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My 1o, soon to be 11 year old already has body issues. It drives me crazy. Today, we were getting ready to run up to the store to return a pair of shorts she had bought 2 days ago. She was getting dressed and had on a nice tank top. All of a sudden she goes back into the closet and comes out with a regular t shirt on. I asked what happened to the tank? She said the arm fat was too much so she changed. “What arm fat?” “That’s skin.”  I tell her.  “It’s hard to explain, I don’t know what to actually call the area but its shows when I wear tank tops,” she said. I tell her that she is so young, that her body will change and is changing and give it some time. I also tell her that no one will pay any attention to whatever she feels that is wrong. She wouldn’t have any thing to do with that and wouldn’t change out of the t shirt.

I bought her a pair of really cute pink shorts a few weeks ago, when everything went on clearance. She had been begging for jean shorts the whole summer, when we found these, they were marked down to 5 dollars, so we got them. They were just what she wanted…now she won’t wear them. The day we went to the zoo, she wore those shorts. She was looking so cute, then she sat in something. Something that I think had to of been chocolate. It was a small spot but noticeable on those bright pink shorts. It was right on the butt cheek, of course. When I told her to let me see if I could get it off, her dad kept making fun and saying she pooped or she sat in poop. So here I am out in broad daylight, with a baby wipe, trying to rub this brown spot off my daughters behind. She got so embarrassed, she kept telling her dad to quit saying those things, (he doesn’t know when to stop sometimes) and yelled at me to leave her alone. Her dad and I decided to go off and look at a few animals so she would get over being embarrassed and when we came back she had on her sweats she had worn earlier over top of them. I scrubbed on them damn shorts for atleast an hour the next day. It still wouldn’t all come out, and now there is a lovely white area surrounding the original dark spot. Would of been cool if there was other bleached spots on the shorts but no. So now, she refuses to wear the shorts. Even around the house, because of it. I tell her over and over that no one will notice, it’s just us. No big deal. Nope, she said those shorts were dead to her. *Rest in peace pink shorts. Rest in peace.*


The shorts that we were returning were bought to replace the the above mentioned shorts. This pair was also bright pink, but had a skull and cross bones on the front leg. She loved them, but didn’t try them on before buying. When she did try them they were too tight in the legs. These shorts were knit, how can knit be too tight. They had a very tight hem at the bottom. When she sat down to show me, she said now my legs look really fat. I just wanted to scream, OMG your not fat girl. I can tell you straight up about fat, You are not! My hubby told her to wear them and they might stretch out. She wouldn’t do it, so once again, she wanted nothing to do with them after that.

I am definitely not up on the tween styles of today. I was never one to run out and buy whatever style was “in” at the time, when I was her age. One of the styles in is crop tops.  I wore crop tops, but I was 16. My kid loves them…but won’t wear them. Now this I really don’t mind, because I think she is too young to be wearing something that shows too much skin. But her reason is that she says she has a tummy. It’s just a little pooch, nothing to worry about. She is pretty tall for her age. I try to get her to understand it’s only baby fat baby. The taller you get, it will disappear. “When?” she asks. “Well I don’t know, but it will.” I tell her trying to reassure her.  She doesn’t believe me, I can tell. She sees all these girls on disney and nick that have flat tummy’s and she doesn’t understand why she doesn’t have one. I want to help her realize that she is just as pretty as they are. No matter what! Then today we seen a girl in the dollar tree, she looked to be about the same age. She had on a tank underneath a crop top. She had more of a pooch then my girl does. But the way she was wearing the outfit looked pretty good. When we got home, I asked her if she had paid attention to that girl and she said yes, and maybe she would try that next spring. God only knows what will be the “in” style next year. Frankly I am a little bit afraid to find out!

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