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Oldest and I took Little L outside this afternoon. She loves to get into or play with whatever her daddy has laying around. He has an old car jack that belonged to my dad, that finally gave out on him this past summer. L loves to stand on it and pretend she is a pirate and not any pirate, Captain Hook to be exact.

But today she got to nosing around a bucket that he uses to wash the vehicles with. It had water in it, very dirty, yucky, black water. Little L kept staring into the bucket like she was itching to stick her hands in it. She loves water. Oldest seen her and told her to stay out of it, that daddy pooped in the bucket. When she told her this, Little L looked up at us, and said “huh?” Oldest repeated. “Oh,” she said. “Da da pooped in the bucket.” “Yes, he did, now stay out of it, cause it is very icky.” I had to go with the story, since it was keeping her little hands out of the germy mess that was in the bucket.

Daddy came back into the garage where we were hanging out, and I had to tell him what Oldest told L. He, of course, denied it. But L kept saying over and over, “You pooped in the bucket.” Just like, sorry dude, sis told me the secret, so live with it. Oldest and I were laughing and agreeing with L. He saw that there was definitely no way out of this and so he finally agreed that he did the icky deed.

I am just glad Oldest said it was daddy and not me! 😉


It’s is really funny to watch a 2 year old play Hide and Seek. Especially with my 2 year old. We went outside this morning just before the sun finally made its way from behind the clouds. Oldest asked L if she wanted to play. Hide and Seek is probably one of her favorite games, but at 2, I think they are all favorites. Oldest told L to go hide and she would count. L immediately ran behind the trash cans. Oldest walked across the driveway and found her. Then it was L’s turn to count. L doesn’t play fair in this part of the game. She only counts from 7 to 10 then yells “I coming” really loud. Doesn’t give Oldest much time to find a place to hide, since there are only a few spots out front anyways. It was L’s turn again and she went right back to the same spot, behind the trashcans. I told Oldest to take her time this time so that L would think she did good. Oldest is walking around saying, “Where is she?” over and over. L couldn’t stand it. She sticks out her arm and says, “I hear, I hear!” We both laughed and tried to ignore her but it was too funny and didn’t work. They took turns for awhile then Oldest wanted me to play. We knew we didn’t have much time so we hurried to hide beside hubby’s truck. L was on us pretty quick, but we didn’t let that stop us. As L walked, we did too. We must have went around the truck a few times, then she started to get tired and I could tell worried. It was starting to get too sunny and I asked if she was ready to go in. She didn’t want to, so we told her one more time then we had to go in. We told her to hide and we would count and find her. She said ok, and ran behind the trash cans one more time. We got to 10 and started to turn around, when we hear L say, “9, 10, I coming.” We both looked at each other and I started laughing and Oldest took off trying to hide. I followed and luckily L got distracted by her shoe and was looking down. That gave us enough time to get around the truck. Oldest then took off for the trashcans and I was following, but L is very quick and she got me before I could get half way. We had to get daddy to come out and help us get her in. She did not want to come inside, but with the sun out at full force it was just way too hot at 11:30.  🙂