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So Little L is on the mend. She took all the medicine the doctor prescribed and her cough is just about gone. The throat swab came back negative for strep. Which I had a positive feeling it would. Her appetite returned Tuesday and so did the good mood. Monday she whined and fussed all day, but then Monday night she started to perk up and actually did a little dance for us before bed. Total turn around!!

We have cut down on the sugar intake in the household for Oldest. Reading labels and not buying the junk. Before we only read labels for cereal, now we are reading labels on everything. Even for little L’s.

Right before my birthday, we went up to the store to get milk. My mom made her way over into the bakery and started looking at cakes. I told her I could go without a cake this year. She thought I was crazy. Then she said that she wanted a dozen doughnuts. I told her that she would have to keep them in her room. “I’m not going to eat a dozen by myself.” She said. “Then only buy a few out of the single serving case.” She wouldn’t do that. Instead she walked off saying how ridiculous we were being. Now this really hurt my feelings. Not only that, but she acted as though Oldest didn’t really matter. Oh she will be fine is her attitude, but what if she isn’t fine. We won’t know until we go to the doctor and that appointment isn’t till March.  I explained to her later that after the appointment and we know what we are dealing with they will be No temptations in the house.  She seemed to understand. We will see the next time we go grocery shopping.

Thanks for reading. 🙂