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Letter to my baby, Little L.

Little L, you can be so sweet sometimes. You have the cutest little smile. You can give the most loveable kisses and precious hugs….and then wham…up side the head you will lay one on a poor unsuspecting person. You just did this to your sister yesterday. You two were playing together and all of a sudden you got in a lovey dovey mood. You kissed sissy on the cheek and we all said awww! Then you kissed her on her lip, another awww moment. Third kiss was on her chin. Sissy was sooooo happy that you were giving her all these kisses, then suddenly WHAM! You, my sweet little L smacked your sissy upside the head. Luckily missing her glasses in the process. Oldest didn’t know what to do, other then throw her hands up to protect herself. I yelled at my little monster girl to stop. You just turned around and gave me the most innocent smile and then laughed. I think you were even trying to roll your eyes at me.  Hubby says you are going to be the tom boy of the family. You, my sweet little L, are the rough and tumble girl. You will come at us full force at times. If the mood hits, it is like you are saying Game On!