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Never a Dull Moment

Posted: September 17, 2015 in blog, funny, kids, movies, toddlers
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Little L definitely makes it pretty fun around here. They keep playing this commercial on one of the cartoon channels for a Disney Frozen toy music jewelry box. I am sure you all have seen it on t.v. some time. Anyways, whenever it plays I get the song, Do you want to build a snowman stuck in my head. When it is stuck in my head I have to sing it out loud. So the commercial was playing the other morning while I was making breakfast. Little L was running around not paying a bit of attention to what was on the tube. She was having fun in her own world. Oldest was sitting here in front of the computer doing her school work. After the commercial went off, I just couldn’t keep it in any longer and broke right out singing, “Do you want to build a snowman?” Little L comes running by at that time and says in her little singy voice, “NO.” and she just keeps on running. Oldest and I busted out into laughter. She had impeccable timing on her part. Then Oldest sings the line, “OK bye.” Which made us laugh even more.

So now, every time one of us sings that phrase to her, she says No since she got a big belly laugh from us. 🙂


My husband, about 6 years ago now, got a hair up his arse and decided to move us to Washington state. He wanted to be near part of his family that lived there. Little did we know, that this was going to blow up in our faces. Things started out just fine, but our housing fell through, and my job didn’t pan out like I was wanting it too. We had to stay a little longer with one of his family members and things got a little stressful and we ended up living miles away from everyone and everything. Our first Christmas there, was definitly a white one. It had snowed the day before Christmas eve, which wasn’t too bad, you could still get out on the roads if you had too. Since we had all our running around done, we took the day playing in the snow. My daughter had never really seen snow. When she was less then a year old she had, but didn’t remember it of course. When we lived in Las Vegas, it would get cold, but never cold enough to stick if there were flurries. So luckily we had bought a sled on one of our trips into town and she spent the day going up and down the hill side. Then we built a snowman that looked alot like Homer Simpson. Around late afternoon it started to snow again which we thought nothing of it. Until the next day. There was so much snow, that we were stranded for 2 weeks. Yes, 2 weeks! Luckily we had electric and water, but the road leading up to where we were living didn’t see any sunshine or get plowed. I had went grocery shopping before so I wasn’t worried the first week, but going into the second week, things were getting scarce.  One of my hubby’s cousins called us around this time and we told her how we couldn’t get out of the house. They lived close by and were planning on going into town to get a few things and said they would see if they could make it up to the house. Well, they did. It was so bad, they had to stop and put on the snow chains just to get back to where we were. They took my hubby down to the local grocery store and he got the necessities for us to make it through. I have pictures of us with the bags of groceries on the sled, him and our daughter pulling it through the snow to the house.

The funny part is, once you got a few streets away, the roads were wet, but clear. That was one snow I will never forget, and one reason I truly do not like the snow. My daughter wants to see snow again. She talks about it every once in awhile. All it is is a drive up north and she would see some, but my hubby is like me. No snow is good snow. 🙂