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So what do you get the person that wants everything, but doesn’t need or even use it after you get it for them? That is my mom…one of the hardest people any more to buy for. Oldest had been counting the days till she could go Christmas shopping for the family.  Her daddy took her out Sunday night to get mine. Although they said she didn’t buy one thing for me, then mysteriously disappeared into the garage for about 30 minutes Monday evening. She was excited to finally get to shop. I hadn’t taken her the past few times I went. Kinda hard to shop for her when she is standing right beside you.  We headed out on Monday morning to have some fun and get the rest of her shopping done. Sis and dad were gonna be easy, but this year, Oldest said we had to find something for grandma with a cat on it. That way she would actually like or use what we bought.

Two years ago, my mom hinted that she really needed flannel sheets. For that Christmas, I bought her a set.  We moved here and ended up leaving the bed that was in her room. When she bought her new one, she bought a smaller bed. No more flannel sheets. I also bought her Mickey mouse pajamas. She loves Mickey or so I thought. I have seen her in them one time and that was last Christmas. Last year, she said she needed a new pair of house shoes. Now I bought her a pair the year before, never seen her wear them. She never once told me that they were the wrong size or I would have taken them back. She told me that the arthritis in her feet made the ones she had feel tight. She even picked out the pair she wanted one day when we were out but put them back. I made my way back to that store, fought the hoard of people shopping a couple of days before Christmas, stood in a line for atleast 40 minutes for her never to wear those stupid shoes. She told me recently they were too big. OMG lady. I got the wrong size twice? HOW???

One thing that you can never go wrong with is buying that woman something with a cat on it. You see, my mom loves cats🐾 and every time she sees something with a cat on it, she just ooohs and awwws about it. Well, right before Thanksgiving, we seen a huge throw with a picture of a cat on it. The perfect present! 🎁 Of course, I couldn’t buy it then and the next time we went, it was gone. Then my mom started talking about it, hinting. But every time we went, it was no where to be found. On Sunday, I looked it up on the website and it said that the store I shopped in had it in stock. I could order it and pick it up that day. Since we were going up there, I thought I would just hold off and take another look around to see if they had it. We walked the area atleast 2 times trying to find the throw or a person to ask for help.  I finally found a sales associate and showed her the picture. Well, she didn’t speak English very well, so she just pointed in the vicinity.  We walked around the housewares area again. The next guy I found, said he hadn’t seen them, but check in the back at the site to store area. Oldest and I eventually made our way back there, after picking up Little L’s present. The line was long. Long enough I wasn’t standing in it. So we went on. A little while later, we headed back to the back to see if the line had died down. It had. I walked right up to the counter and there was an assistant manager working. I showed her the picture and asked where it was. She said that she had actually tried to find it the day before and couldn’t. I told her that there were a ton up front right before Thanksgiving, but the person I wanted it for was with me. The next time they were gone. I said there is no way you sold out of them that quick. There were just too many. She just shook her head and said sorry. Then threw in that if I did find them in the store to come back and let her know.

We gave up after that and started looking at other things. After another 20 minutes of walking around that store, the only damn thing we could find was a night gown with drawn on cats. We also found a cat calendar to go with it. Oh boy, yeah, score! *sarcasm in case you couldn’t tell*  They say that it is the thought that counts, right? I sure hope that that’s true.  I like practical gifts. I asked for pillows and that is what she got me. Pillows…nice, new, fluffy, can’t wait till Christmas night to sleep on those bad boys…Pillows! 🙂

I did some online shopping two days before Thanksgiving. Some things were ready to be picked up that afternoon at 1 Walmart and 4 items had to be shipped in site to store, so I picked the store closest to me. I hate waiting on stuff. I like to shop and get it right then. But several of the items were cheaper if I went online and a couple were sold out in the stores. The next day we (my mom and I) went to the store to get the items. Not a problem. Lady in the site to store department was nice. We bought a few more things and headed home. The next 2 items was coming in on the 1st of December. I got an email on the evening of the 1st that part of my order was in. Well crap, ok, I can deal with that. I made plans to go the next day and hoping that the other item was in by that time. I get to the counter a little after 12 noon. There is the guy with assistant manager on his tag. So he should no what he is doing, right? Wrong. I walk up and tell him I am here to pick up an order. He asks for an order number. I look at the email and it says for them to scan this barcode in the email. He says that that doesn’t work and he takes my phone and starts looking at the email. Rude. Didn’t even ask. He says well I can get it through your name. So he starts reading the email and I look at the screen on the register and it says Last name. He enters my first name then he enters my last name for the first name. It beeps and says nothing found. He does it again. I tell him that he is entering my name wrong. He finally gets it right and the order pops up. I then proceed to ask him if the other item had come in yet. He says oh no, it’s not here. I then tell him it is on the shelf out in the toy department. He ignores me. Meanwhile a girl walks out of the backroom he tells her to go get my order. She doesn’t say anything and goes to the back of the room. Then another lady walks up, her tag also said manager and he starts talking to her. The girl walks back up to the register and I see that she has her wallet in her hands. He says “Did you go get that?” She asks, “What?” He goes, “What are you doing? “Going to break.” “So your not going to get her order?” Do you want me to go get the order?” She asks impatiently. He answers Yes. She looks at the screen and he had written my name down on a piece of paper. “Here is the name.” He goes to hand her the paper and she says, “I got it” rather huffily and walks off. OMG! I couldn’t believe how they were talking to each other, in front of customers too.

I waited for around 5 minutes, another worker emerges from the back and asks me if I needed help. I told her that the other girl went to look for my package.  She finally appears with a box. Says “You can open it” and goes back through the doors. I get the box opened and check it out, looks good, meanwhile wondering if I was done or if she had actually gone back to look for the other box. I then ask the other girl if I was done. I told her that I had another item, but I didn’t know if it had come in. I didn’t know if the other girl had went back to get it or not, she didn’t say. “Oh she does that.” She offers to look for me on the computer. She pulls it up and says “Yep it’s here, I just checked it in a little bit ago.” “Wonderful!” I said. She disappeared to the back and I waited. She came back with my package and I thanked her and thanked her. I got my receipt and headed out.

The one thing that crosses my mind, is that the 2 items had the same order number on them. They both should have been in the same bin. Or so it seems.

The last 2 items were do in on the 9th. I got the email late afternoon on the 8th that 1 thing was ready for pickup. Oh not again. I decided to wait, although it was killing me to do so, another day before going out. Still nothing all day on the 9th and the morning of the 10th. I went ahead and went on to get it. While walking to the site to store area, there was that same man I had to deal with before. This time I had an order number, I told him and he says only 1 item is in. Ok that’s fine. I wasn’t going to say anything else. He got my item, all on his own, (he didn’t have anyone there to boss around, apparently). I got my receipt and left. When I got home, I got an email saying that the rest of my order was in and ready. Lord help me. So I went back to get it yesterday. I didn’t have to deal with the guy he actually was leaving the department when I walked up, I got this older lady that was super nice and even opened the package up herself to make sure it was correct.

I was so happy that that was the last of my order! I am almost finished with my shopping. Just a few stocking stuffers and something else for oldest and I will be all set. Have to wait till the end of next week to get it all done though. Have I ever told you that I hate waiting!

Thanks for reading! 😉

When my oldest was the only child, buying for her at Christmas time was quite a task. She would always ask for a million things, and then change her mind at the last minute. One year, she even said she was going to wait till Christmas eve and make her wish for what she wanted. I tried and tried for weeks to get her to tell me or her dad in time to get what she desired. “Good grief child,” I told her. “Santa doesn’t work like that and you have to make your list early.” She finally told us a few days out that she wanted Minecraft for the XBox. My hubby took me to work one day and he stopped by the game store and got it. Whew…crisis diverted. The year before that, we saw the cutest Christmas cartoon on t.v. Jingle All The Way. If you haven’t had the oppurtunity to see it, you should. It is on the Hallmark channel. We were walking through Walmart shortly after watching the cartoon and there was this huge display of Jingle puppies with a story book. You read the story and when you said certain phrases or words, the dog would bark. Cutest. Thing. Ever. She decided that that was what she wanted Santa to bring. I went back the next day and bought it before heading off to work. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Now if you did watch the t.v. show, you know at the end that Jingle was given a home and he was under the Christmas tree waiting to be found. That is just how I did it. I put him in the middle and piled all the other gifts all around him. She was soooooooo surprised when she removed the box that blocked him completely.  She couldn’t get over the fact that Santa had put him under the tree just like in the story. Best present ever I have to say.

Last year she couldn’t make up her mind what she wanted. So I just picked something out that she had seen in the store and said she would like to have. She was actually pretty happy with the choice too. Santa had also got her sister a stuffed animal that she had said she wanted to get for her, but she never went back to do it. That made her even more happy that Santa did that. This year she has picked out another stuffed animal that she hopes he will bring to her baby sis. I just hope they have it when I get to go shopping.

She is keeping her wish list once again a secret. She has hinted around for concert tickets but I sure hope she doesn’t ask Santa for that. Geeze Louise! Santa doesn’t do concert tickets. That is all I need again.

Thanks for reading! 😉