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Today I had to do a few errands and get the final stuff for Little L’s Birthday. Now that doesn’t seem hard but in 100+ degree weather it is, trust me. It got hot way too fast this year. Needless to say, the trip to the park for a birthday picnic is out of the picture. But I needed to go and get some balloons and my mom wanted to pick her up “one last gift.” Oldest had been given a dress by her friends mom. It is kinda Goth looking with lips and skulls all over it. She loves it and wanted to wear it.


Isn’t she cute?

So off we went about noonish. When we were almost done in Walmart, Oldest needed to go to the restroom. Even though I hate to let her go off on her own, I said o.k. She made it back and said that this woman started talking to her about the dress. She said that she used to wear stuff like that when she went to school.  At first Oldest thought she was going to give her a compliment about wearing it. Then this person said “then I realized they were ugly.” And walked off from her. I was like WTH? Way to make a kid feel good about themselves. I wished that I had gone with her. Good chance that the woman would not have said anything if I had been there though. I guess no one ever taught her manners, or she was just jealous cause my kid was rockin that dress. 🙂

We get through shopping and finally get to the checkout. There is 2 people in this line, so I pull in. The guy in front of me looked a little peculiar to say the least. He was wearing sunglasses and didn’t have but a few things, which when it was his turn he told the cashier that he didn’t need them. I am a people watcher and if something strikes me a bit odd or off, I pay attention to the situation. I was starting to unload my cart when he looked at me and said excuse me and pulled his cart out of the way. I told him no problem and went back to what I was doing. But I do remember looking back at the cart to make sure my purse was there. Yes this dude gave me a weird feeling. Off he went and the cashier starting talking with us. I was almost finished unloading, when I looked up, and there in front of the store was atleast 10 security guys with this man that was in front of me moments ago. Two of them had this guys arms behind his back, one on each side. I, which cannot be quiet, said pretty loudly, “There goes that guy that was just in your line.” The cashier looked over and then looked back at me. I asked, “That was him right?” She said yes and that her knees just went weak. We were just looking at each other and then thinking about what I had said, I go, “and I said that rather loudly, didn’t I?” We all laughed and then went on about checking out. I did tell the cashier that I used to work at Walmart, and I remember following potential shoplifters around the store. Having to catch them before they hit the doors. Not fun at all.

After that excitement,  we went over to the Dollar Tree and got a few helium balloons for the birthday girl. One is Elmo’s face and the others said Happy Birthday. I got a bag of regular balloons that we are going to spend Wednesday night blowing up.

So that was my fun Monday outing. I am not going anywhere the rest of the week. It is just too damn hot! 😉

More Pease

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Funny and adorably cute…that is my Little L. Here are a few things she has said today.

When we were waking up, she cuddles up beside me, and I go to give her a kiss on the cheek. L turns her head and covers her nose. Then she points to me and says, “Mouth.” Makes a face and says, “smelly.” I apologized and laughed. She said it so nicely, and I didn’t even know she knew the word smelly.

She was going with her Grandma to let the dog outside. Apollo goes out and as she helps shut the door, she yells, “Bye Poppo, we wuv you.”  Very nice Awwww moment! 🙂

Little L can be very polite also. Today after eating a slice of canteloup, she says, “More…pease.” After I handed her the next slice, she runs off, (her Blaze show was coming on). She yells back, “Tank you, much.” She always does this. Except when I won’t give her more milka!!  😉


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Talking with Oldest earlier. She is going to have a sleepover on Friday night, but we are not for sure if it will be here or there.  She tells me about how they all talk with their mouths full at dinner time, and she is the only one that covers her mouth to talk while eating. Then she goes, I  also keep my shoulders off the table too. We both realized what she said and bursted out laughing. Of course I had to face palm and shake my head.  😉