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arizona hot

Life in the desert, in February. The middle of winter. The coldest month of the year. And here I am, in shorts, with ceiling fans going, and two, yes, two windows opened. The days temps are in the 70’s and night time has been in the 50’s. A few nights ago, it was so warm that I woke up in a puddle of sweat and it wasn’t a hot flash I was having.

This is life in the desert.

I have always hated cold weather, still do. Growing up in West Virginia, I have seen my share of snow. I have lived in several states, that winter was nothing but a cold, dreary 3 months, that I would just wish would go away every day. Even our last winter in Nevada, our water froze several mornings. Which wasn’t fun getting ready to go to work. But this weather we are having here. I don’t know weather to enjoy it or be scared of what the summer months are going to bring. If it’s is near 80 most days now, holy cow! What is it gonna be in July and August? We only had about a week of cold, that was before Christmas. I have only worn a jacket a handful of times. My hubby broke out his shorts and tanks since he works outside. It is February for Goodness Sakes! Come on!!

I know I should not complain. This is heaven for all those people that are trapped in the house, going stir crazy from the foot of snow that has fallen this winter. But with this weather it is making me want to move. Not to the snow. OH NO WAY, but to a place where the temps are not so warm that they are uncomfortable. Where you can feel the changing of the seasons. I miss the green grass, here all we have is rock and dirt. It’s hard with a baby trying to take her outside to play. We ventured out to the park today, first time since Little L got sick. It was packed. There was a birthday party going on and kids everywhere. Most were in shorts and no shoes. Running like it was the middle of summer. Well I know it is not the middle of summer, because here, they do not go to the park at noon on a hot summer day. They are inside in the a/c. Waiting till late afternoon to come out and play.

So to all my fellow bloggers that are stuck knee deep in snow, I wish you all a fast thaw. While you are waiting, go out and build that snowman, have another cup of hot chocolate, and throw another log on the fire. I will be sending warm Arizona thoughts your way! 🙂

arizona snow


My husband, about 6 years ago now, got a hair up his arse and decided to move us to Washington state. He wanted to be near part of his family that lived there. Little did we know, that this was going to blow up in our faces. Things started out just fine, but our housing fell through, and my job didn’t pan out like I was wanting it too. We had to stay a little longer with one of his family members and things got a little stressful and we ended up living miles away from everyone and everything. Our first Christmas there, was definitly a white one. It had snowed the day before Christmas eve, which wasn’t too bad, you could still get out on the roads if you had too. Since we had all our running around done, we took the day playing in the snow. My daughter had never really seen snow. When she was less then a year old she had, but didn’t remember it of course. When we lived in Las Vegas, it would get cold, but never cold enough to stick if there were flurries. So luckily we had bought a sled on one of our trips into town and she spent the day going up and down the hill side. Then we built a snowman that looked alot like Homer Simpson. Around late afternoon it started to snow again which we thought nothing of it. Until the next day. There was so much snow, that we were stranded for 2 weeks. Yes, 2 weeks! Luckily we had electric and water, but the road leading up to where we were living didn’t see any sunshine or get plowed. I had went grocery shopping before so I wasn’t worried the first week, but going into the second week, things were getting scarce.  One of my hubby’s cousins called us around this time and we told her how we couldn’t get out of the house. They lived close by and were planning on going into town to get a few things and said they would see if they could make it up to the house. Well, they did. It was so bad, they had to stop and put on the snow chains just to get back to where we were. They took my hubby down to the local grocery store and he got the necessities for us to make it through. I have pictures of us with the bags of groceries on the sled, him and our daughter pulling it through the snow to the house.

The funny part is, once you got a few streets away, the roads were wet, but clear. That was one snow I will never forget, and one reason I truly do not like the snow. My daughter wants to see snow again. She talks about it every once in awhile. All it is is a drive up north and she would see some, but my hubby is like me. No snow is good snow. 🙂