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Bathroom Break

Posted: September 25, 2015 in blog, funny, humor, Uncategorized
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This afternoon we had to run to the DMV to get some paperwork straightened out on a car that my hubby bought for a project. Once we got there, my bladder started calling. Which was weird because I had went before we left and I didn’t drink anything on the ride. My hubby runs in and grabs a number before I could tell him that I needed to find a restroom. We sat down and the number was only 2 away from being called. So…should I go or should I just sit and wait. With the DMV you never know if it is going to be a short time or an hour. I looked around but wasn’t seeing a restroom sign anywhere. Great, I thought, they probably don’t even have one. I told myself to just not think about it and it would be fine. I kept looking around and I finally seen a door all by itself with Restroom written in small print on it. Ah ha! They do have one. Ok. I felt a bit better knowing that there was in fact a light at the end of this tunnel. I was getting ready to tell my hubby that I was going, when they called our number.

I think it took longer at the window then it did to sit and wait to be called, but everything got worked out and we were all set. I told hubby that I had to go and he went on out to the truck. I got over to the door, then I saw another sign on it saying Please knock before entering. I knocked and heard a muffled sound from inside. Hum, I thought. Either someone was being held against their will inside the DMV bathroom or they were just saying occupied, don’t open the door. I stood by the door, afraid to step to far away. I didn’t want to lose my turn. It seemed like eternity, then I heard the flush. Yes, almost there. Then another minute went by and I heard another flush and another one followed that one. UGH! They have gone and jammed up the toilet and probably stunk it up in the meantime. Then I heard water running. Hurry! I was thinking, didn’t know if I could hold it much longer. Finally, the door slowly opened. I grabbed onto the handle to help, when I saw that it was two young girls coming out. I opened the door wider so I could go in and one handed me a long metal spatula with a key hooked to the end of it. “Here you go”, she said. I took it saying “ok thanks” and ran inside. There was a lock on the door, so I do not understand the note saying to knock. I locked it up and placed the key spatula thingy on the sink. I go over to the toilet, all is well, no clogs. I was about to sit down when the roll of paper towels, which was on top of the paper towel holder, fell off and hit the spatula and knocked them both to the floor making a very very loud clanging sound. I jumped but didn’t care. To close to relief and I wasn’t about to let anything stop me. I got done and picked up the paper towels and the key spatula and proceeded to wash my hands. Then I got to thinking, Who do I give the key spatula to when I go out? Where would this mysterious keeper of the bathroom key be located at, and who do I ask to find them? I unlocked the door and slowly opened it, just in case someone was standing there doing the pee pee dance like I was, when the same two girls came running up, grabbed the key spatula thingy, and went back inside. Which was fine by me. I was just happy to be out of there. 😉