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What a Day!

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This weekend went by so very fast.  My Little L drove me crazy a good part of the yesterday too. She went down for her nap around noon, which was fine. I was planning on getting on the laptop for a bit when my oldest comes in and says that the mouse stopped working. I sat down to take a look and it wasn’t the mouse, it was Firefox. I could open a page and start to do something and it would just freeze, but the pointer was still able to move around. In set the frustration and aggravation. This is not what I had planned for my only free time during the day. I kept trying different options and rebooting the darn thing, when in walked Little L, only 45 minutes after she laid down. UGH!!!! I took her in the kitchen and made her some lunch and she refused to eat, all the time crying and whining.  I ended up throwing out the food I made and fixed her some cereal. I got her to eat, but she was half distracted with the cartoon on the t.v. Whatever works, I thought! When she was done with that, I snuck off to use the laptop for what I wanted to do during her nap, burn some cd’s. I have tons of pics on here that I need to get on disc. While I was trying to get it going, I kept hearing her cry. Then I would hear daddy’s voice and she would go silent for awhile. He came in to get me not even 30 minutes into what I was in the middle of and said he wanted to run to the auto store and he wanted me to go too. We would take Little L and get her out of the house for a minute. I stopped, once again, and had to get some clothes on her. Which she didn’t give me much of a fight about. She knows the word bye bye and when I said it, she calmed right down.

When we got back home, she was in a much better mood. I was glad about that, but then she got down right crazy!  She started climbing on the coffee table. We kept telling her to get down, but she is very stubborn. It took several tries, but she finally stayed off. Then for the next hour or so, she played pretty good. At dinner time, I was trying to feed her, and once again, she wouldn’t eat but wanted what daddy had on his plate. He gave her a few bites and then she ate some of what I had.  After that, she decides that her diaper needed to go. I was trying to put away the leftovers, and telling her to stop, but she wasn’t listening, even though she was looking right at me. She took it off and started doing laps around the room. Before I could get to her, she peed right on the living room rug. Then peed in the kitchen, cause one place wasn’t enough for her!  My mom went to get a towel, but not for the pee, Little L had spilled some juice and she wanted to get it up before it dried. Meantime I stepped right in a small puddle and didn’t want to track it through the kitchen so I stopped and hollered for my husband. He came in laughing at the crazy mom trying to catch a naked baby. Then my mom goes to take the towel to the laundry room, I had to yell at her to bring it to me so I could mop up the pee puddles. Jeesh!  My hubby got the diaper on her, then she took it off again. Right in front of him, too. We both wrestled it back on and I put her on some shorts, so she couldn’t get to the diaper. I can definitely wait till she learns to take off the clothes by herself!!

Whew! We made it to bath time. Which soon after that comes bed time. I was most certainly ready for some quiet time…Little L had other plans. She stayed awake a whole extra hour. Me begging her the whole time, to close them eyes, girly. Give your poor mom a break. She finally gave in and I finally got some peace. The laptop started working just fine. Don’t know what that whole deal was about, but I could have lived without it.

I am very happy that Little L is so active and playful. She lights up my world when she smiles. I miss my oldest being that little. She was quieter though at that age. She didn’t start terrorizing me until around age 3. If I could cast a spell I would make her little again…but not little enough to wear diapers. 🙂

Tomorrow we are going on a field trip to the zoo. Can’t wait! Yeah!!