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You know that commercial where the mom and daughter pull the fridge out from the wall and have that look of disgust waffe over them, when they see the rotten banana that the younger kid threw behind it? Yea, that is me like right now, but I can’t find the rotten banana or the browning apple, or that decaying piece of cantaloup that she, Little L, has hidden from me.

It can’t be something simple like wet dog, that was yesterday, since it rained and the dog couldn’t decide weather he needs to be in or out. Oh no, not that easy. We have looked high and we have looked low. We took all the books off of the shelf, every toy has been picked up and inspected. Cracks and crevices have been looked into also. Where is that smell coming from? The best part, I am the only one that can smell it. Great! Now I have a complex. 😛