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My mom got Little L a potty seat a few weeks ago. I don’t know why she didn’t get her a chair, I think it would be a little easier and maybe the kid would be potty trained by now. The seat goes on our toilet which she can’t get up on without help.  I still have her in diapers so I guess it is not that big of a deal. Pull ups would be easier, because once that diaper is off, it’s hard to wrestle her down to put it back on her.

The other night we were in the bathroom doing our nightly routine. After she got her teeth somewhat brushed, she said, “I go potty.” She went over, put the seat on the toilet, and stood there waiting on me. I got her diaper off and picked her up and set her on it. Then she acted like she wanted down. I said no, you have to try. She turned to the tub and seen one of her duckies and asked me for it. No, I said. She pointed to it and again and asked. “Ok, I will give it to you if you pee in the potty.” Her whole face turned to concentration and yes, she started peeing. She looked up at me with this super grin that was like, see mom, now I get the ducky. I told her great job and I knew you could do it. She got down and I gave her the duck. She was very happy and so was I. This only makes the 4th time she has peed in the potty. She tries, but she gives up too easy, and trying to make her sit there for longer then a minute can get pretty aggravating.

Oldest was 4 when I finally got her out of pull ups. She was a stubborn girl, but I was told to just let her do it on her own, don’t push. She had a potty chair that turned into a step stool. She used the step stool and would not use the chair. I am definitely not wanting it to go that far with L. I want her out sooner then 4. 3 maybe, or 2 1/2 even better. 🙂