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Oldest decided she was tired of the blue hair. Yes, I know, already! I think I liked it more then she did. She wanted to change it to red. Red is not a favorite color of hubby so when she said it, I cringed. I took her up to Walgreens at the beginning of the week to look at what they had. She had picked out 2 different reds that were permanent hair color. I was standing in front of the Splat hair coloring when she came over to me. I didn’t want her to use a permanent color, and I was looking at her choices when she looked up and saw the Splat Fire Ombre kit. She was in love. It came with 2 colors, red ignite and hot ember. She had made up her mind, that was it. She and I both talked about it and decided that if it didn’t look good, she could just wash it more to get it out, unlike the permanent stuff.

She used the bleach the next day, but she missed some spots especially where it is super thick in the back. I wanted to help, but she wanted to do it on her own. She still had alot of blue back there, and wanted to do another bleaching. I told her no, had to draw the line. She finally got to color it this afternoon. Since she does a side part, she decided to do a different color on each side. Then when it was parted, it would overlap. The red ignite came out more a hot pink color but the hot ember came out just right.


The only bad part, the bottles were smaller then in the single color kits, and the hot ember wasn’t filled to the top. We ran out and she has some dark areas at the bottom. Looks good, but there should have been more on the bottle. I guess that is their way of getting you to buy more of their product. Come on Splat!

Anyways, she loves it and that is all that matters. I told her she had to keep this color more then 3 weeks though and then her dad told her this was it, no more. I hope she loves it as much as she said she does, looks like she is stuck with it for a long while.  🙂


A bit of a side post from my earlier story this morning. I was going to add it in, but I thought it might make it too long. So after thinking about it, and still finding it rather amusing,  I will now write it for your enjoyment.

After Oldest got her hair dye and we were at home, I got to thinking that it would be fun to try a color on my hair. Not put it all over but maybe just the tips or streaks. I have dyed mine since I was a teenager, usually blonde. It needs the roots done desperately right now, but they are gonna have to wait.  Hubby needed to go to Autozone and I tagged along. I told him what I wanted to do and he took me over to Walgreens which is in the same lot. They have quite a selection of the Splat hair dye, so it was hard to pick which one I might want to try. Did I want pink or aqua or oooh purple?? I picked up the pink, then put it back. I was about to just walk away, when I turned back and said what the hell and grabbed one called Berry Blast. I got to the checkout and the girl says, “Gonna go home and color your hair?” “Well, maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow. Might just end up returning it, I don’t know yet.” She gave me a confused look. So being the rambling mom that I have become, I had to keep going. “My daughter is going to dye her hair blue, so I thought it would be fun to do a color also.” She smiled at me. But I didn’t stop there. Nope, I  continued on…”But our luck, she will turn into a smurf and I will be a big ole berry.” With that comment I knew I needed to shut the hell up. I laughed like I always do and started to walk away. The girl, I know did not know how to respond. She did manage to squeak out have a good day as I was walking away. I practically ran from the store.

I told Oldest about the conversation. She could not believe it and was so glad she stayed home. She was like “Oh my gosh, mom! Why do you do that?” “Do what?” I asked sheepishly.  “Go on and on, it’s so embarrassing.” “That girl was glad you left.” 

I haven’t opened the box as of yet.  Stay tuned to the next episode of To Dye or not to Dye and see if I break down and return it or go ahead and take the berry plunge…  🙂

Oldest had been wanting to dye her hair a wild and crazy color for awhile. I told her that she could after school let out. Which was last Friday.  She asked her dad if she could have some money to get the dye. He said he would give it to her and she could do any color she wanted, only if she went 6, yes 6! months without makeup. Wow! Is all I could say. She hadn’t been wearing makeup like she used too, but she still liked to play with it. She thought about it for a couple of days,  then said ok she would do it. She had also been planning the color that she wanted. She decided on using Splat! Emerald green. She had wanted to do mutiple colors but I told her it could only be one color. I took her to Walmart on Wednesday.  The only color they had on the shelf was Blue Envy. I told her that we could stop by Walgreens on the way home to see if they had the Emerald green. She said blue was good, that she would just do that.

She wanted to do it that evening, she was very excited and hyper and driving me up the wall. Later I kept having to tell her. So after dinner we snuck off to the bathroom. First we had to do the bleach/peroxide. It said for her hair color to leave it on atleast 50 minutes, no more then 60. Okey dokey. Then it said afterwards to shampoo out, and it had to be completely dry before putting on the color. So I had to talk her into waiting till morning to finish. She didn’t want to, but her hair is pretty thick in the back, even though it is short. It took 2 bottles of the bleach to cover her hair. After the 50 minutes was up she jumped in the shower. It didn’t lighten up to an even pale blonde all over. The front and top were pretty light but the back came out darker and then we seen that we had apparently missed a few spots. Crap.  

We thought about buying more bleach and trying it again, but then after thinking about it and not wanting to damage her hair, I told her that we should just go with the blue and not worry about it. The instructions said that the color will be darker and not as vibrant but with the different strands it should look ok. She agreed, so after breakfast, Thursday morning we started. All I can say is Oh My God. What a freaking mess!!! It is no lie when it says it will stain everything you touch. And it gets everywhere you don’t touch. We got it on her head and waited the hour it said. I wanted to wash it out in the sink but she wanted to do it herself in the shower. “Don’t make a mess.” I believe was my last words to her. I went in a few minutes later to check on her. She had the whole shower covered in blue and it was streaming down her. It looked like a scene out of Phsyco. But this time Norman killed a Smurf instead.    Lord please help me now. I am gonna choke my daughter. Finally after several minutes of rinsing and me losing it, the shit color started to subside. The instructions said to rinse until water ran clear. Sorry you were wrong. There was no running clear. She got it rinsed best she could and shampooed, rinsed again, washed the shower out, then she put her hair in a towel and had to finish washing it off her body.

Well it turned out pretty good. We missed a few places around her scalp. I really don’t know how, but after it dried, we could tell if she parted her hair a certain way. We have more dye left, so we are going to fix those areas this weekend before she washes it again. The sucky part is, it only last 6 weeks. It washes out pretty easily. As it washes out it will go back to the bleach blonde look, which she said was cool with her. Then I said, “And you can also do a different color if you want.” Why oh why did I say that? But in my defense, I said that before the shower. 😉