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On Tuesday, Oldest was complaining that we “never do anything.” Which usually means that we aren’t spending money on her in some way, shape, or form. She can be rather spoiled at times and I don’t like it. But I do understand being bored and she does have a point, we never really “do” anything. We stay at home a lot. Other then the trip up to the wildlife preserve last month, we don’t get out much.

After the kids got out of ear shot, I told hubby that she was right about us, and I came up with the idea of going to the big park that isn’t too far away that we got to visit a couple of years ago. Besides a playground, they have a big splash pad for the kids to run through the water. I looked it up and the splash pad opened the previous Friday for the Summer. Yes! I told hubby that we needed to go this week. He didn’t have anything planned, not working on anything in particular, and I could rearrange the school work for Oldest so we could be gone as long as we wanted. We decided on Thursday, and even though it was crowded for not being the weekend, the kids had loads of fun. I don’t think Little L stopped. She ran and ran, was soaked from head to toe and loving every minute of it. Oldest is a bit more reserve, it takes her awhile to get into the mix, but she finally broke down and got wet. After they played in the water, we drove over to where the playground was. Unfortunately we should have went there first, because the sun was making the slides too hot to go down, even though they have sun shades over them. I let them play for awhile, then they both wanted to go back to the water. I didn’t blame them, so we headed back to the other side for some more fun. 🙂



Oldest had to go to the Library on Wednesday to find a book to read for her Literature class. About 2 times a year, they give her a list of books that she can pick from. The hardest part is finding one that our local library actually has on its shelf and not have to wait for it to be shipped from another location. I wasn’t going to take Little L, but hubby talked me into it. Saying that the more she goes, the better she will get about the whole thing. Which makes since, so the 3 of us loaded up and got out of here around 11:30. On the way, we have to pass the park. Little L starts talking about the park and how she wants to go. I told her the last time we went, which was sometime ago, she wasn’t very nice when it came time to leave. She kept asking me if we could go and I told her that if she was especially good in the library I would stop on the way home.

We got inside and made our way to the kid section while Oldest got her book she picked out. There were a few kids already there so it made it easy for L to stay. I went over to the nearest shelf which has the beginning reader books and right off the bat, found 3 books that I knew she would like. She came over to me and seen one of the books, a Monsters Inc. book, she said “You got me monsters!” I said “Yes, and look what else, 2 Wally Kazaam books.” She was really excited and carried them over to the seat to look at them. I was beaming at this point, giving myself silent high fives. I heard Little L pretending to read from one of the books. When I looked up she had a couple of the kids looking at her like she was really reading them. I thought this was super cute and went back to looking. She got up and left her books on the chair and started to play. One of the kids got up and picked up the stack and and yelled at his mom who was sitting on the side on her laptop. “Hey mom, are these mine?” I looked at her in horror, when she said, “no honey, they aren’t unless you…” I cut her off, “So sorry, those are my daughters, she carried them over there.” She said OK but she gave me the look. You know the “Geeze lady it is just a book” look, but dammit, I want those and my kid wants those. So bring on the looks lady I don’t care!

I found her several more and went to sit down while I waited on Oldest to get back from looking. I let L play for a while longer. She was doing really good and I didn’t want to try to drag her out. When there was only one child left I asked if she was ready to head to the park? She said and yes and bolted for the door. Oldest ran to catch up, luckily I had already checked the books out.

We got to the park and there were lots of kids. She played for the most part by herself, running from slide to slide. There was one girl that asked her if she wanted to play but it was more, watch what I am doing, but stay next to me. L watched quietly, while the girl scooped sand into a cup. We were there for about 45 minutes, when I told her that we needed to get ready to head on home. She said ok and wanted to go down the slide one more time. Well, that one more time, turned into 25 mores times, or so it seemed. She would not slow down and it was getting to where I was afraid she was going to fall and hurt herself from acting so darn silly. There was another mom there with her daughter and she smiled at me, but I felt the need to explain why my kid wasn’t listening to me. “She is the hardest kid to get to leave.” I said. She just kept on smiling. Oldest had come over and was trying to reason with L but she wasn’t listening to either one of us. When she came down the slide and headed back up the steps, we ambushed her, to put it mildly, and I picked her up and carried her kicking and screaming to the car.

For the most part the day went well. We will have to see when she gets to go back to the park. I would love to take her a few times a week, the more she goes, the better it will be. But right now I feel like I am kid napping my own child every time we leave! 🙂


Kids Can Be Jerks!

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Kids can be jerks. There I said it. It had to be done. I am sure that most of you will agree with me, even though you think your child can do no wrong.

I took the girls up to the park earlier today. The weather was right around 70, and very sunny. Since it was so nice, there were alot of other kids there too. L is quite content to play by herself, but today, this little boy that was much smaller then her, wanted to play. He had brought a soccer ball and they began kicking it to each other and running around. Oldest and I sat and watched for awhile, then she went off to swing. The little boy’s mom decided it was time for them to go, so L was alone again. She wondered around trying to find someone else to play with, but she still did her thing with the slide.

There was another ball that someone had brought and left laying that L wanted to play with. I let her pick it up and carry it around with her, but she got bored and dropped it. Soon afterwards, I seen a man kick the ball over to the side, so I figured it was his. She then seen a girl and boy that was probably a year apart, brother and sister. They were running up and down the side of the hill. She loves to run, so she joined in. The girl who couldn’t have been more then 4, ignored L. But she continued to try to join in on their fun. They were walking along the cement wall that divided the play ground from the grassy hill, L was following them. Then the girl turned to L and told her to go get the ball, which was back down on the playground. L jumped down off the wall and got the ball, just like she was told. I was watching, but wasn’t very happy with this. Even Oldest made the comment that it brought back memories of her at the park when she was little, and kids telling her to do stuff, but wouldn’t play with her. I told her I remembered way too well. L had trouble trying to climb back up on the wall, and by the time she made it up, they were gone.

L then had the ball and she came down to where we were sitting, and got down and had a drink of water and I asked if she was ready and she said no. She went to play on the slides for a bit longer. When we were ready to leave, I couldn’t get her to drop the ball. I kept telling her it wasn’t hers, but she wanted to hold onto it and go down the slide. I wrestled with this girl and got the ball from her, but she was kicking my butt that is for sure. She was not leaving without a fight and started crying and screaming. I got her up in my arms and we headed to the parking lot. I ignored all the stares that Oldest said was happening. What? You haven’t had your child throw a fit when you had to leave the park before? I think not!

We made it home and L had calmed down and she was excited telling her gramma and daddy about the little boy she got to play with. Only if he could have stayed longer. 🙂

Today wasn’t half bad. We got a call from the eye doc yesterday that the new glasses were already in. Yeah! I wanted to go pick them up this morning, but it never happened. I had to run an errand with hubby instead. While we were gone, Oldest let Little L play in the tub. When they got out, L told her she had to pee. So Oldest put her new potty seat on the toilet and set her on it. She said it took her a few minutes and right when she said she was done, she started to go. Another Yeah! She knows when she has to pee, she usually holds her diaper and says UH OH or pee. But we never seem to get to the potty fast enough. I know she will learn soon. I am not going to push it. But I didn’t push it with Oldest and she wore diapers till she was 4. I know, I know.

We were then going to go get her glasses during nap time for L. But it was getting so late, I really didn’t want to trek out into the heat and then fight the beginning of rush hour traffic to get back to the house. We decided to go after dinner, since the eye clinic was open til 7, and L could go and it would be a little bit, (not much though), cooler.

Oldest also got her new school books today. Two big boxes full of wonderful things to read and learn. She said that she was actually looking forward to going back to school. This summer hasn’t been the most interesting, so she is ready to have something to do to consume her time. I told her she felt like this now, just wait. Come August 4, she will be complaining and crying. I know my girl!

Doesn't she look happy, putting all her books in her new book shelf.

Doesn’t she look happy, putting all her books in her new book shelf.

I made an early dinner and we headed out around 6. We picked up the glasses, which look really good on Oldest. She said “Wow” when she first put them on. And I think she actually likes the style too, even though she acted like a total brat when we picked them out. I wanted to say, “Told ya so!” But I didn’t. Mom actually kept her mouth shut this time. Another Yeah!

We then stopped by the park on the way back. We hadn’t been to the park for months. Since it got so hot so fast, I just haven’t felt like taking the kids then fighting with them to come home. The last time we went, L was running around like a crazed maniac, and it was pretty crowded. But she did really well this evening. She was actually listening to us and not just taking off. She was going down the big kid slides by herself. Climbing and running like the bigger toddlers that were there. She loved every minute of it. Then at the end, Oldest decided she was going to roll down the small hill that they have. She used to do this all the time at the park in Washington that we went to almost everyday. Atleast everyday that it wasn’t raining, it was a nice park though. She rolled down it and then when L got off of the swing and saw what she was doing, she joined in. She rolled down twice, got super dizzy, and that was way funny to watch. I got some really cute pics of them and several videos. It was finally a nice, stress free evening. 🙂

My Supergirl's

My Supergirl’s

New glasses!!!!

New glasses!!!!

Last night my daughter wanted to go to the park. “Please mommy lets go. We haven’t been there for so long.” It was true, since this summer had been so hot, we have stayed in doors for the most part. We went alot in the spring, little L was starting to walk and she loved exploring. My oldest wanted me to pinky swear that we would go, I told her I would think abour it.

Well, dinner got off to a late start so no, we didn’t go. Oldest gave me the silent treatment for awhile. (Man do I get those alot around here.) After her shower, I sat her down and told her we would go in the morning. “You promise,” she asked. “Yes, we will go in the morning after breakfast.” Doing online school does have its advantages, ya know.
When I was tucking her in last night she said that she wanted me to pinky swear. I asked why. “Because you always tell me if I pinky swear I can’t go back on it.” Ok so I pinky swore we would go.

We made it there about 10 a.m. It was already hot, but it was fine. We got on the swings first. It was nice, just the two of us. Spending some much needed quality time together. Then she started talking about the first time we came to this park. She was swinging and her dad and I were pushing little L in her stroller. It was starting to get windy so her dad told her we were ready to go. She was trying to get her swing to stop, and somehow, her foot got caught on the rubber matting stuff and she flipped out of the swing and face planted underneath it. She was lying on the ground, looking at us with a *what just happened?* expression. “OMG are you ok?” we both said. She said yes, slowly got up and dusted her self off. Luckily she didn’t cry, even though I think she would have liked too. I know I would have! But today when we talked about it, we laughed so hard. She was like, “Leave it to me to be the only one to face plant. And how the heck did I end up under the swing??” “Hey everyones looking at me, I must be so popular!” I lost it when she said that, laughed so hard I had to stop swinging in fear that I would do the same. 🙂

She started playing with some younger kids who were there with their mom, and I went on a walk around the parks perimeter. As I was walking, I was thinking about what a great kid she is. She can definitely be a handful at times, but I wouldn’t change her. I was happy that she did make me pinky swear!