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Little L has been complaining of her tummy hurting off and on for awhile now. It hasn’t been consistent and so we haven’t been too concerned over it. She stopped for a couple of weeks, but then the other day started back up. Hubby jumped all over me saying she needed a check up. “Isn’t it time to take her to the doctor”? I told him she went at 2 and she went when she was sick, but no she doesn’t need a check up. Then after he yelled, yes yelled, at me I told him I would get her a doctor’s appointment. My husband can be pretty paranoid and he thought that maybe L had swallowed a toy. I didn’t think so, but hey who knows. She does still put stuff in her mouth.

I got the appointment for this morning at 9:30. The office had moved so I got the new address and had to google it to see where it was. I am not familiar with the new area, so that is always fun, right? We left on time, and got down there with little to no traffic. THEN the fun began. I pulled into the parking lot and starting looking for building E. I drove down the parking lot and finally came upon a big building with an E on the side but the number said 150. I was told it was suite 105. I drove around thinking it was on the other side. It wasn’t. I turned around and drove back through, still no 105. I got back to the starting point and called. The lady on the phone started saying did you go South on such and such. South. How do you know where I was coming from? I thought. I said yes then she started in on we are on the south west corner facing blah blah blah, she lost me. I told her that I wasn’t seeing what she was describing. I was about to just give up and go home, then she told me she would walk outside and look for me. I told her I had to get turned around. I pulled out of the parking lot and started to go in the next entrance, when I seen the big E on the side of the correct building. She was standing outside the door and I waved at her and yelled thank you. She waved back and we parked.

Once inside we only had to sit for about 5 minutes. The waiting area in this new building was much smaller then the other one. Right after the girls started going to the old office, they had it painted with really nice animal jungle pictures. This place had nothing. Heck, it hardly had any wall space to hang a pic, much less, paint one. L gave us problems once we were called back. She wouldn’t get on the scale and started crying and holding on to sissy. I had to pull her off and pick her up and put her on the newborn scale. After that, she walked to the room just fine and let the nurse check her temp and height with no problem. While waiting for the doctor to come in, she wanted out of the room. There wasn’t much in it to look at, so we had to come up with stuff to keep her calm. Once the doc made her way in, she went into crying mode again, trying to hide. The doctor let her set on my lap instead of getting on the table. She finally let her listen to her heart and check everything. We had been battling a head cold that somehow I picked up and was pretty miserable over the weekend. I told the doc that she had a fever off and on for a few days. She asked about the tummy issues and I told her all I knew and she said that if she had swallowed a toy or anything and hadn’t passed it by now, the pain would be far worse then her just saying her tummy hurt off and on. She said that it was probably constipation and wanted me to get her an X-ray just to rule out anything else. Off we went to the X-ray place, which was on a totally different street, but pretty easy to find, since I had to take Oldest there once before for her back.

L did great in the X-ray room. The technician was pretty wonderful with her, I have to say. L laid very still while they snapped a pic and she told her that she was her best patient so far for the day. She gave L a fairy sticker and L even let her pick her up off the table. I told the tech that she must like her since she let her pick her up. Very proud mommy moment there.

We made it home and a few hours later, the doctor called and said that it was a mild case of constipation to up the fiber and water intake, cut back on milk for awhile and if that didn’t work, that I could use a baby laxative, called ? (For the life of me, I can’t remember what it was called. Oh well, I am sure I will sooner or later.) I am just happy that it wasn’t a toy lodge somewhere in her little tummy.Β  πŸ™‚


“I Poop, I Sorry”

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Little L has gotten another runny/stopped up nose. I really wish that we would stop passing this crud around. This evening she was in a playful mood so we let her go outside after dinner. She and her sissy played and when it started to get dark, I said bath time. While I was getting her water, I took her dress and shoes off,  then the diaper. We have a stand up shower and she got in it like she was going to take one. Then she said “Uh oh!” I was getting her towel and had my back to her. I asked, “What uh oh?” She stepped out of the shower, holding her nose and pointing. “I poop” “I sorry!” Very plain as day. It was one of those Awwww moments. “That’s o.k. baby. Momma clean it up.” I said.  “Let’s go get a wipe and get it off you.” We headed to the bed but she decided to go a different way. Then she put her finger in it and sniffed.  I about lost it. I’m yelling at her, “No don’t do that!” Then she acted like she was going to put it in her mouth.  I barely got the word NO out, when I  gagged. She thought this was hilarious. Momma’s little angel definitely has a mean streak. So she did it again and again, just to see me gag.  I grabbed a handful of wipes and chased her into the bathroom.

Luckily I got it off of her and in the tub without losing my dinner. πŸ™‚

Saturday evening, after dinner, I had to give Little L a bath. I usually wait for my hubby to help get her in and he will even help me wash and rinse her hair. Well he went outside, and instead of waiting on him to come back in I went ahead and got her in by myself. Now we have a big garden tub that I really like. I can get in and set on the back side of it pretty comfortably since it has a place for you to set your fanny.

We get inΒ  and Little L starts playing and I get some shampoo and begin washing her hair. That was the easy part, although she does fight me at times. I go to rinse and everything is going as usual, her trying to get away and me telling her to hold still, when she gets strangled on some water that definitely went the wrong way when I was pouring it on her head. She likes to start out with her head in the right direction then sling it around so that I always get water in her face. This time, she swallowed and began coughing and gasping for air. I patted her on the back and had her lift her arms up in the air and I thought we had it cleared up when she coughed one more time. I asked if she was ok as I was wiping her face, then I looked down. There was something floating in the water. A big gooey clump of something…oh hell…wait a minute…that’s puke! By the time I registered what it was, she seen it too and decided to raise her foot up and smash right down in the middle of it. Which upon doing so, lead to the one big clump to break into a thousand small floaty gooey clumps all through her bath water. I was still alone, so I hollered for Oldest, who came a running. She grabbed a bucket and I started throwing all the toys in it. The water was draining so slow, I could have scooped it out by hand and it would have went faster. We got the toys out and Little L was playing just fine as the water level lowered. Finally got the tub rinsed out and was beginning to fill it back up. Little L was in a squatting position near the faucet, playing with her wash rag, when she moved ever so slightly. That is when I saw 3 round small turds all in a row. “What the hell?” I said outloud. Which I guess scared her, cause she kinda launched forward out of the way. I told Oldest to quickly hand me toilet paper to get it out before her sister seen it. Got that all cleaned up and had to drain the tub one more time. I finally got the tub filled back up and finished washing L. Then she was walking around playing and some how tripped over my huge foot, which sent her into the side of the tub face first. I thought for sure she hit her head but nope, she just slid down the side on her little cheek. I scooped her up as fast as I could, checked her out, she had 2 red marks on her face, but she didn’t even cry. I then looked at Oldest, who was standing in shock, and asked her to go yell at her father to come in and help me get her out before anything else happened or I had a nervous breakdown. πŸ™‚


For the Poop of It

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We all have had our share of dealing with poop from the little monsters we call our children. Just wanted to share and maybe make someone laugh. Happy Sunday! 😎

Sitting on the couch last evening, oldest and I were watching Little L running around the living room. I looked at the time and asked her if she wanted to take a bath. She shook her head yes, it was so cute. I told her to go to sissy to get undressed and I would start the water. She went right to her. A few minutes later, they walked into the bathroom and my oldest goes to take off her diaper. She looks at it and holds it up to me and says “Oooh she pooped!” “Why are you holding it up like that for, grab her before it gets everywhere!” I yelled.Β  I look down at L and yep, she pooped alright, it was all up her backside. I had her pick her up and I ran into the bedroom to get the mat to lay her on to clean her up. Oldest was so funny. She was trying very hard not to get totally disgusted. She put her on the mat and ran off to tell her grandma about the whole situation. I got Little L all cleaned up when I noticed her staring at her fingers. She had somehow stuck her hand in the poop sometime while being carried to the bed. I grabbed another wet wipe and washed her hand off then we were ready for the bath and we headed in. As I was washing her, oldest was playing with her hair in the mirror and I couldn’t get L to sit down in the water. Oldest comes over and squats down outside the tub and tells her to come play with her. I just happen to look at her arm and there was a line of dried poop going up it. I started laughing and pointing. “What, what are you looking at?” She cried. I point to the poop. “You got poop on you!” She looks down and starts to do a gagging sound. She runs to the sink to wash it off. While washing, she notices some on her shoulder, of the clean shirt she had just put on.

It was pretty funny stuff, I must admit. Usually I am the one covered in the ick.