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3-Ring Circus

Posted: September 5, 2014 in family, funny, humor, kids, parenting, toddlers
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Most of the time, life around her feels like a 3-ring circus. I, of course, am the ringmaster, but really, I’m just the bearded lady in disguise!!

Getting through mealtime is a circus act in itself. Little L
is learning how to feed herself with a spoon. Here, I become a good juggler. Trying to keep the bowl and spoon from landing on the floor or more importantly, in my hair. Keeping the food from flying across the room with the greatest of ease is also another trick that I am mastering.

She plays the part of the strongest baby pretty well. She can get a firm grip on the spoon and will not let go. A wrestling match quickly ensues. I try not to give in, but she is quick and very stubborn. She will hold on with all her might!

Some times its all I can do to get little L’s attention and keep her focused. Especially if everyone is in the room at the same time. I have contemplated standing on my head or stringing up a tightrope, and do a crazy balancing act, while bending backwards. I think that might just do the trick.

Throughout the day, the oldest will emerge from her cave, usually looking for food. That’s when I become the lion tamer.  Throwing food her way until she transforms back into my sweet baby girl that I love.

When daddy comes in, the spotlight is on him, and so begins the chaos. Little L wanting him to pick her up, (like right now mister). Then the dog has to join in,  jumping all around. His size reminds me of a herd of elephants. You have to be careful or you will get trampled by his big feet.

At the end of our show day, when the lights go down and all is calm, there is no standing ovations for me. I clean up the mess that was left behind and drag my tired butt to bed.