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Oldest had a required class this morning for Math at 9 a.m. I turned on the computer around 8:30 to get the page up and check any teacher emails. I always go into the grade book at the beginning of the day and then at the end. She had been holding A’s in all her classes till a couple of weeks ago, when 2 classes fell to a B, Gum and Math. Gum is an easy fix, and she keeps putting it off. She just has to redo one assessment and get a passing grade on it.  I went into the math teachers webpage and she had posted a few ways for the students to get extra credit. Oldest jumped right on it and after I emailed the teacher about them, she earned an extra 15 points in the grade book. That has now brought her grade back up to an A at 90%. She did an Interim assessment in math today also and scored an 86, but that hasn’t been factored in since it isn’t due till Wednesday.

I went back into the grade book while all this was going on and like I said I check it every morning. She had an A in Science when I first looked. Then when I went back, it had dropped to a B just like that and she didn’t even have any assignments due today or at all this week. I instantly emailed the teacher to see what had happened. The only thing she said was to check it again in the morning and if it was still at a B, she would check into it. Excuse me? It was an A at 8:30. How could it go down without any lessons being submitted?

Oh and this is the clencher of the whole school day. The history teacher, whom I haven’t a problem with, sent an email saying that all lessons that are due this week were zeroed out in the grade book. As you do the lessons, your grade will come back up. So Oldest had been at a 92-93% for awhile, her grade after the teacher did this dropped to an 83. It’s a good thing I read the email before I seen her grade or I would have been through the roof. She did two of the “missing” assignments and her grade has already climbed to an 87. Three more to do and it should be back to where it is supposed to be. 🙂

We finally got the computer set up today that Oldest is supposed to be using to do her online school with. We have had it for 2 years, but it had to take a land line. No wireless…so aggravating. So it has set on her desk in her room for 2 years now waiting and waiting for me to get off my lazy arse and call the cable company to have them install a jack.

When we first moved in, hubby wanted a jack put in the dining room area, but the guy that came to hook us up said he didn’t have the time and to call the office. We put it off and just dealt with it. I called last year to have one installed, but the guy was trying to tell me that I needed a new router. I told him that we had one, we purchased when we lived in Nevada. He said I had to have a new one and it would be $70 extra every month. Hold the phone. I told him I would have to talk it over with my husband and hung the hell right up. He got me so confused I wouldn’t call back.

I know Oldest didn’t mind doing her school work in her room, but I also know she didn’t just do school work. She listened to music and watched videos. I would go to check on her and she would jump out of her skin sometimes. Silly kid. Now she will be out in the open working where everyone can see her. Everyone including Little L. That is going to be the problem. L loves the keyboard. We had to fight with her today just trying to get the darn thing hooked up, so I know it will be a fight for a good while to keep her off of sissy while she is trying to do work. I can hear and see it now! HELP

I told Oldest she could go to her room when she had to read or do book work, it isn’t all online, but math courses are mainly. So if I schedule math to be done when L takes her nap…UGH I will never get a break. 😦  I have to say that this is all daddy’s idea. NOT mine at all. I love having a computer in the dining room, though.  I am sitting at it right now, typing away. Much easier then writing on my tablet all the time. And faster too. 🙂