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It is all ready the 6th of April and I haven’t done a single post. Been busy here and there and honestly, just haven’t felt good. Sunday and Monday were the worst. I think I have a stomach bug or something in that nature. Today it is feeling better and I hope going away.

Oldest is on her second day of state required testing for school. Luckily, we are at the same location as last year. I am sitting outside, at the bottom of the parking lot under the only tree that is giving off enough shade to be comfortable. Very happy that we got morning testing this year. It’s going to be in the high 90’s today. Last year we had afternoon testing but I don’t remember it being this hot this soon.

We bought Little L her very own potty chair last week. Several months ago, we ended up with a potty seat that you have to put on the toilet and pick them up to sit on it. I didn’t want the seat, but other people know more then I, and that is what we got. Which would have been just fine if you didn’t have a back that doesn’t like to work first thing in the mornings. So it didn’t get used that much as time went on. But the chair is working out great. She doesn’t remember all the time, but she will get it eventually.

One more hour to go…

Thanks for reading! 🙂

Today is the first day of state testing for Oldest. I am sitting in our van outside the University of Phoenix. Parents can’t stay inside, it has to be off site or in their cars. It’s pretty warm today. I hope she gets done fairly quickly. Momma is going to be a hot mess when 2:30 rolls around.

I am pretty much alone, all the other parents have left. There is a Circle K across the street may have to venture over there for something to snack on.

Sitting here reminds me of Oldest having to do her test 2 years ago. We had just moved to Arizona from Nevada. Her teacher said that we could stay with Nevada as long as we made it to one of the testing sites. We chose the closest one to the border which was in Laughlin.  We made plans to make it a mini vacation, since I was 7 months pregnant, we knew it would be the last trip for awhile. We borded the dog, rented a car, and booked a room. It was a lot of fun. First night we stayed at a casino but we really didn’t like it, the next 2 nights we found this lovely inn that had a view of the Colorado River, over in Bull Head City. Her test was at the Laughlin Library. We sat out in the car and waited on her. I was addicted to Candy Crush at that time, so it kept me busy. She was always the first one done, which worried me, but afterwards we went and saw the sites. Found a park and played in the river. Brought home a ton of rocks that for some reason were so neat that we had to have them. Just had a wonderful time.

Well I have been out here for about an hour now, there is a slight breeze blowing, making it bearable to sit. Rather quiet too. Finally some alone time. No toddler fussing at me for food or a new cartoon, no having to help Oldest with her work.  Although I worry and hope she is doing well. I think I am going to enjoy this next hour. 😉

The end of the school year is fast approaching for Oldest. Next week, since she does online public school,  I have to take her to do her state testing 3 days in a row. I am not looking forward to it and neither is she. Luckily they have chosen a place that is definitely closer then it was last year. They go by your address, but our address was a good 30 plus minutes away from testing site. After getting her signed in, I sat in the car and waited and waited and waited. There was no way I could drive home. I didn’t feel comfortable enough leaving her where she was so far away.

During the 3 days, she has Writing, Language Arts and Math. Now she does pretty well in the first two, but Math…that is a whole other story. I am not saying she is not good in math, I am saying that it takes awhile for her to catch on then she will forget what she learned as soon as the final test is over.


So if this test is going to be about what she learned over the past school year, this kid doesn’t stand a chance. She inherited two things from me definitely, my clumsiness and my lack of math skills. Although at times, she does surprise. I told her all she could do was do her best. That is all I ask. That is all any parent could ask.

Looking around on the internet one night I came across some pretty funny math memes. I thought of both of us while I scrolled through them and laughed out loud more then once. This is for all that struggle just a little bit in the arithmetic department. We are not going to let you push us around anymore Math! We are tired of trying to find your “X”. Just accept the fact that she is gone. Move on, dude!!!  🙂