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It has rained all week here in the desert. Been very gloomy and dreary looking out, except for this morning when the sun actually peaked from behind the clouds for a few hours. Now it is right back to being cloudy and dark.

Since the rain has moved in, Little L has not been in the best of moods. I don’t know if this is what is causing her rants and excessive whining, but I am going to go with it. Yesterday all she did was eat. Must be a growth spell or making up for being sick over Christmas, but she ate everything she could get her hands on. Good thing we went to the store last Friday and stocked up. In the middle of all the eating, she cries and whines over the littlest of things. This morning, trying to get back into the bathroom, I turned on the t.v. I asked if she wanted to watch Disney or PBS. She said she wanted a show off of Netflix. I turned on Netflix and picked the show she said and started to walk away. She started screaming and saying no, no, no. I turned around, grabbed the remote and turned it back off. The screaming still went on. I swatted her on the rear and told her to knock it off, it was way too early for all that. I finally got back into the bathroom after picking another show and told her to watch or not. She watched.

Later, Oldest and I were going over her school work and Little L was playing with her dad.  He wasn’t doing something to her liking, so she started the screaming again. I looked at Oldest who said that she has been whining and screaming alot this week. I said, “must be the weather.” “Mom you say that all the time.” Then she proceeded to give examples. “Oh, I think I must have broke my ankle, must be the weather.” I came back with, “Because I slipped in the mud from all the rain, so yes, it is the weather.” “I hurt my wrist playing video games.” Then I said, “Because I was trapped inside, it must be the weather.” This went on for a little while longer, and it gave us a good laugh.

I have always said that phrase. I grew up hearing it and there is a good chance I will continue to say it and I know Oldest will say it too when she is grown and has kids. Then they can give her a hard time just like she does me. 🙂