2 Days till School Starts

Posted: August 1, 2015 in blog, kids, parenting, toddlers, tweens
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A bit of an update. The kids are still sick and there are 2 days left till school starts. Thank goodness for online school.

Oldest is on the mend. She had laryngitis but it is getting better. It was amusing to hear her squeak for a couple of days. (Usually I am the one that gets it. I have lost my voice for a week at a time before and had to go to work and answer phones.) She also has a cough, but it’s starting to fade away. Now for Little L, that kid has kept us up for 2 nights now. We were up bright and early today. 5 a.m. to be exact. She couldn’t sleep because of her nose, so no one else could sleep either. I was going to take her to the doctors, but they are in the process of moving and did not have office hours today. So the oncall nurse called me back about an hour later. I explained to her that L was very congested and not eating and not sleeping. She told me a couple of things and to just wait its course. 7 to 10 days. The norm, which I already knew. I went out and got her some saline spray and after her nap, gave her a dose. She did pretty well with it, the nose sucker thingy as we call it sends her into an uncontrollable fit. With crying, screaming, and flying kicks, we haven’t had much luck using it on her this time. I mean, I don’t blame her. Who wants something stuck up their nose, that pulls ick out and makes a scary noise at it pulls said ick out?

She had a good afternoon. She actually had an appetite. The nurse said not to force food just make sure she was getting plenty of liquids. So after 2 days, it was nice to see her ask for food and eat it. About 7, she got really sleepy but was fighting it. Then fought me over taking her motrin, and more nose spray. She finally gave up and fell asleep at 9. It’s now 10:15 and she has woken up 2 times. Both, she has gotten herself back to sleep.

So that is how the last week of summer break has went. Still not complaining, but I wish it had been more fun for both kids. Tuesday it is back to the grindstone.  Oldest still says she is looking forward to school starting. We will see what happens about that after the first week. 😉

  1. OneBusyMama says:

    Hope the kiddos feel better soon!!!

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