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I don’t usually watch sitcoms on t.v., this is due to the fact that my hubby doesn’t like them. I have learned over the past 17 years not to have a sitcom on if he is around or going to be soon. I will never hear the end of it, if I do. So, with this being said, I found a show recently, ok…a sitcom, that I kinda like and can somewhat relate to, because the family is plain whacked and it makes me laugh.

This morning, my lovely little girl wanted to go outside before I made breakfast. I have trying to get her out after we eat, because by 11a.m., the front of the house is engulfed in bright, hot, sunlight and we are pretty much stuck inside until late evening. She plays today for about 40 minutes, then I tell her we have to go in and make breakfast. I make her a waffle to keep her busy while I got the rest ready. After we are done, Little L wanted to taker her sippy cup with milk into the living room. I have had to stop giving her milk during the day since she can’t seem to handle it and it ends up all over the floor. Like the big, trusting dummy mommy I am, I let her take it. I was putting things away and trying to get the dog some food, when I happened to look into the living room and found her dancing in the puddle of milk she just poured onto the floor. I, of course, turned into crazy mom and started yelling at her to stop, but that didn’t even faze her. Nooooo, she drops to the floor and was trying to drink it up before I could get to her. I grabbed some towels and had to pull her off of it. While I am drying it up, the little brat the little sweetheart was still playing, trying to get as much fun out of it she could. By now, I was ranting like a true maniac. I actually said that she made me feel like a “full blown idiot at times.”  Yes that came out of my mouth to a 21 month old, with some other choice words that I would rather not repeat. She just gets me so riled up. Her and her sister! Which brings me back to the show I was talking about.

In Thursday’s episode, the kids were being major brats and blaming everything on the mom. Sound familiar? Does in my house. So she gets the idea of taping them to prove a point that there was too much yelling and back talking in the house. The only problem was as they were yelling, and she was video taping, she would get so mad at them that she would jump in and start yelling back, which put her in the video too. Once seeing this, she decides that she would stop nagging at them to do things. She would say it once, then they would do what she asked of them and BAM, no more yelling. Yea right, I wish it was that easy.  Now I know a 21 month old doesn’t fully get things the first time. Maybe not even the 10th or 20th time, but older kids should be able to follow a simple task like cleaning their room, or doing school work on time. But to them it is no big deal, it will get done when it gets done. And if you ask more then once, here comes the whining and the crying about being told to do said task. I think they like the fact that they yell and that can get you so crazed and upset that you tend to forget everything else and your head starts spinning and you have steam rolling out your ears. They enjoy this. They walk off in victory over the fact that they have made you so mad that you just want them out of your sight…UGH!

I didn’t get to finish the episode, because dear hubby came in for lunch at the same time I was watching. Luckily I was in the bedroom putting Little L down for her nap, so he didn’t see anything. 😛


Oldest and I were walking through the store the other day and passed some Easter things. In one bin they had the infamous Rubik’s Cube. Oldest seen it and this conversation took place:

Oldest:  Have you ever heard of the Rubik’s Cube?

Me:  Yes, I have.

Oldest: Cool. I would like to have one someday.

Me:  Yep, I had one when I was your age.

Oldest:  What? They have been around that long?

Me:  Yes they have been around that long! *Saying this in my most annoyed mom voice*

Man…kids sure make you feel old!


Fat Lip

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My little bruiser did it to me again.

Tonight, while we were cuddled up on the bed, she looking so sweet and innocent. We heard sissy come out of her room and start through the house. This is Little L’s cue to “hide”. She will hide under pillows, blankets, dive into corners or just pull you over on top of her so sissy has to find her when she comes into the room. It can be rather fun and quite entertaining. As sissy got closer to the room, L decided to raise up and then dove head first into my face. Her head smashing into my top lip. This makes the second time she has done this to me, first time, I had to hold an ice pack on my mouth for a long time, to keep it from swelling. I have to say that she really has a very hard head!!  I knew it was an accident, and I tried not to cry, but I admit, I am a big cry baby and I always, always, get hurt. I sat up when Oldest came into the room and she was asking me what was wrong. It was dark, but I had my head down in my hands trying hard to get over the pain silently. I finally got out what happened, and she told L that she needed to give mommy hugs and say sorry. I was looking up at this point, both of them on their knees in front of me. Oldest leaned in and gave me a kiss on the cheek and usually, Little L will follow suit and plant one on ya. But no, not this time. She raised her fist up above her head and WHAM right down on my face. What the Hell little girl?? I didn’t actually say it but I wanted to. I ran off into the bathroom to cry in private, and hubby was in there. He didn’t know what was going on, so I had to tell him and he went out of the room in a huff. I had gotten into an argument with Oldest earlier and although I didn’t cry, I was very sad, that she felt the way she did at that moment. So hubby was mad, and got onto both girls about why they find it funny to hurt mommy. I recovered from the blow to the lip, and went on out of the room. Luckily it was Little L’s bed time, so I shut the door, turned out the light and made her get on the bed. We never really “made up”, but she did snuggle up next too me as she fell asleep.

Flying Diapers

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There is nothing like being woke up by a diaper flying over your head.

Yep, that is how I was awakened this morning. Little L was up before 7:30, which is good since she went to bed before 9 the night before. I grabbed the remote and turned it to cartoons, hoping to lie back down and not think for several more minutes. I turned my back to her and covered my ears, because Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is pretty unbearable for me when I am wide awake, let alone first thing in the morning. You are too chipper there Mouse. Shut the $*&#@ up!

Little L didn’t like that my back was too her so I got a toe in the middle of my back. A toe that started digging and pushing and poking. I asked her to stop. I told her to stop. She finally got bored with it and stopped moving around. Awww…a few minutes of peace. I started to finally doze back off, when something woke me up. When I opened my eyes, I caught a blur of a diaper being tossed thrown over my head. I heard a giggle. I turned back over and there she was, with just her little t shirt on smiling from ear to ear. I grabbed the diaper to find that it was completely dry, so I was scrambling to get it back on her before the water works started flowing and I would be washing the bedding for half the day.

I got to hand it to her, she knew exactly how to get me out of the bed. 🙂

As I sit with my Little L, watching her cartoons. I take a look around at this mess I call a living room. The floor needs swept, the floor needs mopped, I just can’t seem to get on top. There are toys scattered everywhere, cheerios and cheetos under the chairs. The look I have is udder despair. Makes me want to pull out my hair.

The work I see that needs to be done, it just makes me want to take off at a dead fast run.

But then I turn and see my baby, dancing to the silly song that is playing. A smile comes across my face, then I realize there is no race.

Enjoy the mess, enjoy the fun, my little girl is number one!

(Who am I kidding…this mess is making me crazy.)




I think I am tired. Today, was a tiring day. Didn’t do much, but by dinner, I was ready for the day to be over. Little L ate part of her dinner then decided to rake the rest onto the floor. I spent a good part of my Saturday sweeping and mopping, so I took her plate away from her. That didn’t work, she still had enough crumbs on the table to add more to the floor. Then within 20 minutes of dinner being over with she wanted something else to eat. I gave her a cereal bar, she took one bite. Then she decided she was going to get into everything she wasn’t supposed to get into. She even grabbed a loaf a bread off the counter and gave it “hugs” as she ran around the living room. I just sat and watched. Sissy talked her into letting go of it, but the damage was done. I have one very smooshed loaf now. After that,  I threw her rump in the tub, sissy got in with her and they played for a little bit.

Come 8p.m. I was counting the seconds till bed time…


One hour and 6 minutes later, she was fast asleep.


Test… can you see me???

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This is a test. If I  post from my computer, it is not showing up in my Blogs I Follow area. I have checked my categories and it only showed up in one of them.
Is this or has it happened to anyone else. I had no problems till last night. My editor has changed too.


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It’s Friday, Friday…


Puppy Kisses

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Little L loves to give out kisses. She will run from daddy to me, to grandma to sissy, kissing each of us oh so sweetly on the cheek.

puppy kissesLittle L also loves to pretend she is a puppy. She will stick her tongue out and start making panting noises. Yesterday, she crawled up onto my lap, stuck out her tongue and took my hand and petted herself on her head with it. “Oh you are such a good puppy!” I said. She loves it when I do this. I then said, “Are you going to give me some puppy kisses?” She was quite ready to do so. I bent closer to her so she could lick my cheek. Nope, she didn’t want my cheek. She wanted my lips. One lick straight up. “Awww, you are a good puppy.” She licked me again. “OK, that’s enough, puppy.” I told her. Not for her. She licked me all over my chin and lips. It was rather funny. Here I am, trying to get her to stop and she is not giving up at all. I started yelling out help, while laughing so hard. By the time she was done, I was covered in “puppy drool.” I asked her if she was a bull dog, it was that bad. 🙂

On A Roll

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So far this week,  Hurricane L has…
1. Pulled a kitchen drawer out so hard and fast, that it hit the floor and broke into pieces.
2. Pulled a blind down on her head.
3. Tore the screen out of the new screen door daddy installed yesterday.
4. Made a hole in the living room wall from slamming the front door into it so hard.
5. Carried the dogs water bowl into the living room, then spilled it all.
6. Pulled her diaper off, pranced around the house. Then peed from one end of the room to the other before we could catch her.

That’s just how she rolls! 😉

So how is your Wednesday going?