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Little L has been on a Youtube watching spree. No, she isn’t watching Taylor Swift or Megan Trainor. She has fallen in love with all the learning kid videos. We happened upon them by accident one night, after she watched an episode of Blaze. It went into a show all about colors. She got so involved that she was saying all the colors with the voice on the show. The next day she wanted more. We found Simple  Silly Songs and it is nursery rhymes and/or learning songs all animated. One day she came across the Mother Goose Club. It has kids dressed in costumes and they do mostly nursery rhymes. Alot of repeats on this one though.  Now she likes videos by Kids TV. The animations are pretty good, bright colors and they go back and forth between learning and nursery rhymes. Their are a couple that get on my nerves that she will tell me to turn on and after a little bit I have to turn them right back off.

I was thinking this evening as we were watching one of the videos how many different versions there are of Five Little Monkeys. I have seen of course the traditional one, then there are Five Little Frogs, Five Little Pigs, Five Little Ducks, Five Little Penguins, Five Little Snowmen, Five Little babies,  and Five Little Fruits. I am sure I am missing a few. But the one that actually made me laugh, was called Five Old Grannies. And yes, they were all jumping on a bed. They would fall off one by one, and the baby had to call the doctor. My husband and I always say the same thing when the doctor says to put the monkeys, or babies, or even old grannies back to bed, that they could have a concussion and should wait atleast an hour. Come on Doc!

Little L makes a face when they fall off, and if they get a bump on the top of their heads, she says they have a boo boo and gets sad over the whole thing. I tell her that is why mama and dadda doesn’t want her running around on the bed, which she loves so much and scares the hell out of me, and is going to make my hair go gray for sure.

I used to be a somewhat cool person, atleast in my head. Now I walk around singing Itsy Bitsy Spider and Wheels on the Bus all day long. You have to admit, those tunes can be catchy! 🙂

My Oldest is obsessed with makeup. OBSESSED I say! She says she wants to go to beauty school when she gets old enough. I don’t see anything wrong with it. I tell her maybe she could become a makeup artist to the stars. She liked that idea.



But the one thing that drives me absolutely nuts with her is that she is constantly talking about eyebrows. Her eyebrows, my eyebrows, her dad’s eyebrows. She has watched too many makeup tutorials on Youtube with all these girls saying you have to have weirdly thick looking eyebrows. Atleast they look weird to me. She is all the time making hers look super thick.

Me: What’s up with your eyebrows?

Oldest: Nothing.

Me: They look weird, they are all dark.

Oldest: They are always like that.

Me: No they are not. Go wash it off.

*She slowly slinks to the bathroom.*

eyebrows 2

She loves to do the makeup challenges and post them on her Youtube account. I have even let her do some to me. My favorite was the blind makeup challenge. You blindfold yourself then try to make the other victim person look pretty. Then there was the one that you had to make your self look bad. She must have had on a pound of makeup, so I think she succeeded.

eyebrows 3I never liked makeup myself. I tried to wear it, but I just didn’t feel like me. I always felt like a clown when I did.

eyebrows 5

So these are for you, my girl, who thinks she needs makeup to be beautiful. (I thought they were hilarious, hope you do too.)

eyebrows 1    eyebrows 6 eyebrows 7

eyebrows 8

eyebrows 9

eyebrow 4