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Posted: May 13, 2015 in blog, funny, kids, toddlers
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Toys toys everywhere,
Toys toys on the stairs.

Toys toys behind the door,
Toys toys oh look there’s more.

Toys toys I pick you up,
Toys toys one more duck.

Toys toys under the bed,
Toys toys shaking my head

Toys toys will this ever stop?
Toys toys will I make it to the top?

“Toys toys” my little one cries,
Toys toys “ok mommy will buy.”

As I sit with my Little L, watching her cartoons. I take a look around at this mess I call a living room. The floor needs swept, the floor needs mopped, I just can’t seem to get on top. There are toys scattered everywhere, cheerios and cheetos under the chairs. The look I have is udder despair. Makes me want to pull out my hair.

The work I see that needs to be done, it just makes me want to take off at a dead fast run.

But then I turn and see my baby, dancing to the silly song that is playing. A smile comes across my face, then I realize there is no race.

Enjoy the mess, enjoy the fun, my little girl is number one!

(Who am I kidding…this mess is making me crazy.)