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Yesterday was a pretty sad day. *sniff* Yesterday, we had to replace a very dear member of our family. Something that has kept us company when we were lonely, entertained us through many nights. *wipes tears*  Kept the children occupied while mom took well deserved breaks. Yesterday, we had to say good bye to our…*sniff sniff*…our T.V.  Why oh why did you have to get those nasty black lines running across your beautiful screen!!!???

OK. Sorry, I’m better now. Just had to get that out. Our t.v. had been acting up for several months. First it would only have the black lines for a few minutes, then would maybe last as long as a couple of hours, but would eventually clear up. Then 3 days ago, it started getting worse and worse. Started with one row of black lines, then another, then another. This morning the whole screen was covered, you could still see the picture, but the right lower corner was real jumpy and at times it looked like the character had 4 rows of eyes. Did it know that we had gotten our tax refund back and we had a little bit of money squirreled away. I think it did. Greedy little…

So we went on over to Best Buy and looked at their t.v.’s. We have had the Samsung for so long, it was hard to choose just the right one to replace our friend. We weren’t satisfied with what the first store had to offer, so we drove in the opposite direction to go to another Best Buy. They had a few different ones to look at, and my hubby picked a brand that I never thought he would go for. But it was almost the same price as the Samsung we were going to buy but a 60″ instead of a 50″. The new one is also one of them there Smart televisions. *said in my best southern accent*  OOOOH! It does look nice, but the picture is going to take sometime to get used too. Our other one, it wasn’t 3D but when we first got it, it was pretty darn close. The bad part was, that once you got used to it, you didn’t see how great the graphics were on it. People would walk into our house and say “Whoa, that’s cool!”   I have adjusted the settings several times tonight, trying to get the colors to come in crisp.  It looks better, but I am still not satisfied. I guess it is just me. But I am having buyers remorse. I hate spending so much money on things like this. There are a ton of other things I would rather have spent that money on. Lots of things we need and want. Take the kids on a much deserved shopping spree, maybe even buy me a little something. But no. The t.v. took first place. My hubby even put getting new tires for his truck on the back burner.

Here is hoping that this t.v. will last as long as our other. Or atleast half as long, but a long long time, cause I don’t think I can spend that much money again so quickly. 🙂