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On the eve of Little L’s second birthday, and while passing the time as her cake bakes in the oven, I just wanted to write about all the words she knows before actually turning 2. What got me thinking of this was that Oldest did not say alot before she turned 2. I used to ask her all the time when was she going to start talking.  Now, I can’t get her to be quiet, but it’s all good! 🙂

So here are a few words that she can say and has been saying for awhile. *clears throat*
Momma, Dadda, Sissy, Gush (what she calls her grandma, I have no idea where she got it), Poppo, (the dog, Appollo), hi, hey, guys, ball, shoe, sock, all her body parts, outside, on, off, light, dark, bathroom, sleep, tuck, (which can either be truck or stuck), duck, fish, horsie, dog, mow (for cat),  fall, showie (shower), wawie (water), paci, cari (short for her little buddy she carries around which is a stuffed carrot.), eat, and of course milka (milk). I know that there are more that I am forgetting.

She started learning her colors and can say everyone of them, but if you ask her what the color of an object is she will always say Orange. But it is so cute how she says it, she kinda squishes it together and it sounds like she is from Louisiana.  I think orange is her favorite color too. Her buddy, Carrot, is orange and she loves orange popsicles.

She can also say numbers 1, 2 5, and 8. And a few of her letters. We were working on her saying that she was 2 years old earlier today. She says, “Hey guys, I 2!”  🙂

*This is also my 200th blog post! Can you believe it? Thank you all for reading! 😉 *

Little L, you are growing up so fast. It is hard to believe you will be 2 in a little over a month. Time truly does fly! Oldest and I were talking about it just today. How much you have learned and how much you do. You are like the energizer bunny rabbit for sure. Keeps going and going. Oldest misses your cuddles on the couch in the mornings. Now you will lie beside her for just a few minutes if that much, then you are up and running. No stopping you. L, your vocabulary has gotten so much better also. You have picked up several new words just over the past week, and your little voice is so sweet. While sitting at the dinner table today, you said, “Hi Momma.” “Hi Dadda.” pausing just enough to let us say hi back. You have known those words for awhile now, but to hear you say them, just melts my heart. You also broke out into a dance and singing. The words we could make out really well were Me, Myself and Me. We all laughed and you thought that was just wonderful. You are putting words together to make sentences, too. Just the other day, after coming home from shopping, you ran up to your Grandma and said, “I go bye bye.”  You understand so much. I just can’t get over it and I want to brag about how smart you are to everyone I see.   🙂