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Reverse Psychology

Posted: September 16, 2015 in blog, funny, kids, parenting, toddlers
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Whenever Little L is being bad, and that is a good percent of the time, we tell her she is being mean. Actually I say, “Don’t be a mean baby.” She comes back with, “me not mean baby, me nice baby.” So this has been going on for about a week or two. I hate telling her that she is being mean, but when I am at my wits end with her, that is one thing that come out. We go through this about every day. I try to change it up though and I ask, “Don’t you want to be a nice baby?” She says yes. “Then be a nice baby and do what is being asked.”

She did a turn on me last night at bedtime. Bedtime I really dread anymore. I used to look forward to it, but she is so hard to get to lie down.  Even if she doesn’t take a nap. Well yesterday, I got her to take a nap around 2 p.m. She slept till a little after 3. Not too bad. We go to lie down around 9 last night. Sis and daddy were all in the room watching t.v. Daddy made his escape after the show went off. Sis didn’t quite make it to the door, when L started fussing that she come back. “Ok ok, I will stay but you have to go to sleep.” Ok, Little L says and lies down. She was back and forth back and forth between me and Oldest about a dozen times. We both pretending we are asleep, but L just yells at us to wake up. After about 20 minutes of pleading with her, I ask, “Don’t you want to be a nice baby and go to sleep for mommy?” She rolls over towards sis and says, “No, me mean baby.” We thought we had heard her wrong and kept saying, “Yes, be nice baby.” Then we realized that she was saying she was a mean baby. Oh good grief. My reverse psychology just back fired on me.  🙂



Waking up super early, then taking a 45 minute nap before noon does not a happy toddler make.

It makes a crazy, moody, needy, clingy, try to keep her awake at dinner time toddler.

And a very long afternoon for both momma and baby!


Fat Lip

Posted: March 25, 2015 in Babies, blog, Daughter, family, kids, toddlers, Uncategorized
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My little bruiser did it to me again.

Tonight, while we were cuddled up on the bed, she looking so sweet and innocent. We heard sissy come out of her room and start through the house. This is Little L’s cue to “hide”. She will hide under pillows, blankets, dive into corners or just pull you over on top of her so sissy has to find her when she comes into the room. It can be rather fun and quite entertaining. As sissy got closer to the room, L decided to raise up and then dove head first into my face. Her head smashing into my top lip. This makes the second time she has done this to me, first time, I had to hold an ice pack on my mouth for a long time, to keep it from swelling. I have to say that she really has a very hard head!!  I knew it was an accident, and I tried not to cry, but I admit, I am a big cry baby and I always, always, get hurt. I sat up when Oldest came into the room and she was asking me what was wrong. It was dark, but I had my head down in my hands trying hard to get over the pain silently. I finally got out what happened, and she told L that she needed to give mommy hugs and say sorry. I was looking up at this point, both of them on their knees in front of me. Oldest leaned in and gave me a kiss on the cheek and usually, Little L will follow suit and plant one on ya. But no, not this time. She raised her fist up above her head and WHAM right down on my face. What the Hell little girl?? I didn’t actually say it but I wanted to. I ran off into the bathroom to cry in private, and hubby was in there. He didn’t know what was going on, so I had to tell him and he went out of the room in a huff. I had gotten into an argument with Oldest earlier and although I didn’t cry, I was very sad, that she felt the way she did at that moment. So hubby was mad, and got onto both girls about why they find it funny to hurt mommy. I recovered from the blow to the lip, and went on out of the room. Luckily it was Little L’s bed time, so I shut the door, turned out the light and made her get on the bed. We never really “made up”, but she did snuggle up next too me as she fell asleep.


I think I am tired. Today, was a tiring day. Didn’t do much, but by dinner, I was ready for the day to be over. Little L ate part of her dinner then decided to rake the rest onto the floor. I spent a good part of my Saturday sweeping and mopping, so I took her plate away from her. That didn’t work, she still had enough crumbs on the table to add more to the floor. Then within 20 minutes of dinner being over with she wanted something else to eat. I gave her a cereal bar, she took one bite. Then she decided she was going to get into everything she wasn’t supposed to get into. She even grabbed a loaf a bread off the counter and gave it “hugs” as she ran around the living room. I just sat and watched. Sissy talked her into letting go of it, but the damage was done. I have one very smooshed loaf now. After that,  I threw her rump in the tub, sissy got in with her and they played for a little bit.

Come 8p.m. I was counting the seconds till bed time…


One hour and 6 minutes later, she was fast asleep.


You are finally asleep. It has been one heck of an evening. The day wasn’t that bad. We ran a few errands early, and you did really well. Even though you had dried yogurt in your hair from breakfast. You went down for your afternoon nap with nary a problem.  We got to go outside and spend some time with daddy, while he finished a job he was doing. We came in at 5 to make dinner, you didn’t eat alot of it. But you made sure to pour out half your sippy cup of milk all over your part of the table.

After your bath, you were playing with your blocks and decided to throw them. You have a pretty good arm because the second one you threw hit me on top of the head. I cussed cried a little because it really hurt. Then when I thought we had made up you tried to do it again. And let’s not forget the bag of cheeto crumbs you then decided to grab off the counter and dump all over the floor. After cleaning that mess up, it was getting late so I took you in to get ready for bed.  You would not let me brush your teeth and I had to wait for daddy to come in to get that done.

While we were waiting, we were snuggled on the bed watching a movie. You got down and found your little car I got you today at the store.  Once again you clobbered me on top of the head. This time I yelled and you about tripped over yourself running from me. I took your toy away from you although I will break weak tomorrow and give it back.

Daddy came in and we got your teeth brushed then sissy played baby dolls with you. You two were so cute covering the doll up and kissing her good night.


I finally got you to myself again, you fell asleep beside me in only a few minutes. Hopefully it will be a peaceful night for all of us. Hopefully…  🙂

Grumpy Momma

Posted: October 7, 2014 in family, funny, kids, parenting, toddlers
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I have never been a morning person. Never. If I am awake before 7, and don’t have to be anywhere,  I am one grumpy person. Today is one of those days. I was awaken at 6:10 by a 15 month old with a wet diaper. Not wanting a repeat of Sunday morning, where she didn’t wake up and the diaper leaked a huge puddle on the bed. I woke up after putting my arm in it, of course. It was like she didn’t even have on a diaper, therefore I spent the morning washing the bed clothes. So today I sat up and started changing her. She fussed when I went to put her pajamas back on, but I managed to get them on with my eyes half shut. Then I told her to lie back down that it was still early. It was dark out from the clouds so I closed my eyes and silently prayed she would doze back off. Nope. Not this kid. She starts kicking me in the stomach. Not real hard, but just enough to say “hey I’m awake over here.” About 20 minutes later I grabbed the remote and turned on cartoons. It caught her attention and she stopped kicking. I turned over and fell back to sleep.

At around 7 she was standing in front of me with the loudest hiccups ever. They were so loud they echoed thru the room. Well crap,  I thought, her cup is in the kitchen. Ugh! I laid there trying to wake up and I grumped at her. It wasn’t her fault she had the hiccups but she started whining. I hate the whining!   I will be so happy when she can form more words and just tell me what is wrong. I got up and headed out the door with her right behind me. I found her water cup and got some fresh, told her to drink. It didn’t work. She still had those loud annoying things. I made her a bowl of cheerios. She ate almost all of them and the hiccups were gone. In the meantime, my mom appeared and asked why are we up so early. I was still grumpy and so I thought that it was a stupid question. But I have told her before that she gets me up around 7, we just don’t come out til 8. I tried my hardest not to snap at her, choosing my words carefully. “She woke up early” is all I could get out.

Oldest came out of her cave soon after that, so I decided to go ahead and get dressed, and start on some breakfast. Now it has taken me half the day to write this. With making breakfast, helping oldest with school work, listening to Little L whine, it has been one peach of a day. I am hoping *fingers crossed* that Little L takes a long nap and wakes up in a good mood. Cause there is only room for one grump in this house! 😉