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My little one who is now 17 months, is an expert already at throwing the all mighty toddler temper tantrum. Yes folks, she learned rather early and has been developing these skills every day since. Today I have to say had to be one of the funniest ones she has done. Although, not funny to her. She doesn’t like to be laughed at. Just a few of her tantrum throwing moments are:

1. Changing the diaper.  2. Taking her pants off to change diaper. 3. Putting pants back on after diaper is changed.  4. Not letting her dump lemonade or any other drink on the table, by taking her sippy cup away.  5. Not letting her pour cheezits on the floor.

The list could go on, as you can tell.  The other day, oldest and I were in Michaels Craft store. Little L riding along in her stroller. She was at a perfect level to crab stuff and carry it along with her on the ride. She must have traded out atleast 5 different things for something better. The last thing she took a liking too, was a bottle of craft glue that I was going to purchase. She seen it and had to hold it. That was fine, kept her busy for the last moments of the shopping trip. We get to the counter, the lady scans our purchases and then needs the bottle of glue. Oldest reaches down and takes it out of her hands, me not really paying attention to what was about to happen. Little L did the wind up and the crying began. The cashier, was great though, she scanned the bottle like she had dealt with a screaming brat child before and handed it right back to her. She was so fast, I barely got a word out. Little L took the bottle and smiled at the lady as if to say, “Hey, I like you.” It was a super cute smile.

But today, luckily we were at home for this mega melt down. Daddy was brushing his teeth, he gets her toothbrush and hands it to her. She is all set and puts the brush in her mouth, when she sees his in his mouth. The cries start. “No, you use your brush.” More cries. “Now come on, brush your teeth.” She puts down the brush and runs around the room whining and crying. “Get your brush and brush like daddy,” I tell her. She continues to cry, runs around room and begs for his brush. He gives up and goes back into bathroom. She then cries louder and louder, won’t touch the brush, won’t come to me for consoling. I start to laugh. I realized that her cries reminded me of a mad cat, which made me laugh more. She then, now this is the clincher, runs over to the foot of the bed and slams her little face into it. Well atleast she knew to do it on something soft, I thought. I couldn’t help but laugh harder. I did actually try to get her to stop, but using the I have had enough mommy tone, but she kept going. This went on for about 5 more minutes. My hubby finally came out of the bathroom and found her paci. He hates giving it to her, but she got so upset she couldn’t get calmed down. He popped it in and she was fine within a few seconds. Already forgotten about the toothbrush and why she was even crying in the first place. 😉



When my oldest was the only child, buying for her at Christmas time was quite a task. She would always ask for a million things, and then change her mind at the last minute. One year, she even said she was going to wait till Christmas eve and make her wish for what she wanted. I tried and tried for weeks to get her to tell me or her dad in time to get what she desired. “Good grief child,” I told her. “Santa doesn’t work like that and you have to make your list early.” She finally told us a few days out that she wanted Minecraft for the XBox. My hubby took me to work one day and he stopped by the game store and got it. Whew…crisis diverted. The year before that, we saw the cutest Christmas cartoon on t.v. Jingle All The Way. If you haven’t had the oppurtunity to see it, you should. It is on the Hallmark channel. We were walking through Walmart shortly after watching the cartoon and there was this huge display of Jingle puppies with a story book. You read the story and when you said certain phrases or words, the dog would bark. Cutest. Thing. Ever. She decided that that was what she wanted Santa to bring. I went back the next day and bought it before heading off to work. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Now if you did watch the t.v. show, you know at the end that Jingle was given a home and he was under the Christmas tree waiting to be found. That is just how I did it. I put him in the middle and piled all the other gifts all around him. She was soooooooo surprised when she removed the box that blocked him completely.  She couldn’t get over the fact that Santa had put him under the tree just like in the story. Best present ever I have to say.

Last year she couldn’t make up her mind what she wanted. So I just picked something out that she had seen in the store and said she would like to have. She was actually pretty happy with the choice too. Santa had also got her sister a stuffed animal that she had said she wanted to get for her, but she never went back to do it. That made her even more happy that Santa did that. This year she has picked out another stuffed animal that she hopes he will bring to her baby sis. I just hope they have it when I get to go shopping.

She is keeping her wish list once again a secret. She has hinted around for concert tickets but I sure hope she doesn’t ask Santa for that. Geeze Louise! Santa doesn’t do concert tickets. That is all I need again.

Thanks for reading! 😉


So who gets up and goes to the store to get chocolate syrup just so everyone can have chocolate covered pancakes yesterday morning? Yep, you guessed it, the girl that is typing this did. But I must admit, I didn’t want to go. I got outnumbered, 3 to 1.

Chocolate syrup on pancakes? Yes, that is what I said. My husbands mom used to make them, but she made her syrup from the recipe on the Hershey cocoa powder box. I am sure hers were way more delicious but I admit, I am lazy. I go for the easy way and do Hershey’s syrup. I just put some in a bowl and heat it up, then drizzle over the pancake. It does take alot tho. And can be very rich in the mornings. I like it as more of a desert.

I got up and thought, hum wonder what to make for breakfast. (Light bulb) I haven’t made pancakes in a while, I shall do that, I thought. I tell hubby and oldest and oldest just had to ask. “Do we have any chocolate syrup?” “No, I haven’t bought any for months.” Hubby joins in and says, “You better go to the store then.” “I don’t want to.” I state. “OH come on mom, I’ll go with.” I look at the clock and it was getting kinda late. “Just go, it’s not gonna hurt”, he said. I hesitated for a bit then went on and got dressed. Cursing under my breath, why did I have to say it outloud? I should have just made the damn things and they would have been happy with good ole Aunt Jemima syrup we have.

Anyways, we loaded up and went right up to Walgreens, which is on the corner, close by. Went in, and no syrup to be found. We went up one row and down the other. Nope, oh well, just have to make due with regular syrup. Then oldest remembers that they have a candy isle. “Maybe it is down that one,” she says. Ok so we walk down that one. “Ahh, I’m sorry honey.” We turn around and I have to go down the Christmas isle, cause that is where the fun stuff is. We played around for several minutes, oohed and awed over the cute stuff. I looked at oldest and said, why don’t we look one more time. Mom guilt coming out there. So we walked back down, and I said “They have coffee and they have creamer. Looks like they would have…” “Here it is!” She yells. It was pushed back just far enough where it was out of view. “Well there you go. You happy now?” I asked. “Yep, let’s go.” She said with a big smile.  We headed on back to the counter and paid for her yummy find and headed home. “Mom, you gonna have one?” I will just go with regular syrup. That’s too much for me in the morning. I said. I got all the pancakes done when hubby tells me he only wants one. Really now. after he made a big deal out of me going and he only wanted one. Geesh. After getting everyone’s made, I did give in and used the remainder of syrup on my own pancake. But it was just one. One big one, but that is beside the point. I do have to admit, it was pretty damn good, if I do say so myself. 🙂

Before picture...all happy!

Before picture…all happy!

After picture...She is saying "I can't believe I ate it all!"

After picture…She is saying “I can’t believe I ate it all!”

Girl in Pink

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A chilly morning in October. The skies were dark even though daylight had been hours ago. I was standing in the kitchen when something caught my attention out of the corner of my eye. I turned to see a little girl dressed all in pink. She was very young, not even two, I thought. I noticed she was pointing down at something. Then she looked at me and smiled. I realized it was the dogs water bowl and it was full. I yelled, “No, please don’t!” She smiled at me again and then vanished.

True story… just happened this morning. 🙂

As you all know, the ones that read my little blog, my oldest is turning 11 very soon. She is going to be the dreaded tweeny bopper. That is what I have been calling her and she seems to like it. So let me back up and fill you in…at the beginning of the month, we were shopping and my hubby broke down and bought the oldest one of them silly tweeny bopper mags. I was actually going to buy her the first one on her birthday, but he beat me too it. Oh well. He scored major dad points that day. So a few days ago, we run out to pick up a few items, and she has her 5 dollars burning a whole in her pocket from the tooth fairy. She spies another magazine. The first one she immediately hung up all the posters, and couldn’t wait to hang these new ones up too.

Back when we moved into this house, we had bought some really cutesy girly stickers. The kind that are reusable. The Dollar Tree sells some really nice ones. We bought flowers, butterflies, and of course peace signs. We spent one afternoon putting stickers all over her walls and it really livened up the room. Fast forward a year and a half, she tells she wants to take the stickers down. I told her that I didn’t know right where I had put the backings to the stickers and why didn’t she just hang the posters over top. She thought for a minute and agreed, saying that if she took the posters down, she would still have something on the wall. Sounded great to me.

The next morning, after breakfast, she heads off to her room. Being on Fall break, I figured she was off to listen to her music and watch those silly videos she likes. I went into her room about 30 minutes later to see if she actually did her paper that is due next Wednesday, that she had been putting off writing.  I walked in to find a crumpled up pile of stickers on her desk and bare walls. I didn’t know what to say. I started picking them up and I looked at her. It was like a knife to the heart. Now you may think that I am being over dramatic, they are just stickers, yada yada yada. But it was more, much more. It was a piece of her and me. A time where we spent just hanging out, doing girly stuff. She says I never hang out with her, I say your always hiding in your room. Come out and play.

I picked up the stickers and headed out of her room and slammed the door behind me. I didn’t mean to slam the door, it just happened. But it was a good effect. Her dad saw me and he instantly knew what was wrong. He got up and went straight to her room.   She came into my room and started trying to take the clump she made back apart. I told her to leave it, I would do it. I would just hang the stickers up over Little L’s bed. Her dad said she had to put some back up so she took all the peace ones and I kept the rest. Her dad also told her she was grounded and no sleep over on Saturday night. Oh no…not the sleep over. That is when her attitude changed and she was determined to hang up stickers.

After awhile, I calmed down, and went into her room to do what I originally set out to do. I was sitting at the laptop reading over her paper and she asked me if I was mad. I told her I wasn’t mad, I was sad. Those stickers meant something to me. She then told me that she wasn’t a little kid anymore. She was going to be 11 soon and she wanted a change. I told her that was fine. I was holding back what I really wanted to say. I wanted to tell her no, she couldn’t grow up, she had to stay my little baby forever.  She was still my baby girl no matter.  Then she said her dad told her she was grounded, no sleep over. I didn’t say anything. She waited several minutes and asked if she was really grounded. I gave in and said no, you can still go. We hugged and that was that. She went on to talk about how cute this boy was and how awesome that boy sang. I sat and listened. She even had me rate each band members picture 1 to 10. I kept giving them low scores and she would get mad. She finally got tired of it and went to play with Little L.

I sat for a few more minutes, taking it all in.



Grumpy Momma

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I have never been a morning person. Never. If I am awake before 7, and don’t have to be anywhere,  I am one grumpy person. Today is one of those days. I was awaken at 6:10 by a 15 month old with a wet diaper. Not wanting a repeat of Sunday morning, where she didn’t wake up and the diaper leaked a huge puddle on the bed. I woke up after putting my arm in it, of course. It was like she didn’t even have on a diaper, therefore I spent the morning washing the bed clothes. So today I sat up and started changing her. She fussed when I went to put her pajamas back on, but I managed to get them on with my eyes half shut. Then I told her to lie back down that it was still early. It was dark out from the clouds so I closed my eyes and silently prayed she would doze back off. Nope. Not this kid. She starts kicking me in the stomach. Not real hard, but just enough to say “hey I’m awake over here.” About 20 minutes later I grabbed the remote and turned on cartoons. It caught her attention and she stopped kicking. I turned over and fell back to sleep.

At around 7 she was standing in front of me with the loudest hiccups ever. They were so loud they echoed thru the room. Well crap,  I thought, her cup is in the kitchen. Ugh! I laid there trying to wake up and I grumped at her. It wasn’t her fault she had the hiccups but she started whining. I hate the whining!   I will be so happy when she can form more words and just tell me what is wrong. I got up and headed out the door with her right behind me. I found her water cup and got some fresh, told her to drink. It didn’t work. She still had those loud annoying things. I made her a bowl of cheerios. She ate almost all of them and the hiccups were gone. In the meantime, my mom appeared and asked why are we up so early. I was still grumpy and so I thought that it was a stupid question. But I have told her before that she gets me up around 7, we just don’t come out til 8. I tried my hardest not to snap at her, choosing my words carefully. “She woke up early” is all I could get out.

Oldest came out of her cave soon after that, so I decided to go ahead and get dressed, and start on some breakfast. Now it has taken me half the day to write this. With making breakfast, helping oldest with school work, listening to Little L whine, it has been one peach of a day. I am hoping *fingers crossed* that Little L takes a long nap and wakes up in a good mood. Cause there is only room for one grump in this house! 😉

What a Day!

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This weekend went by so very fast.  My Little L drove me crazy a good part of the yesterday too. She went down for her nap around noon, which was fine. I was planning on getting on the laptop for a bit when my oldest comes in and says that the mouse stopped working. I sat down to take a look and it wasn’t the mouse, it was Firefox. I could open a page and start to do something and it would just freeze, but the pointer was still able to move around. In set the frustration and aggravation. This is not what I had planned for my only free time during the day. I kept trying different options and rebooting the darn thing, when in walked Little L, only 45 minutes after she laid down. UGH!!!! I took her in the kitchen and made her some lunch and she refused to eat, all the time crying and whining.  I ended up throwing out the food I made and fixed her some cereal. I got her to eat, but she was half distracted with the cartoon on the t.v. Whatever works, I thought! When she was done with that, I snuck off to use the laptop for what I wanted to do during her nap, burn some cd’s. I have tons of pics on here that I need to get on disc. While I was trying to get it going, I kept hearing her cry. Then I would hear daddy’s voice and she would go silent for awhile. He came in to get me not even 30 minutes into what I was in the middle of and said he wanted to run to the auto store and he wanted me to go too. We would take Little L and get her out of the house for a minute. I stopped, once again, and had to get some clothes on her. Which she didn’t give me much of a fight about. She knows the word bye bye and when I said it, she calmed right down.

When we got back home, she was in a much better mood. I was glad about that, but then she got down right crazy!  She started climbing on the coffee table. We kept telling her to get down, but she is very stubborn. It took several tries, but she finally stayed off. Then for the next hour or so, she played pretty good. At dinner time, I was trying to feed her, and once again, she wouldn’t eat but wanted what daddy had on his plate. He gave her a few bites and then she ate some of what I had.  After that, she decides that her diaper needed to go. I was trying to put away the leftovers, and telling her to stop, but she wasn’t listening, even though she was looking right at me. She took it off and started doing laps around the room. Before I could get to her, she peed right on the living room rug. Then peed in the kitchen, cause one place wasn’t enough for her!  My mom went to get a towel, but not for the pee, Little L had spilled some juice and she wanted to get it up before it dried. Meantime I stepped right in a small puddle and didn’t want to track it through the kitchen so I stopped and hollered for my husband. He came in laughing at the crazy mom trying to catch a naked baby. Then my mom goes to take the towel to the laundry room, I had to yell at her to bring it to me so I could mop up the pee puddles. Jeesh!  My hubby got the diaper on her, then she took it off again. Right in front of him, too. We both wrestled it back on and I put her on some shorts, so she couldn’t get to the diaper. I can definitely wait till she learns to take off the clothes by herself!!

Whew! We made it to bath time. Which soon after that comes bed time. I was most certainly ready for some quiet time…Little L had other plans. She stayed awake a whole extra hour. Me begging her the whole time, to close them eyes, girly. Give your poor mom a break. She finally gave in and I finally got some peace. The laptop started working just fine. Don’t know what that whole deal was about, but I could have lived without it.

I am very happy that Little L is so active and playful. She lights up my world when she smiles. I miss my oldest being that little. She was quieter though at that age. She didn’t start terrorizing me until around age 3. If I could cast a spell I would make her little again…but not little enough to wear diapers. 🙂

Tomorrow we are going on a field trip to the zoo. Can’t wait! Yeah!!

Cheeto Baby

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So why is it that I can’t go one simple measly day without looking like a total slob?? Oh yea, that’s right, I have a 15 month old!

I put on a clean shirt and Wham! in no time I have a cheesy cheeto baby hand print right across my left boob and I didn’t even realize it until I am in the middle of picking up some things at the grocery store. I look down and I am like WTH is that on my shirt!  Happened again today,  was sharing  a few cheesy chips with the kid and she is happily sitting beside me munching away.  As she goes to get down, she reaches out for help. Before I knew what she is doing, I look down and she has a tight grip with those sticky, cheesy tiny fingers right in the middle of my freshly washed shirt. She got me again! I thought. No winning…there is just No. Winning. (Shaking my head.)

No matter how hard I try to keep little miss from getting me dirty, it still happens. It is inevitable. I do understand and I should just get over it, right? Nope, I still can’t stand the fact that is was a clean shirt!!

cheeto baby  She loves her Cheetos!

I used to never enjoy Fall. It meant going back to school, and back east, it turned cold as soon as September 1st arrived. Now, living in the desert, and loving hot weather, I never thought I would actually miss the changing of the seasons. The leaves turning into colors of orange and yellow. The fact that my kids don’t get to feel the crispness in the air. Makes me very sad. I have been telling my hubby that we need to move. I miss grass. It does sound odd, but I do. All we have here is rocks and sand.

So now that it is almost the end of September, I am in the mood to go to a pumpkin patch. We got to go last year, for a school field trip. It was rather fun and we wanted to go back. Well…this year, the school has two planned, one that is 2 hours away, and another that is 3 hours away. You have to be joking. Why would they schedule these trips like that. Doing online school, you have to find your own way to where the field trip is. I am not getting up at 4 am to leave at 6 am to be there by 9 am and have to leave at 12 noon. This is when one is actually closing for the day.

I was thinking about this earlier today and how much of a bummer it is, when I remembered the time we were living in Washington. We found a pumpkin patch really close to where we were and went in the middle of the week. My hubby doesn’t like big crowds, so we try to plan stuff during the week, not the weekends. When we got to the patch, the lady took our money and told us that we get a free small pumpkin when we left. Cool, we like pumpkins. There was a hay maze and of course, the pumpkin patch but everything else was closed till the weekend. That was fine. We amused ourselves with the pumpkin patch, I took tons of pictures of  Little T by the scarecrow, by the pumpkins, by the hay maze entrance, in the hay maze. If there is a photo op I am gonna take it!

Being on the plump side, I didn’t want to go through the hay maze. Daddy and Little T went through it several times. I stood to the side and watched, laughing and enjoying the fun Little T was having. They took a break and Little T said I needed to go through it, just once. I said no over and over again. Came up with every excuse I could. She would not let it go. I finally gave in, and said yes. She wanted me to go first. I think she knew if I went last, then I could easily get out. I stood firm and made her go first. Well since she had been through it so many times, she knew her way. She was done before I got a quarter of the way in, it seemed. We were laughing and I was crawling when all of a sudden we came upon a really tight area. I went to go through, and got stuck. OMG I am stuck in the freaking hay maze. I told Little T I was stuck, she was behind me now, so she turned around and went back out to tell her dad. Well while she is doing that, I am cussing and fuming, how could they make this so flippin tight I kept saying over and over. There were no warning, no restrictions, or I would have definitely not went in. I got soooo mad, that I tried to turn around and forgot that there was hay above my head. Under that hay was a very hard 2 x 4 that when I raised up, I slammed my head into. I hit so hard, I thought I was gonna pass out.  It took me several minutes to shake it off.  I got even madder that I did this that something came over me and I got myself unstuck. I really don’t know how I did it, but I was free. Thank God. I told my hubby what happened. He asked if I was ok and I said yes, thought so. We ended up leaving shortly after this. But before we did, we went to pick out our pumpkin and I told the lady that there was a tight area and I got stuck for a few minutes. I also told her I hit my head. She didn’t seem too concerned. I guess since I made it out ok, she didn’t think it was too important.

The one we went to last year, was much bigger and they had all kinds of animals to look at and feed. Little L was only 3 months old, so she didn’t get to do a lot. That is another reason I want to go this year. She would definitely have fun!

100_1438  100_1457

This list started out with the title Things I Thought I Would Never Say… But upon making the list, I came across another blog with the same title. Well crap I thought. I didn’t want to look like I was a copy cat. I was about to scrap the whole list all together, when I started thinking, hey this list should actually be titled Things I Say Everyday…, instead. Let’s face it, even though I didn’t think I would never say them, they have become apart of my life. Sometimes I repeat them all through the day. And I hate repeating myself! 🙂

1. Books are for reading, not for eating.

2. Eat the food, don’t spit it out.

3. Leave your diaper on!

4. Don’t poke the dog in the eye.

5. Get your fingers out of there. (This goes for many things during the day)

6. No! Don’t touch the poop!!!

7. Awww! You got it on your fingers!

8. This is mommy’s, not yours.

9 The dog’s water bowl is not to play in.

10. Leave your sister alone. (This one goes to both of them.)

11. Stop pouring *insert word here* all over the carpet. (ie, water, milk, juice)

12. Don’t eat that!

13. Get the paper out of your mouth!

14. Give that to mommy!!! (This one I say as we are doing laps around the kitchen table.)

15. Don’t bite your sister!

16. I love you! (My all time favorite!) 🙂