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Another Crap Toy

Posted: February 18, 2016 in Christmas, kids, tweens, Uncategorized
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One of the presents I got for Oldest for Christmas was a Minecraft Lego set. Oldest loves her some Minecraft and I thought it was a great gift. About a week after I threw out the receipt, she informs me that the set was missing pieces. She said she counted them and there were several missing including the feet to the two creepers that came with it. I had her put it aside so I could remember to take it back to the store to get another one.

We finally made it out of the house yesterday, with it in tow. We get to the customer service area and the lady said they the store was getting strict about returning lego sets for money. Apparently people were trying to return sets that were 60 dollars or more. I thought this was rather funny and wondered how the heck were they getting them out of the store? I mean, the expensive sets are pretty big boxes. This one was under 20 and a pretty small box, but I know I didn’t steal it. She asked a manager if she could return it and she said I could exchange it out for another item for the same price or more. That was fine, Oldest was wanting to get something anyways. Over to the toy section we headed. She looked at the Lego sets, they had the one we just returned, but then she headed down another isle. I caught up with her  and she was looking at one of those big guns that shoot darts. It was the same price but it was so big, compared to the little Lego set. She wanted it so I gave in and let her get it. We headed back to the return desk and I asked the lady if it was alright and she said yes it was fine.

When we got home, she and her dad went to prying it out of the box and he helped her put the darts in and he went to shoot it and it jammed right off. He messed with it for a bit and got it to work. Then it jammed again. Once more he had to fix it and it worked. But every time Oldest tried to shoot it, it would jam. Another crap toy. Oldest was bummed and left it lying on the table. I told her we could return it, just not today.


Was it a smart idea for me to take my 2 year old with me to do some more Christmas shopping yesterday? No it wasn’t, but both girls wanted to go with my mom and I up to Walmart. I had to pick up a present for Oldest that I had ordered Friday night and it was already in the store. I just needed to drag my hiney up there and get it. I let on that it was for Little L, and told Oldest to keep her busy while I stood in line to get it. That worked pretty well, until Oldest wanted to see what I got her, then I had to tell her to keep out.

My mom wanted to look for Little L something else, of course, so in the toy section we were for a very long time. L was playing with everything she could get her hands on. She was good, so can’t complain. But a couple of things that we put in the cart, we had to take back out then put them in when she wasn’t looking.  I know she was eyeballing a Rubble from Paw Patrol that was on the belt when we were checking out. She was very tired by that time and didn’t ask for him, but I know she seen him.  Mom also wanted L to pick out a toy for Apollo the dog. She did. She picked out several toys. We put them all back besides one that L was not letting go of. I almost forgot to pay for it, she was holding on to it so tightly.

I have seemed to have miscalculated the gifts and have bought Little L half of what I have gotten Oldest. My mom said that that wasn’t right. I told her that L won’t remember her 2nd Christmas, but Oldest will. Plus, I think things that Oldest wanted was way cheaper then what they have out for the younger kids these days.

Thanks for reading! 🙂

Add to Cart

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I love Cyber Monday. It is like way intense sometimes. You sit at your computer wondering through page after page of toys and gifts and when you finally see the item you want all it is is a click on the button Add to cart.

That button and I have become friends today.

I never go out on Black Friday to shop. I am not a lunatic or someone that wants pepper sprayed in the face over a gaming system. I usually do most of my shopping online. Last year, I had started before Thanksgiving. I ordered a bunch from Walmart and picked it up the next day in the store. I think I even wrote a post about it too. This year I was feeling behind. I kept telling myself, “Self, you have time, don’t worry about it.” But then I started to feel a bit overwhelmed. I mean, people already have their tree and decorations up and they are finished shopping, “Did it all in one night” kept echoing in my head.  “What am I thinking,” I thought.  “I need to shop and I need to shop now!”  So I started browsing on the internet. I knew a couple of things that I wanted to get so that was easy. Just had to find who had it the cheapest. And funny thing is, Walmart is not the cheapest this year. I put a few things in the cart, but after it set for a day or two, things started going off. Out of stock. I really hate those words. My mom wanted to go shopping yesterday, so I took her out to Walmart and she picked up several things and I actually found 1 of the things I put in the cart for Oldest in the store. Score! Then last night I decided to check out Targets website. They had the one big thing that I want for Little L and at half price. Walmart didn’t have it in the store at all. Another score!

I waited patiently through the night, luckily The Walking Dead distracted me enough, for Cyber Monday to get here. Target had most everything an extra 15% off. Play all day Elmo was mine at a cool 31 dollars. Then I had to go run some errands with hubby and he stopped and got him and the kids a new pair of shoes. When we got home, back to Cyber Monday I went.

There were so many people on the the website that when I found something I liked, there was a popup that read, there is a line for this item, stay on the page and try putting it in your cart again. Game was on. I was trying to get something for Oldest, I must have pushed that button 10 times, before it finally went. Victory was mine. I got so excited I finished the transaction without even seeing if there was anything else I wanted to get. Ok, calm down Lesa, breathe. I went back in and started looking some more. Ah ha, Daniel Tiger, L loves her some Daniel Tiger. Then the dreaded there is a line for this item blah blah blah popped up. Oh no, I am getting this! I stayed right on that button and within 5 minutes it went. The next item went in right away. Alright, one more thing and I am done, I thought. This one was the test. It took 15 minutes and clicking that add to cart button I don’t know how many times, but I did it!

100 dollars later and a minimal amount of aggravation and a good bit of my shopping is done. Only one item has to be delivered and the rest I can pick up at the store. Yeah me! 🙂

I made it down to the donation center last Saturday morning, to finally get rid off all the stuff I cleaned out of the garage.  I was definitely off schedule and my hubby was not happy with me about dragging my feet going, but to my defense I was sick that first weekend and didn’t want to deal with it. I got him to load everything up Friday night and promised to take it. I had around 7 boxes and crates full plus an old t.v. and dvd player that still worked, just we don’t use them anymore.

Thursday we had to run an errand and we ended up in the parking lot of the donation place. I asked hubby if we could go in and look around. He doesn’t like shopping unless it is his idea. At first he was like no, then it was fine I will wait in the truck. I took the girls and went inside. We were going through the Halloween items looking for a mask and a bag to go with what Oldest had decided to be. Then we wondered down an isle and ended up in the toy section. Which is L’s favorite place. I let her look and she didn’t know where to start. The kid acts like she has no toys at home. I know she does, cause I trip over them every time I walk through the house. She started playing with this little train that actually had batteries in it and rolled around on the floor. She was sold.  I told Oldest that we made a mistake heading for the toys first. We are never going to get out. Luckily a few minutes later, hubby came walking down the isle. Yes, now we could move and he and L could stay in the toy section. Oldest and I wondered around, never found a bag, but did find a mask. Then we went into the kid clothes and I found 2 pair of pants that would fit L. I asked Oldest if she wanted to look at stuff in her size, she said that it felt weird to look at clothes that other people have worn. I told her it was no big deal, just wash it before you wear it. I mean what do you do with good clothes that you don’t want anymore? She never looked for her anything, but I found me a Halloween shirt that still had the original tag on it. We made it back to the toys and hubby was trying to get L to come with us and look at other things. She did reluctantly, but she had 2 trucks and the toy train. We went into the housewares and Oldest found her a huge white pillowcase for her bag and it was only 99 cents! We wondered around a little while longer and we decided it was time to go. While heading up to the checkouts, I seen something that looked familiar. It was an old jewelry box that I had just donated. “OMG” I said, “here is something I donated.”  I had put a piece of tape on it a long time ago to hold the box shut while it was packed up. I had some odds and ends in it and when I decided to give it up, I threw the stuff in it away and never took the tape off. It still had it on it. I thought that was strange that they left it and put it on the shelf. I almost took it off, but I didn’t. Wasn’t mine anymore. I did look at the price and it was $2.99. Wow, I would have said 50 cent in a yard sale. But the store works with Big Brother Big Sister, so I think it was a good place to donate.

We made our way to the checkout and 20 bucks later and a store card, we left. We were lucky, we went in on a day where everything with an orange tag was 50% off. The card gave me an extra 25% off the blue tag items. I think we did fairly well on all that we bought and I will go back. Especially around Christmas time to see what goodies that have. 🙂




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Toys toys everywhere,
Toys toys on the stairs.

Toys toys behind the door,
Toys toys oh look there’s more.

Toys toys I pick you up,
Toys toys one more duck.

Toys toys under the bed,
Toys toys shaking my head

Toys toys will this ever stop?
Toys toys will I make it to the top?

“Toys toys” my little one cries,
Toys toys “ok mommy will buy.”