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This was written last year around this time, and for the life of me I do not know why I didn’t post it. Read on…

My Oldest has always believed in Santa. She also believes that a fairy comes into her room and leaves money for her teeth, and that their is a big furry rabbit that scampers about at Easter, hiding eggs all about the house. You may think that she is too old for this. I might say I agree…atleast about the fairy and rabbit. But without believing in them, it may be hard for her to believe that there really is a Santa Claus. While we were painting on our crafts, she got to talking about Santa. “Mommy, some say that there really is no Santa Claus. Is that true?” I kept painting and said, “Well, they must not believe in him. If you believe, then he is real.” She was quiet for a moment then said, “OK, pinky swear that he is real.” We wrapped our pinkies together and I said, “As long as you believe honey, then there is a Santa.” She was quite happy with that and went back to her painting.

My hubby and my mom have both said that she knows that he isn’t real. I told them they are wrong. 1. Why would she bother to write a letter. 2. See above conversation.

She will catch on sooner or later. Maybe there is a tiny part of her that knows, deep down, that there isn’t a big guy in a red suit coming into your house and leaving those wonderful, expensive presents behind. But for right now, I am happy that she still wants to believe in him, ya know. And hopefully when that day comes, she won’t ruin it for her little sister, who is just finding out about this magical, wonderful time of year. 🙂

Things have changed this year. Oldest did figure it out. I am rather relieved that she did. It was getting harder and harder to keep up the charade now that she is getting older. Now she can help me play Santa for her sister and so far, she is really enjoying it.

5 Dollars

Posted: December 3, 2014 in Daughter, funny, kids, tween
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Conversation with Oldest…

Oldest: I can go Chistmas shopping now, I got 5 dollars.
Me: You got 5 dollars? When?
Oldest: I lost another tooth today after you left.
Me: Oh, and you already have 5 dollars for it?
Oldest: Well no, not till tonight.
Me: 5 dollars isn’t going to buy much.
Oldest: Yea, I know, but it’s a start.
Me: *Walks away shaking head*

Damn tooth fairy…good thing I still have a 5 in my wallet.

Back in June, took the oldest to the dentist. All was good, no cavities, I might ad. He did say that she would be losing 3 molars very soon. Well the third one finally came out night before last. I have to say she has been keeping me the tooth fairy quite busy.  Now everyone starts out getting like a quarter from the good ole tooth fairy, then they move up to a dollar. The older they get the wage goes up for them pearly whites. She had lost a few other baby teeth and never said a word about leaving them under her pillow, so when she lost the first of the three molars, I totally was not thinking she would remember.

The first night she didn’t tell me. I guess she wanted it to be a surprise. Oh it was a surprise. The next morning she was bummed because she didn’t get a visit, but hopeful that she would come that night. Well, I have to say, the tooth fairy had fallen asleep early and since she is getting up in years, just doesn’t remember things like she used to. Like they say third time is a charm. Third night, I snuck into her room and all I had was a 5 dollar bill in my purse. I thought ok, that would make up for missing the first 2 nights. Then a few weeks later out popped the second molar. Again, she didn’t say anything to me about putting it under her pillow, even though I should have asked. I went to bed before she did, cause it was a weekend night and she gets to stay up one night late. So my hubby comes in about an hour after I went to snoozeville and woke me up asking how much should he put under her pillow. She had told him after I went to bed that she was once again expecting the tooth fairy to make her way to her room. I told him I left her 5 bucks, cause that is all I had. He was like “5 bucks?!” ” I don’t know if I have that.” He looked and luckily he did. Daddy played tooth fairy that night and I had a very happy girl the next morning.


Now that third molar finally made its way out, and once again, I the good fairy forgot to make her appearance. She tells me the next day that she didn’t visit and that she even left the tooth out on her desk so she could find it.  I was so disappointed in myself. I let her down. So that night, sure enough I had another 5 dollars in my purse and I gave it to my hubby to put in her room when he went to turn her t.v. off when he came to bed. Oldest didn’t say anything the next morning about it. I went into her room to help with school work and saw the money on her desk. I asked where did that come from, she said “Oh the tooth fairy!” “But it was weird, I found the money on the floor over here and the tooth on the other side on the floor.” “Well that is strange,” I said. “Crazy old tooth fairy!” I asked hubby what happened and he said that he folded it up and stood it on one end on the table with the tooth on top of the bill. The ceiling fan must have caught it and sent everything flying.  “At least she showed.” I said.  I thought she was done for awhile loosing teeth, but she now informs me that she has another molar that is loose. This growing up business is sure making me broke… 🙂