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I May Not Like You

Posted: February 20, 2016 in blog, kids, parenting, toddlers
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You wake up so loving and sweet,
But once that floor touches your feet,
Game is on.

My sweet baby once so calm and serene
You make me want to cry and scream.
I try to talk to you, make you understand.
I know you are only 2,  and I shouldn’t reprimand.

You give me a hard time through most of the day,
I sometimes don’t know whether to run or stay.
Your tantrums and meltdowns, I know are a stage,
You will grow out of it, one of these days.

But for now, little one
Please remember one tiny thing,
I may not like you sometimes,
But my love for you will always remain.

I love you Little L.  🙂

Friday marked our 17th wedding Anniversary. 17 years. We often joke that we have been married more. Although we only knew each other 6 months prior to tying the knot. We didn’t do anything special, because hubby finally came down with the damn sickness that is going through this house. Everyone has had it but me. I am sure hoping I don’t get that nasty germy bug. *Knock on wood*

We never do anything really spectacular on our anniversary. Maybe get Chinese takeout. But since he has no real taste buds, it would just be a waste of good money, although I would have enjoyed every bite. 2 years ago, after L was born, neither of us remembered it was our anniversary. I opened up Facebook and seen it on the side. Today is your 15th Anniversary. We both laughed when I read it to him. Too many sleepless nights with a newborn to even remember our special day.

We have come to realize that not remembering is not the end of the world. We know how long we have been together and we know we want to continue. (Even though we could choke each other on occasion.) We love each other with all our hearts and that is the only thing that matters. 🙂