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This is Wednesday

Posted: February 10, 2016 in blog, Christmas, funny, kids, ramblings, toddlers, Uncategorized

Today, Little L woke up with smiles on her face. Yeah! It is a good morning, or so I thought. She didn’t order me to get her anything to eat or drink right away which is also a good thing. I hate being yelled at first thing. Oldest put in an order for pancakes for breakfast. I asked hubby if that was alright. He likes his big breakfasts and sometimes pancakes is not on the menu. But he said that it was fine. I went in the kitchen, then realized my mixing bowl was dirty. That’s ok, I will just wash it. Little L walks up and spies a lollipop holder that has been lying on the back of the counter since Christmas. I do not know why it was still there but it was. She wanted it. She started the whine and so without thinking I gave it too her. She put it in her mouth, and realized there was no lollipop left. She asked me and I said, sorry you ate it. Then I asked Oldest if she had eaten hers, cause I never seen her with it. She goes into her room and brings a half sucked on lolli wrapped up in the wrapper. She goes to give it to her sister, when my brain finally kicked in and said “Whoa, isn’t that from when you two were sick?”  Oldest stopped and thought. “Yes, it is,” she said. “Well crap, alright throw it away then,” I told her. Little L didn’t understand what was going on. She grabbed the one that she was playing with and popped it into her mouth. I told her that there wasn’t any sucker on it so it was no good. She didn’t believe me. I waited till she was distracted with her cartoon, then I got it out of her mouth and went to the sink. At first I thought I would just wash it and as I was running the water to make it super hot, I said, “Lesa you are a big dummy!” I turned around and tossed it into the trash. L realized it was gone and came looking for it. I told her it was gone. She started to cry. I told her I would buy her a new one next trip to the store. She stopped crying and said Ok. A second later, she ordered me to go to the store.

Then my worry/paranoia mode kicked in. What if she gets sick from having it in her mouth?  What did I just do? I said over and over. Why was that still lying back there? Cause you are a lazy bum that never throws anything away, that’s why! 

I then thought, I will give her her vitamin. It should help right. She gladly took it, then asked for gummy bears. I gave her a few, trying to make it up to her.  I made the pancakes, which L was saying she didn’t want, until she seen the chocolate syrup on her plate. I didn’t give her much, but it did take her mind off of that damn sucker thingy. 🙂


Little L has been complaining of her tummy hurting off and on for awhile now. It hasn’t been consistent and so we haven’t been too concerned over it. She stopped for a couple of weeks, but then the other day started back up. Hubby jumped all over me saying she needed a check up. “Isn’t it time to take her to the doctor”? I told him she went at 2 and she went when she was sick, but no she doesn’t need a check up. Then after he yelled, yes yelled, at me I told him I would get her a doctor’s appointment. My husband can be pretty paranoid and he thought that maybe L had swallowed a toy. I didn’t think so, but hey who knows. She does still put stuff in her mouth.

I got the appointment for this morning at 9:30. The office had moved so I got the new address and had to google it to see where it was. I am not familiar with the new area, so that is always fun, right? We left on time, and got down there with little to no traffic. THEN the fun began. I pulled into the parking lot and starting looking for building E. I drove down the parking lot and finally came upon a big building with an E on the side but the number said 150. I was told it was suite 105. I drove around thinking it was on the other side. It wasn’t. I turned around and drove back through, still no 105. I got back to the starting point and called. The lady on the phone started saying did you go South on such and such. South. How do you know where I was coming from? I thought. I said yes then she started in on we are on the south west corner facing blah blah blah, she lost me. I told her that I wasn’t seeing what she was describing. I was about to just give up and go home, then she told me she would walk outside and look for me. I told her I had to get turned around. I pulled out of the parking lot and started to go in the next entrance, when I seen the big E on the side of the correct building. She was standing outside the door and I waved at her and yelled thank you. She waved back and we parked.

Once inside we only had to sit for about 5 minutes. The waiting area in this new building was much smaller then the other one. Right after the girls started going to the old office, they had it painted with really nice animal jungle pictures. This place had nothing. Heck, it hardly had any wall space to hang a pic, much less, paint one. L gave us problems once we were called back. She wouldn’t get on the scale and started crying and holding on to sissy. I had to pull her off and pick her up and put her on the newborn scale. After that, she walked to the room just fine and let the nurse check her temp and height with no problem. While waiting for the doctor to come in, she wanted out of the room. There wasn’t much in it to look at, so we had to come up with stuff to keep her calm. Once the doc made her way in, she went into crying mode again, trying to hide. The doctor let her set on my lap instead of getting on the table. She finally let her listen to her heart and check everything. We had been battling a head cold that somehow I picked up and was pretty miserable over the weekend. I told the doc that she had a fever off and on for a few days. She asked about the tummy issues and I told her all I knew and she said that if she had swallowed a toy or anything and hadn’t passed it by now, the pain would be far worse then her just saying her tummy hurt off and on. She said that it was probably constipation and wanted me to get her an X-ray just to rule out anything else. Off we went to the X-ray place, which was on a totally different street, but pretty easy to find, since I had to take Oldest there once before for her back.

L did great in the X-ray room. The technician was pretty wonderful with her, I have to say. L laid very still while they snapped a pic and she told her that she was her best patient so far for the day. She gave L a fairy sticker and L even let her pick her up off the table. I told the tech that she must like her since she let her pick her up. Very proud mommy moment there.

We made it home and a few hours later, the doctor called and said that it was a mild case of constipation to up the fiber and water intake, cut back on milk for awhile and if that didn’t work, that I could use a baby laxative, called ? (For the life of me, I can’t remember what it was called. Oh well, I am sure I will sooner or later.) I am just happy that it wasn’t a toy lodge somewhere in her little tummy.  🙂


WARNING: If you have a weak stomach, proceed with caution.

I have had more bodily fluids on me more this week, since the kids got sick, then ever before. From Little L puking right on me at 4 a.m. a few nights ago, to wiping her snotty little nose every 5 minutes. I am definitely tired of all this. Whatever this virus was or is, it is a real kicker. Hubby and I are doing everything we can so that we don’t end up with it. It was bad enough cleaning up the blueberries that Oldest threw up the first day, but to have your little one sitting on your lap and puke right on your chest, well that was a doozy. Hubby laughed at me too. He laughed because when Oldest was a baby, she would always throw up on him. EVERY. TIME!

Last night, Little L had been in bed for about an hour. All seemed to be going ok, when she started coughing. She coughed on and off for about 30 minutes. I thought she was done, when she started again. I went in to sit beside her. She started gagging and was trying to sit up. I didn’t think to run and get the throw up bucket, which was in the living room. As she sat up, she gagged and up came a mound of puke. Oldest was in the bathroom and I yelled for her to bring me a towel so I could cover it up and maybe catch anymore. You know what she brought, 2 wash cloths. I tell her no a towel. She said she didn’t see any. Well lets see, there were 2 hanging on the shower door, one over the side of the bathtub and a stack of them right beside the washcloths she just threw at me. She runs back and grabs not a used towel, nope, my girl grabs a clean towel from the stack. I get it on the bed, but just a smidge too late. L is trying to go back to sleep and decides she is going to rest her little head right in the middle of the pile of puke. I jerk her back up and lay the towel down and scream for help from daddy. He comes running and tells Oldest to get a wet wash cloth and bring it to us. We got L stripped down and cleaned up. Now she is awake and wants to go out of the room. I have to tell Oldest to open the door and let her out while hubby and I stripped the bed and I start a load of wash at 11 p.m.

I gave L my tablet and let her play her videos until about 12. The sheet was finally dry and we were putting it on the bed, when I heard L snoring. Actually it’s not snoring, but with the congestion it sounds like that. I trace the snore all the way into sissy’s room. She was beside sissy, covered up, fast asleep. I even snuck in and took a picture of them. Then thought how great it would be to let her sleep in sissy’s room. I hadn’t had a good night sleep since Wednesday and I was getting a bit delirious over all the late nights and listening to her breathe and cough and choke. I go back and tell hubby where she was and about that time, she started coughing. We both head that way and she woke up and looked at us, like where the heck was she. She starts kicking off the blankets and turns over and tells us she was going to sleep with sissy. By now, Oldest had woken up and thought it was super cute she was in bed with her. I tell L she has to come sleep with mommy, maybe when she is better she could stay with sissy. She gets up and tells sissy night and heads through the house. We get her to lie down, and use the nose sucker on her. She is actually letting us use it more now. She was lying beside us, listening to daddy and I talk and she fell asleep within a few minutes. I told hubby that I was going to bed too. He agreed and went to shut the t.v. off and lock up. I was asleep before he even came back.

L slept fine all night until about 7. She woke up and gagged up some phlegm and then asked me for milka. She has wasted more then she has drank lately, but I thought I would get it for her anyways. She was back to sleep before I came back. I moved her up and out of my spot and crawled in and was out like a light. We slept till 10 a.m. I haven’t slept that late since she was born. I couldn’t believe it. She woke up in a cranky mood, still doing a little bit of coughing but not too bad. As the day went on, her coughing has gotten a lot better.

They say 7 to 10 days and it’s the 8th day baby, this crap needs to go.  🙂


Oldest went last Thursday for a 2 day sleep over. She came home Saturday with a sore throat and upset stomach. After asking her 20 questions like what did you eat and where all did you go, was anyone sick?, I let her get in the shower and go to her room to lie down. I made her some soup, but she couldn’t eat any of it. She ended up throwing up a little bit, mainly the blueberry bagel that she had ate that morning. She dozed off and about 30 minutes later, she came out and said she threw up on the floor. It was covered in blueberries. As I cleaned that mess up, she got cleaned up in the bathroom and seemed to feel better. She stayed in her room for the majority of the day. She said she kept feeling as if she was going to throw up. I, of course, start typing in symptoms at WebMD and any other site that may have popped up, and it gave a list from food poisoning to appendicitis. She did have a fever. The highest was 101.8. She kept getting chills then she would get really hot. She stayed bundled up in the blanket with no fan on her. I made her take the blanket off at one point and set up, after several minutes, I rechecked her temp. It had dropped down to 99. That made me feel better, but not her. She said her stomach didn’t hurt, but she just felt like she needed to throw up. Throughout the day, we got some crackers in her and some dry toast. She ate a couple of french fries from dinner and sipped on water. About 7, I ran out and got her some ginger ale. After she took a drink, she said she felt worse, then finally she threw up. Mainly liquid and still some dang blueberry from that morning. She felt alot better and got more talkative, even though her throat still hurt.

About 10, she came out of her room saying she still felt bad but was hungry. That’s a good sign. I made her a waffle, she ate most of it. Then she went back to her room and asked me to go with her. She kept moaning and groaning. Kept saying her stomach did not hurt, so we ruled out appendicitis, still leaning towards food poisoning. Maybe a 24 hour bug? She got up and walked around her room, took a drink of ginger ale and sat back down. I had given her the puke bucket the nurse gave Little L when she was sick. She was holding it on her lap and started gagging. Within minutes up came alot of liquid, a little solid. Poor kid. She finally got through and said she felt really good. Maybe this was the breaking point I thought. Hoping, with fingers crossed. She got cleaned up and went to bed. I took her temp again, it was normal. Said she was really sleepy and with no fan on she wrapped herself up in the blanket and was asleep in no time.

Hubby woke her up a little after 1 and checked her temp, it was back up, but she had been wrapped up for an hour. He asked her if she needed to eat, or drink. She just wanted to sleep. He left her alone and she slept really good all night. I woke her up around 8 a.m. She said her tummy was good, and she wanted to go back to sleep. I left her but at 8:30 she was up asking for food. YEAH! I made her some scrambled eggs and she ate almost all of them. She sat on the couch trying to play with Little L but still not feeling all that well. Her head hurt and her throat was still scratchy. She said one time she felt like she needed to throw up again, but it went away. Around 11 she ate some pizza bagels. She left 2, and kept the rest down.

She stayed in her room most of the day, since she didn’t want to get Little L sick. At times her tummy would feel nasty, but it would pass. Today, she has a stuffy nose and a little bit of a cough. But no more throwing up. It is too soon to be getting sick again. Hubby thinks she picked up something from going in swimming at her friends house. We both told her no sleep overs after school starts. Sorry, not going to go through that again this year. The bad part is, I feel like my throat is getting scratchy now. 😦

The first part of this week really sucked, to put it mildly. Little L came down with a fever Saturday night. I noticed she was a bit warm around 1 a.m. Then she put her little foot on me and it was burning up. I woke up hubby and had him touch her forehead. Yep, fever. I gave her some motrin and she went back to sleep. She seemed alright Sunday morning when she first got up, but around 10 we gave her another dose. Then by 4 she was pretty warm again and we got out the thermometer. 102. Great. I called the on call nurse at her doctor’s office. She said that there was a tummy virus going around and to switch her over to Tylenol and get some Gatorade.  Be prepared for throwing up and diarrhea. If none of that happens by in the morning, and she still has a fever, take her in to be checked. I ran up to Walgreens and got Tylenol and Gatorade. Her temp went down and I gave her a dose of Tylenol at 7. Then again at 1 a.m., she woke up and was pretty warm again.  We turned on the t.v. and let her watch some cartoons while we cuddled on the couch and I worried. She made it back to bed and around 3 she had cooled down and was sleeping pretty well. I woke up around 8 and she was still asleep so I let her go until 9. She woke up, no fever, in a really good mood. Yeah…maybe it is over with, my hubby and I both thought. We watched her pretty closely all day then around her afternoon nap, she started feeling warm. Another dose of Tylenol and she went to sleep. Then…7 p.m. things got worse. Of course, always at night time. She got really cranky and tired. We gave her a dose and she fell asleep. Which is not like her at all. She woke up about an hour later still warm, but seemed better. We made the decision to take her to the doc the next morning. I beat myself up about it all night, I should have taken her in on Monday.  I got maybe 4 hours of sleep. I laid awake, listening to her breathing, touching her legs and feet and arms and forehead. I must have dosed off and woke up around 4. She was feeling warm again, so I gave her a dose of Motrin. It seems to work on her faster then Tylenol. Within a few minutes, she was cooling down and sleeping better. I rolled over and went to sleep. I made myself wake up around 7:30. Doc opens at 8 and you have to call for a sick child appointment. They could see her at 9:30. She woke up a little after 8. I got her ready and Oldest and I took her in.

As soon as I got parked at the office, she cried out. I asked what was wrong. Oldest said she was puking. Dammit, I forgot to grab her an extra shirt. And towel. I got her cleaned up the best I could with baby wipes. Oldest was trying hard not to throw up also.  I had to tell her to open her door and let some air in. She had tried to help by putting her hand under L’s mouth so her hand was full and pretty stinky. I certainly was not prepared for any of this. I told the receptionist that she got sick in the car and they gave her a bucket to throw up in if needed. She didn’t, thankfully. We made it through the exam and the doc said that sounded like a virus and to just keep doing what we were doing. If her temp was not gone by Friday, to bring her back for x-rays. They also had to take a throat culture to rule out strep. We came home and I gave her a bath and she took a nap. She only has thrown up one more time and it was more liquid then anything.

Her temp has stayed normal the rest of the week. Her appetite stinks though. She asks for food then doesn’t eat but more then 2 bites. But the throat culture came back negative. I figured it would, but was happy to hear it! 🙂

Tonight I had the joy of cleaning up puke from the kitchen sink. Yes, a wonderful job at 10:00 at night.  Oldest was gargling salt water and her daddy was talking to her when she started coughing.  He was telling her to spit the phlegm out and when she tried, up came dinner. All of it. In the sink. Chunks and all. Ok ok… I will stop with the description. You’re lucky though, I was so wanting to take a pic of it to share.

Oooh, I could have taken a pic and posted it on Facebook saying it was dinner. I wouldn’t have been lying. I really get tired of seeing people’s meals posted, because frankly, the food doesn’t look that good.

But back to Oldest. She was sick after her last sleepover. For two weeks, she was just feeling better down to a little cough. She went for another sleep over at the same kids house. Birthday and all and she really wanted to go. Guess what? Two days later, “mom my throat hurts.” It is never ending. I mean how many times do we have to be sick this spring? I have had enough. Don’t these people ever clean? Every time she goes, she comes back with the sickness.  Her dad and I have grounded her from sleep overs till atleast 2 weeks after school ends. Hopefully all the little germs will be wiped out and we can enjoy her summer break snot free.

And puke free, can’t forget about that. 😉

So Little L is on the mend. She took all the medicine the doctor prescribed and her cough is just about gone. The throat swab came back negative for strep. Which I had a positive feeling it would. Her appetite returned Tuesday and so did the good mood. Monday she whined and fussed all day, but then Monday night she started to perk up and actually did a little dance for us before bed. Total turn around!!

We have cut down on the sugar intake in the household for Oldest. Reading labels and not buying the junk. Before we only read labels for cereal, now we are reading labels on everything. Even for little L’s.

Right before my birthday, we went up to the store to get milk. My mom made her way over into the bakery and started looking at cakes. I told her I could go without a cake this year. She thought I was crazy. Then she said that she wanted a dozen doughnuts. I told her that she would have to keep them in her room. “I’m not going to eat a dozen by myself.” She said. “Then only buy a few out of the single serving case.” She wouldn’t do that. Instead she walked off saying how ridiculous we were being. Now this really hurt my feelings. Not only that, but she acted as though Oldest didn’t really matter. Oh she will be fine is her attitude, but what if she isn’t fine. We won’t know until we go to the doctor and that appointment isn’t till March.  I explained to her later that after the appointment and we know what we are dealing with they will be No temptations in the house.  She seemed to understand. We will see the next time we go grocery shopping.

Thanks for reading. 🙂


1. They are sick.

2. Great, now I’m gonna be sick.

3. All the whining and crying.

4. All my whining and crying.

5. Finding out you only have enough medicine for one dose for one kid.

6. Go to store to buy medicine, tissues and juice. Return home and realize you forgot tissues and the juice.

7. Chasing around the little ones just to wipe snotty noses.

8. Telling the older kids to pick up their mountain of snotty used tissues.

9. Telling them to wash their hands after picking up the mountain of snotty used tissues.

10. Goes ahead and picks up the mountain of snotty used tissues yourself.

11. Forgets to wash hands.

12. Wishing that someone would take care of me now that I am sick.