yesterday that the new glasses were already in. Yeah! I wanted to go pick them up this morning, but it never happened. I had to run an errand with hubby instead. While we were gone, Oldest let Little L play in the tub. When they got out, L told her she had to pee. So Oldest put her new potty seat on the toilet and set her on it. She said it took her a few minutes and right when she said she was done, she started to go. Another Yeah! She knows when she has to pee, she usually holds her diaper and says UH OH or pee. But we never seem to get to the potty fast enough. I know she will learn soon. I am not going to push it. But I didn’t push it with Oldest and she wore diapers till she was 4. I know, I know.

We were then going to go get her glasses during nap time for L. But it was getting so late, I really didn’t want to trek out into the heat and then fight the beginning of rush hour traffic to get back to the house. We decided to go after dinner, since the eye clinic was open til 7, and L could go and it would be a little bit, (not much though), cooler.

Oldest also got her new school books today. Two big boxes full of wonderful things to read and learn. She said that she was actually looking forward to going back to school. This summer hasn’t been the most interesting, so she is ready to have something to do to consume her time. I told her she felt like this now, just wait. Come August 4, she will be complaining and crying. I know my girl!

Doesn't she look happy, putting all her books in her new book shelf.

Doesn’t she look happy, putting all her books in her new book shelf.

I made an early dinner and we headed out around 6. We picked up the glasses, which look really good on Oldest. She said “Wow” when she first put them on. And I think she actually likes the style too, even though she acted like a total brat when we picked them out. I wanted to say, “Told ya so!” But I didn’t. Mom actually kept her mouth shut this time. Another Yeah!

We then stopped by the park on the way back. We hadn’t been to the park for months. Since it got so hot so fast, I just haven’t felt like taking the kids then fighting with them to come home. The last time we went, L was running around like a crazed maniac, and it was pretty crowded. But she did really well this evening. She was actually listening to us and not just taking off. She was going down the big kid slides by herself. Climbing and running like the bigger toddlers that were there. She loved every minute of it. Then at the end, Oldest decided she was going to roll down the small hill that they have. She used to do this all the time at the park in Washington that we went to almost everyday. Atleast everyday that it wasn’t raining, it was a nice park though. She rolled down it and then when L got off of the swing and saw what she was doing, she joined in. She rolled down twice, got super dizzy, and that was way funny to watch. I got some really cute pics of them and several videos. It was finally a nice, stress free evening. 🙂

My Supergirl's

My Supergirl’s

New glasses!!!!

New glasses!!!!

Oldest finally got her pretzel from Target. We went yesterday, but this is the first chance to write it down, since I wanted to talk about Friday first.

We left out of here about 1:30, when Little L went down for her nap.
I felt bad for not taking her,  but it is even harder to walk out of the house when she is awake. We get into Target and get 2 pretzels, some nacho cheese dipping sauce and 1 large soda to share. Oldest was very happy and she joyfully munched and talked the whole time. We usually have a good time, when it is the two of us. We can joke and be silly. Afterwards, we decided to walk through Target for a bit. When we left there, since it is a strip mall, we went to the next store, then the next, then the next. Just window shopping and enjoying the day. She said it was officially mommy/daughter day. I told her to soak it up, because these chances are far and few. After we went into Michael’s, I told her I would do one more store. The next one in line was Pet Smart.

We went in and headed for the cages to see what all they had. We saw some snakes and lizards,  and a turtle, that I think was trying to escape. It was very sad. They had a few guinea pigs that were cute and some hamsters. We made our way through the whole store then back up to the fish tanks. I pointed out some really pretty colored ones and Oldest asked why she couldn’t have a fish. I told her I didn’t care, her dad always said no. Then she proceeded to tell me that she could set a tank on her dresser,  and she would feed it and take care of it. Again, I told her that dad always says no when I have brought it up in the past. We looked for a few minutes more, then she asks how much tanks are. We started loooking at them and she found the small fish bowls, which were not expensive at all. She told me she wanted to get one. I said talk to your father. Then the tables turned, she went from being nice to a spoiled brat in a matter of seconds. “Why can’t we buy it now? I want it and a fish.” I tried to talk to her, but she was making it really difficult.  I told her we had to go and headed for the door. I hate when she does this. She is usually pretty patient and says maybe for my birthday or Christmas, when she sees things that are either expensive or something I need to discuss with her dad.  But lately, it is give me this, get me that. She can turn a shopping trip into a I just want to finish and get the hell home trip in a matter of seconds.

On the way to the car, I tried to get talk to her. Not argue, just talk. I told her that I thought we were having a good day, but she made life difficult when she pulled stuff like this on me. I told her how I understood not getting what you want right then and there. But to act like a spoiled little kid in the middle of a store isn’t going to keep happening. I told her to grow up. She said “I’m only 11.” I said, “Then act like it.”  We made it to the car and drove home in silence. When we got here, she plopped down on the couch while I went to find L and daddy. They were in the bedroom, L had just woke up a bit earlier. I told him what had happened just to get it off my chest. He didn’t say much to her about it, just kinda let her think about her actions. She set across from us for awhile, then finally came over and apologized.  Hopefully what I had said to her is what made her do it, and our next outing is stress free. If it keeps going like this, I may never want to leave the house again.

Friday started out ok. Oldest had an eye appointment at 10 a.m. We were up and made it out of the house on time and even got in early at the office. Her prescription has changed dramatically. She had been saying that it was getting harder to see things far away again and she wears her glasses all the time. The doctor did say that it looked like she had done alot of growing over the year and that is the reason for the big change. Which made me feel better. Poor kid, she inherited my bad eyesight genes.

We went out to look at the new glass frames and she began trying some on. A few she liked, a few she didn’t. Then she found the big nerdy pair that was on top of the glasses display. She put them on and was immediately in love. I, on the other hand, was not. They were too big for her face. The lady that was helping us came over and she looked at them and then told her to hold on while she went to grab another pair that was similar that may fit better. They were the same style, but smaller. Oldest did not approve. She was set on the bigger frames. The lady told her that those didn’t fit her face and wasn’t sitting on the bridge of her nose correctly. She would be constantly pushing them up since they would slide, and she added, with her prescription the lenses were going to be on the thick side, which would make the frames heavy. She walked off for this to soak in, but Oldest has a very hard head. I kept repeating what we were told, but she wanted what she wanted. She finally gave in and said that she would get the other pair. But she wasn’t a happy camper about the whole thing. The lady put in the order for them and then told us that we were allowed one replacement pair and maybe in a couple of months we could come back and get those. That sounded great to me, although Oldest wasn’t listening. She is sooooo stubborn. We left and I knew that the rest of the morning was not going to be much fun.

I had to pick up some milk, so we walked over to the Walmart. (I love having everything in one place.) Oldest wouldn’t speak to me for some time. I was looking around and picking up a few extra things for the house and all she kept saying was “can we go?” Towards the end, her mood started to change, she finally started to talk and joke around with me.  Then she asked if we go could to Target and get a pretzel. Here we go again. Target is close to the house, but in the opposite direction that we were at. She thought it was no big deal to drop off the groceries and head back out just to buy her a pretzel. I said no, maybe this weekend. Once again her smile turned into a frown. I swear this kid sets us up for failure all the time.

Once we were home, she ran in and told daddy that I wouldn’t let her get the glasses that she wanted. I knew that was going to happen.  I told him what the lady said, and he agreed. If she was telling her not to get them, then don’t get them. Made perfect sense to us, and I know one day it will make sense to Oldest. I just hope that day comes soon. 🙂



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Sitting with Little L while she was eating breakfast this morning. She looks at me with the sweetest expression on her face. Then she says “Sorry” in her cute baby voice.
Me: “Sorry?”
L: “Uh huh” while shaking her head yes.
She hadn’t did anything to have to be sorry about.
Me: “Why are you saying sorry for?”
L: Shakes head yes again while saying “Sorry.”
Me: “Is that for all the things your going to get into today?”
L: Shakes head yes all while giving me that sweet little grin.
Me: “Well atleast your being honest.”

I have to admit, I am a little scared now.  🙂

We finally got the computer set up today that Oldest is supposed to be using to do her online school with. We have had it for 2 years, but it had to take a land line. No wireless…so aggravating. So it has set on her desk in her room for 2 years now waiting and waiting for me to get off my lazy arse and call the cable company to have them install a jack.

When we first moved in, hubby wanted a jack put in the dining room area, but the guy that came to hook us up said he didn’t have the time and to call the office. We put it off and just dealt with it. I called last year to have one installed, but the guy was trying to tell me that I needed a new router. I told him that we had one, we purchased when we lived in Nevada. He said I had to have a new one and it would be $70 extra every month. Hold the phone. I told him I would have to talk it over with my husband and hung the hell right up. He got me so confused I wouldn’t call back.

I know Oldest didn’t mind doing her school work in her room, but I also know she didn’t just do school work. She listened to music and watched videos. I would go to check on her and she would jump out of her skin sometimes. Silly kid. Now she will be out in the open working where everyone can see her. Everyone including Little L. That is going to be the problem. L loves the keyboard. We had to fight with her today just trying to get the darn thing hooked up, so I know it will be a fight for a good while to keep her off of sissy while she is trying to do work. I can hear and see it now! HELP

I told Oldest she could go to her room when she had to read or do book work, it isn’t all online, but math courses are mainly. So if I schedule math to be done when L takes her nap…UGH I will never get a break. 😦  I have to say that this is all daddy’s idea. NOT mine at all. I love having a computer in the dining room, though.  I am sitting at it right now, typing away. Much easier then writing on my tablet all the time. And faster too. 🙂


I have been trying to sell Little L’s crib on Craigslist. I have only had 2 people contact me about it. One was this passed Sunday. Which is rather funny in itself, but I will share that story later.

Anyway,  hubby and I were in the bedroom talking about the crib and how cray cray people are, when he, out of the blue, reached for my arm. Now I was not expecting him to do this, so I moved and he ended up smacking me right in the nose. Since, it came as such a shock, he retracted his hand quickly and at the same time, he poked me in my right eye. I immediately grabbed my nose and as always, my first instinct is to cry. I ran to the bed and plopped down, but thinking about what happened made me start to laugh. In the meantime, he is saying he is sorry but when he sees me laughing he starts to laugh.

Little L  made her way in after she heard the commotion, and was up on the bed trying to console me. Then oldest came in asking what happened. L was trying to tell her sissy about it,  when hubby decides to reenact it for her. He ends up smacking her right in the nose by accident. Luckily she had on her glasses so no eyes on her were harmed.  She lets out a “that hurts” squeal and starts holding her nose, while I was still laughing and L was rubbing my face saying, “owwie nose”.

And that’s my life…one crazy thing after another. 🙂