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We have taken a couple of days off from the potty training. On Tuesday I had to run up to Walmart so I decided to look for Little L some cute undies and get her more interested in this quest of a diaper free booty. When we got into the area, her sissy and I were showing her all the different pictures she could have, but she wasn’t interested. All she wanted to do was hide in the clothes racks and swing on the rails like a darn monkey. I let her be and picked out a pack of 5 to get started with.

We got home and she had to try on each pair and run through the house to show sissy and grandma. She was very proud of them and I told her to pick out one to wear. She had went to the potty earlier, so I wasn’t too worried about a mess. Boy was I wrong! She picked out one and went on to play. A little bit later, they were off. I told her she had to wear something. Then she came up to me holding a poop ball in her hand. I rushed her to the bathroom and got that taken care of. I told her she had to run to the potty when she felt like she had to go. She told me ok and wanted her undies back on. Awhile went by and then she was squatted down in between the coffee table and the couch. I asked her is she was ok, she said yes. I asked what she was doing, she said nothing. I said are you sure? She again reaffirmed with a yes. Then she stood up and said she pooped in her undies. Oh Lord, help me. I took her to the bathroom, got them off and flushed the ball away and got her cleaned up and slapped her diaper back on her behind. I was done. How can something so small poop so much?

Don’t you just love potty training?!!!  🙂

After being covered in chewed up biscuit by the toddler yesterday morning, the day just went from bad to worse. Little L whined most of the day saying she was bored. So funny hearing a 2 year old say that.  I was trying to get some things done and she did not like not having my attention at every whim and whine. I told that girl a dozen of times to pull out her toys and play. She would for a second, then leave them spread out all over the floor. By afternoon, she decided that enough was enough and pulled off her diaper and was running around naked for a good part of the day. If I talked her into putting it back on, she took it right back off. I got tired of chasing her down, so I let her be. Then she did it. Yes, she pooped on the floor!  Right in front of the couch. She came running to me, all surprised, saying that there was poop on the floor. I didn’t know whether to spank her, scold her, cry, or laugh. Daddy walked in about that time and he wasn’t too happy with her. After I got her cleaned up, and the floor, I sat her down and told her that she has to wear a diaper or her pull ups. If she goes to the potty to pee and poop, then she can get out of the diapers and wear big girl undies.She really liked that idea. I put a diaper on her and went back to what I was doing. Soon, the diaper came back off, but only for a little while, cause she wanted to go outside and I told her only if she wore her diaper.

Today was much better. She didn’t act near as bored, but she was still doing the whine. Around dinner time, the diaper came off and she was strutting around in just her t-shirt. Then she took off to the bathroom, came back a minute later and said she had pooped in the potty. I took off to the bathroom with her and there it was in all its shining glory, right in the potty where it belonged. I told her great job and I was proud, which she loves to hear. For a reward, I gave her 3 tic-tacs. She thought this was the greatest thing and wanted more. I told her next time she peed in the potty, she can have a few more. Which she did, not more then 10 minutes later. She must have really wanted those tic-tacs!

Thanks for reading! 😉

It is all ready the 6th of April and I haven’t done a single post. Been busy here and there and honestly, just haven’t felt good. Sunday and Monday were the worst. I think I have a stomach bug or something in that nature. Today it is feeling better and I hope going away.

Oldest is on her second day of state required testing for school. Luckily, we are at the same location as last year. I am sitting outside, at the bottom of the parking lot under the only tree that is giving off enough shade to be comfortable. Very happy that we got morning testing this year. It’s going to be in the high 90’s today. Last year we had afternoon testing but I don’t remember it being this hot this soon.

We bought Little L her very own potty chair last week. Several months ago, we ended up with a potty seat that you have to put on the toilet and pick them up to sit on it. I didn’t want the seat, but other people know more then I, and that is what we got. Which would have been just fine if you didn’t have a back that doesn’t like to work first thing in the mornings. So it didn’t get used that much as time went on. But the chair is working out great. She doesn’t remember all the time, but she will get it eventually.

One more hour to go…

Thanks for reading! 🙂

My mom got Little L a potty seat a few weeks ago. I don’t know why she didn’t get her a chair, I think it would be a little easier and maybe the kid would be potty trained by now. The seat goes on our toilet which she can’t get up on without help.  I still have her in diapers so I guess it is not that big of a deal. Pull ups would be easier, because once that diaper is off, it’s hard to wrestle her down to put it back on her.

The other night we were in the bathroom doing our nightly routine. After she got her teeth somewhat brushed, she said, “I go potty.” She went over, put the seat on the toilet, and stood there waiting on me. I got her diaper off and picked her up and set her on it. Then she acted like she wanted down. I said no, you have to try. She turned to the tub and seen one of her duckies and asked me for it. No, I said. She pointed to it and again and asked. “Ok, I will give it to you if you pee in the potty.” Her whole face turned to concentration and yes, she started peeing. She looked up at me with this super grin that was like, see mom, now I get the ducky. I told her great job and I knew you could do it. She got down and I gave her the duck. She was very happy and so was I. This only makes the 4th time she has peed in the potty. She tries, but she gives up too easy, and trying to make her sit there for longer then a minute can get pretty aggravating.

Oldest was 4 when I finally got her out of pull ups. She was a stubborn girl, but I was told to just let her do it on her own, don’t push. She had a potty chair that turned into a step stool. She used the step stool and would not use the chair. I am definitely not wanting it to go that far with L. I want her out sooner then 4. 3 maybe, or 2 1/2 even better. 🙂

I used to let my little L run around in just a t-shirt and diaper. One day, she learned how to take the diaper off. So from then on, I had to put shorts or pants on her. Which she hated, but oh well. Today, we went down to Best Buy and when we got home, it was time for her nap. I was trying to make her comfortable, so I took off her pants but didn’t put on shorts. The weather here warmed back up over Thanksgiving and we are back to wearing shorts around the house. She fell asleep a little bit later and when she woke up, I didn’t immediately get her into shorts. After, oh say, an hour, she was running around playing and started to pull at the diaper. I told her to leave it alone, but you all know how that goes. She went into the kitchen and off it came. I told her to bring it to me and she stepped inside the living room but then ran back to the kitchen. I was talking with my mom and we were shaking our heads over the situation when she finally brought me a pretty wet diaper. I took her to get cleaned up and put shorts on her.

Now you all will probably guess what I am about to say next.

I went into the kitchen, walked around, must have passed by the sink 3 or 4 times. I grabbed my glass and went to the water cooler. While pouring the water, I happened to notice something on the floor. I had to focus in and what the hell…it was a very long piece of poop just lying there in front of the sink. That little baby of mine dropped a load right on the kitchen floor. I had to laugh and thank God that I hadn’t slipped in it and went flying across the room. Then I decided to have fun, so I hollered for Oldest. She opened the door to her cave and I said, “Come here, did you do this?” pointing at the floor. “She immediately went all defensive and asked, “Do what? I haven’t been in here.” She got closer and closer to it and then said, “what is that?” I laughed and asked “you don’t know what that is?” She said, very timidly, “poop?” “Yes, it is poop. Your sisters poop. Keep her in the living room while I clean it up.

Maybe it’s time to think about potty training…  🙂