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What do you do when your toddler won’t take a nap? Won’t isn’t strong enough, let’s see…refuses, abstain, balk, avoid, boycott, I could go on with this. But tell me what do you do? Run and hide? Cover your ears from all the screaming that said toddler is doing, once you say it is nap time? Enlist every member in your home to bar the doors and hold the kid down till she tires herself out enough that she might just close those peepers?  Tell me!

Little L doesn’t take many naps. If she wakes up really early I can get her to do it, but that doesn’t happen often. She took a nap earlier this week and only because she woke up at 7 a.m. and we went out to shop. She fell asleep coming home and didn’t wake up til after 4. That meant she didn’t go to sleep till around 10 p.m. I thought maybe she would sleep in a little bit the next morning, but at 7:15 her inner alarm clock crowed and she was wide awake. Yesterday she make it to 7:30 and I tried my hardest to get her to take a nap, but she decided to jump and try doing cartwheels across the bed. When she does this, I give up and she knows it. Today, once again, it was 7:30. She watched t.v. til I decided to get up and get breakfast going. Oldest has all mid term exams this week and next, before Winter Break starts in just one week. I was trying to help her in History and L wouldn’t leave us alone. I told her to go play with daddy and he was trying to keep her busy enough. After 2 hours though she had had enough and wanted us done. Then she decided to get into everything and make messes and beg for munchies that she couldn’t have. My mom made herself some lunch and she eats in her room, so Little L follows her and wouldn’t move out of the way for her to sit. I had to go in and drag her across the bed, cause this kid is very strong and feels like a bag of cement at times. Then hubby came and got her and made her lie down with him. I went with just to help out. He acted like he fell asleep as soon as he hit the pillow and I turned the t.v. way down and about 30 minutes later she dozed off. It was Glorious!!!

She has been out for about 45 minutes now. I know she will soon pop out that door ready to go again. I just hope it will mellow her out a bit and make for a more peaceful Friday afternoon. 🙂


Reverse Psychology

Posted: September 16, 2015 in blog, funny, kids, parenting, toddlers
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Whenever Little L is being bad, and that is a good percent of the time, we tell her she is being mean. Actually I say, “Don’t be a mean baby.” She comes back with, “me not mean baby, me nice baby.” So this has been going on for about a week or two. I hate telling her that she is being mean, but when I am at my wits end with her, that is one thing that come out. We go through this about every day. I try to change it up though and I ask, “Don’t you want to be a nice baby?” She says yes. “Then be a nice baby and do what is being asked.”

She did a turn on me last night at bedtime. Bedtime I really dread anymore. I used to look forward to it, but she is so hard to get to lie down.  Even if she doesn’t take a nap. Well yesterday, I got her to take a nap around 2 p.m. She slept till a little after 3. Not too bad. We go to lie down around 9 last night. Sis and daddy were all in the room watching t.v. Daddy made his escape after the show went off. Sis didn’t quite make it to the door, when L started fussing that she come back. “Ok ok, I will stay but you have to go to sleep.” Ok, Little L says and lies down. She was back and forth back and forth between me and Oldest about a dozen times. We both pretending we are asleep, but L just yells at us to wake up. After about 20 minutes of pleading with her, I ask, “Don’t you want to be a nice baby and go to sleep for mommy?” She rolls over towards sis and says, “No, me mean baby.” We thought we had heard her wrong and kept saying, “Yes, be nice baby.” Then we realized that she was saying she was a mean baby. Oh good grief. My reverse psychology just back fired on me.  🙂


Finally some peace and quiet. Awwww….

Oldest went to a sleep over last night and is still not home. They were going to a movie this afternoon. The new Hunger Games that just came out. I am not really into the series, but oldest likes them. She told me she couldn’t wait for it to come out on dvd and then her friend asked her to go. Let’s just say she was way happy about that.

Little L has been sleeping in a little bit in the mornings, so her naps are all screwed up. First day, she didn’t nap at all. Fell asleep at 8 p.m. right on the dot. Yesterday she did better, she laid down with daddy around 1:30. Today, not so good, I fought with her 3 different times to lie down. They say 3rd times a charm, guess it is. She finally gave up around 3:15. Now tonight will be hard to get her to go to sleep before 10. She has to have atleast 6 hours in between nap and bed time. I don’t know why, she set the rules, not me.

All in all, it hasn’t been a bad day. I miss oldest tho. I know when she walks in the door, it won’t be quiet anymore. She will be excited and will want to tell me all about the movie she went to see. She can literally talk your ear off.👂👅

The house is a mess. L ate breakfast just fine, but has not wanted much since. She made a mess with her lunch. Didn’t take one bite, but made sure it ended up on the floor before I got to it. Then I made hubby and I some lunch and usually she will share ours, but not today. She wanted to play in the food instead. So I have cheetos and animal cracker crumbs everywhere. 🍪

But it’s all good. Wouldn’t have it any other way! 😉


Why do husbands make you feel guilty about certain things then can turn around and do the same thing and not think anything about it? Like trying to take an afternoon nap. If I do this, the world has come to an end. OMG, mom fell asleep, what shall we do? Who will take care of us? If he does it, it’s all good babe. why you mad? When I think of all the nights I have been awake while he snores away really makes this momma mad. When I go to bed, he will wake me up 90% of the time when he finally comes in. I hate this. Doesn’t he realize how precious momma sleep is? Doesn’t he know how nerve wracking it is to be woken up throughout the night. All you sleep deprived momma’s out there know what I am talking about.  I don’t think he gets it at all.


He also makes me feel guilty for not spending time with him after the kids go to sleep. The other night, Little L was not wanting to go to sleep, she gets off the bed several times. Then comes back to me to put her back on. I must of changed 3 pee diapers within an hours time. Finally at 9:30 she just passed out! No warning at all. I think she knew I was at my wits end. Oh how I miss the days of her going down at 8 pm then sleeping til 7 am. That was awesome! So she goes to sleep, I sneak out of the room. *Breathe* I get the computer for a little bit, reading some blogs and catching up on Facebook. Then about 11 I was ready to go to bed myself. My hubby then says,”You want to watch a movie?” It was like he knew what was coming. “No I want bed.” I said. “Oh you never spend time with me.” And there it was folks. That lovely guilt trip phrase that he loves to say.  I guess setting here beside him for 2 hours wasn’t good enough. So I turned the laptop off and just sat there. Eyes closing, head drooping. He lets me go to sleep and leaves me there for the next hour. When I wake up I stumble on to bed, a bit upset that he just let me sit on the couch like that.

The next day he comes in about 2 pm. Heads to the bedroom and lies down. I go to talk to him, see if he is ok. Sure everything is good, he is just hot.  All righty then. I continue to sit beside him and we watch Little L play and run back and forth. I come back into the kitchen to do a few things, go back and guess what? He is asleep. Yes, asleep! What the hell, right? Here he wants me to sit up half the night with him to watch t.v., but can’t stay awake to spend time with the kids and me during the day. I was mad, but like the good wife that I am, I let him sleep. Making as much noise as possible, that man slept for 2 hours! No lie!  I know he was tired, but I’m tired too. I sure could use a good 2 hour nap, couldn’t you?

sleep like husband




Enjoying some quiet time, Little L has been sleeping for awhile. In walks hubby…

Hubby: She’s still sleeping?

Me: Yep, been like 2 hours.

Hubby: Have you checked on her?

Me: Yes… sis has been in and out of the room too.

Hubby: Maybe you should see if she’s breathing.

Me: My Lord, she is.  *sits for a minute, thinking, starts to worry*

I get up, go in bedroom. I move the pillow oh so slightly to see her face. She jumps awake. Sits up, looks at me like I’m the most evilest mother for disturbing her.

Me: I’m sorry baby, daddy made me.

She crawls away to the other side of the bed.

I hear the door open. It’s my hubby escaping.


I hear a faint “you’re welcome”, as the door shuts.

Take a nap already

Posted: August 18, 2014 in humour, parenting
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My little one just turned a year this July. She is a very sweet and loving little girl. The thing is, she thinks she doesn’t need naps anymore. I miss the days where she would be up for two hours then take a nap, be up for two hours, then nap. Oh those days were so peaceful. Then the hours began to get farther apart and now she can make herself go up to eight, yes, eight hours of non stop play, before she will lay down her sleepy head and I am ready to tear my hair out!

Everyday it is the same routine. We get up around 7 then she goes down for a nap around 11, back up 30 minutes later, then it is a fight to get her to lie down before 4. First it starts with “Time for a nap”, then “Come on baby, lie down”,  and we rap it up with “just go to sleep!” Most days I just give up and let her go, crying and whining, til she just can’t go any farther.

I do look forward to 8pm tho. That is the time when she has had her bath and some warm milk, takes her paci and favorite lovie, carrot, and lies down on the bed next to me and falls alseep. A little sigh of relief passes over me. I marvel in her sweetness and kiss her little head. I then tiptoe out of the room and silently pray I don’t step on the creaky board that is right in front of the bedroom door.

I know she does not understand her mommy’s pleas for her to rest. Not to mention a break to regain my sanity. But then again, maybe she does.