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No Nap Tuesday

Posted: April 28, 2015 in blog, funny, kids, toddlers, Uncategorized
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I had one question for you Little L:

no nap

My reply was


I pray for strength and an early bed time. 😉


Saturday morning, I must have said Little L’s name 20 times in the first 10 minutes of being outside, along with:

“Don’t do that!”


“Come back here!’

“No, put that down, don’t touch.”

“Come play over here with mommy.”

“Do you want to go inside?”

We were only out for about 30 minutes. I was so happy when it came time for her nap.

It is so sad that I have become that way. Counting down the minutes sometimes seconds, till she goes down for her nap. I want to enjoy every minute with her while she is this age, but sometimes it is so hard.

Today has been better, she has only dumped a half of a bowl of peaches on the floor instead of the whole thing, so I know that she did eat some of them.  I thought I was going to get a little bit of a break while she napped, but Oldest informed me that she needed help in math when L went to sleep. After about 30 minutes of me telling Oldest to concentrate on the problem, Little L woke up. I took her back to bed and laid down beside her. The sitcom that I like to watch was on, so I just stayed in the room while she slept a little longer. Oldest came in and said she passed the test at the end of the lesson. I knew she could do it and by herself. And I got a little peace and quiet for me too. It was a a win win situation all around. 🙂


You are finally asleep. It has been one heck of an evening. The day wasn’t that bad. We ran a few errands early, and you did really well. Even though you had dried yogurt in your hair from breakfast. You went down for your afternoon nap with nary a problem.  We got to go outside and spend some time with daddy, while he finished a job he was doing. We came in at 5 to make dinner, you didn’t eat alot of it. But you made sure to pour out half your sippy cup of milk all over your part of the table.

After your bath, you were playing with your blocks and decided to throw them. You have a pretty good arm because the second one you threw hit me on top of the head. I cussed cried a little because it really hurt. Then when I thought we had made up you tried to do it again. And let’s not forget the bag of cheeto crumbs you then decided to grab off the counter and dump all over the floor. After cleaning that mess up, it was getting late so I took you in to get ready for bed.  You would not let me brush your teeth and I had to wait for daddy to come in to get that done.

While we were waiting, we were snuggled on the bed watching a movie. You got down and found your little car I got you today at the store.  Once again you clobbered me on top of the head. This time I yelled and you about tripped over yourself running from me. I took your toy away from you although I will break weak tomorrow and give it back.

Daddy came in and we got your teeth brushed then sissy played baby dolls with you. You two were so cute covering the doll up and kissing her good night.


I finally got you to myself again, you fell asleep beside me in only a few minutes. Hopefully it will be a peaceful night for all of us. Hopefully…  🙂