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Turn Back Time

Posted: April 30, 2015 in blog, Daughter, kids, tweens
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Having a conversation with Oldest about her birthday. Which isn’t until October, but she likes to talk about it.

Oldest: Can’t believe I will be 12 on my Birthday!

Me: No you won’t.

Oldest: Yes I will. I am 11 now, then 12, then 13, then 14…

Me: Nope you will be 8 this year. I liked it when you were 8. You were nice.

Her dad walks in and hears us talking and says, “Let’s make it 7, 7 was a good age.”

Me: Ok, 7 it is.

Oldest: You can’t do that. I don’t want to be 7 or 8.

Me: Why not. You were nice and little still. You were mommy’s helper.

Oldest: *Getting mad at me now* I am going to be 12 and you can’t stop me.

*Oh dear one, I know I can’t. If I could, I would. I would turn it all around, in a heartbeat.*



A Good Day

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Today so far, has been a good day. The sun is up, the sky is blue and Little L woke up in a good mood. Now here in the desert, the sky is always blue and that sun is always shining, but that good mood part has been far and few.

L has been rather a Grumpy Greta, a Moody Mona, a Bratty Brenda you could say the past several days. Waking up demanding the t v on. Not being happy with the choices, then wanting food but not eating. Whining all day. Skipping her nap Tuesday, made for a long day, she tried to fight it yesterday, but I won. 

She has been playing this morning, laughing and being silly. Now she is happily watching Umi Zoomi and eating a grape popsicle.  Hoping this mood stays with her for awhile.

Happy Thursday everyone. 🙂


OK, right off the bat, let me just state, that I know we don’t have a perfect system, and there are many, many problems here, but I have been to places that are worse.  And I don’t know why things seem to get worse and worse, but they have. it is not just the government, or the police, or teachers not supposed to sleep with students, or with child molesters, or gang members or crooked cops or anybody. It is everybody! It seems like everyone out there seems to feel that they are entitled to do whatever the hell they want and screw the rules. People don’t follow the rules, they don’t behave civilized, they exploit, and manipulate and cheat.  What happened to being a good person?  What happened to acting right?  What happened to leaders leading by example, having trust in the police, and not having to worry about…

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See n Say

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There is nothing like your little one showing you love by throwing a See n Say at you and hitting you in the forehead.

Oh look at the pretty birdies. I hear them too. *Cheep cheep*


Tonight I had the joy of cleaning up puke from the kitchen sink. Yes, a wonderful job at 10:00 at night.  Oldest was gargling salt water and her daddy was talking to her when she started coughing.  He was telling her to spit the phlegm out and when she tried, up came dinner. All of it. In the sink. Chunks and all. Ok ok… I will stop with the description. You’re lucky though, I was so wanting to take a pic of it to share.

Oooh, I could have taken a pic and posted it on Facebook saying it was dinner. I wouldn’t have been lying. I really get tired of seeing people’s meals posted, because frankly, the food doesn’t look that good.

But back to Oldest. She was sick after her last sleepover. For two weeks, she was just feeling better down to a little cough. She went for another sleep over at the same kids house. Birthday and all and she really wanted to go. Guess what? Two days later, “mom my throat hurts.” It is never ending. I mean how many times do we have to be sick this spring? I have had enough. Don’t these people ever clean? Every time she goes, she comes back with the sickness.  Her dad and I have grounded her from sleep overs till atleast 2 weeks after school ends. Hopefully all the little germs will be wiped out and we can enjoy her summer break snot free.

And puke free, can’t forget about that. 😉

No Nap Tuesday

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I had one question for you Little L:

no nap

My reply was


I pray for strength and an early bed time. 😉


It was nearing the end of the school year, and everyone was excited about the field trip that was going to take place later in the week. Everyone except for L. She didn’t know how to roller skate and going to the roller rink with every kid in her class was not the funnest thing she could think of. She could have just skipped it, but she didn’t want to be left out. She told a couple of her friends that she didn’t know how to roller skate, they told her it would be ok. They would help her out. This made L feel much better about the whole thing.

On the morning of, her mom gave her 20 dollars, for food or a snack, since they were going to be there most of the afternoon. When they arrived at the rink, all the kids lined up, eager to get their skates. When it was L’s turn, she told the guy behind the counter what size she needed. She traded in her tennis shoes for a pair of ugly brown shoes with rollers on the bottom. They were way heavier then she thought they would be. She found a bench and was rushing to put them on, because all her friends were out on the rink all ready.

She waved at one, but they didn’t see her. She held onto the rail and ventured out on the hard floor. She did well, keeping her balance, but wouldn’t let go of that bar. Luckily it went all the way around. She worked and worked and made it half way. Not one time did one of her friends come to help or just hang out. Everyone past her with great ease and assurance. How could she be the only one that did not know how to skate? She made it all the way around and went to sit down. This was going to be a long afternoon.

One of the girls that she wasn’t friends with came over and started talking to her. L thought this was nice, finally, someone noticed that she was sitting by herself. They talked for a few minutes and L told the girl that she had some money for food and drinks if she would like to join her. The girl said yes. Then she told her to go find a table and she would be back with some food. L agreed and went to sit at a table in the food court. The girl had been gone for several minutes, but there was a line. L didn’t really take notice and was watching everyone have fun going round and round.

When L finally realized the girl hadn’t returned she started looking for her. She wasn’t in line anymore, so where could she be? Then she noticed that she was sitting with some people, at a table clear on the other side of the food court. L was confused. Did she forget about her? Did she just get suckered out of 20 bucks? L was very shy and did not want to confront the girl in front of everyone. She took off her skates and walked over to where the teachers were sitting. She told her teacher what had happened. Expecting her to get up and go get her money from her, all she said was, “I’ll handle it.” That was good for L, so she walked away and went and traded in her skates for her tennis shoes. All she could do now was watch the clock.

All afternoon, everyone had fun. Everyone laughed and played. L sat in loneliness. She should have stayed home after all.