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Enjoying some quiet time, Little L has been sleeping for awhile. In walks hubby…

Hubby: She’s still sleeping?

Me: Yep, been like 2 hours.

Hubby: Have you checked on her?

Me: Yes… sis has been in and out of the room too.

Hubby: Maybe you should see if she’s breathing.

Me: My Lord, she is.  *sits for a minute, thinking, starts to worry*

I get up, go in bedroom. I move the pillow oh so slightly to see her face. She jumps awake. Sits up, looks at me like I’m the most evilest mother for disturbing her.

Me: I’m sorry baby, daddy made me.

She crawls away to the other side of the bed.

I hear the door open. It’s my hubby escaping.


I hear a faint “you’re welcome”, as the door shuts.